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Media and Travels

Priests for Life Media and Travels

June 12 – June 19

June 12, 2017

Below is our weekly media and travel schedule, but first let me give you some important updates.

Please join us for a Father’s Day Novena taking place now until June 18, found at Be sure to sign up and let us know you are participating.

We are looking for individuals who consider themselves to be “pro-choice” to complete a survey we have created which measures people’s opinions on late term abortion. You can find it at Please help us spread this on social media.

Finally, please spread the word about job opportunities at Priests for Life in our new Titusville, FL location. See


Fr. Frank Pavone

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director

Media Schedule
Special Appearances

Hear us on EWTN radio on Catholic Connection with Teresa Tomeo. Fr. Frank will be on with Teresa on Friday, June 16 at 8:35 am. Call-in to the live show with questions at 877-573-7825. For more information and to listen to the live show on the internet, go to

Father Frank Pavone will be on March 4 Life NY Radio at 7 p.m. ET June 12. To listen, go to

Alveda King will discuss the unborn and the 14th amendment on the CL Bryant Show at 7:06 p.m. ET June 12. Listen online at

Janet Morana will be the host of EWTN Radio’s Open Line on Tuesday, June 13, from 3 to 4 p.m. ET. Callers with questions or comments about pro-life or chastity issues are invited to call 800-585-9396. Listen online at

The Gospel of Life on Radio Maria: Abortion Reversal

*Brand New Episodes Each Week*

Go to to listen online.

Ask questions on the live show at 866-333-6279 (MARY) or email us ahead of time at

Airing: Tuesday, June 13 at 6 p.m. ET and rebroadcast on Thursday, June 15 at 2 a.m. ET and Monday, June 19 at midnight ET (11 p.m. CT Sunday).

Topic: Dr. Mary Davenport will present new research in the abortion pill reversal process, and David Bangs will talk about counseling young women who want to save their babies this way.

Shows are archived at

Defending Life on EWTN: Every Life is Precious

Airing: Wednesday, June 14 at 3 a.m. and Thursday, June 15 at 11 p.m. ET. You can also stream EWTN online by going to and clicking on the “television” tab.

Topic: Sr. Margaret Mary discusses the preciousness of every life and how God makes all things possible.

For more information and details, go to

The Catholic View for Women on EWTN: In the World but not of the World

*Brand New Episodes Airing Now*

Airing: Wednesday, June 14 at 11 p.m. and Friday, June 16 at 10:30 a.m. You can also stream EWTN online by going to and clicking on the “television” tab.

Topic: Timmerie Millington describes her home-schooling experience and how she managed to engage with the culture while remaining true to her Catholic faith.

Go to for more information.

Facebook Live

Please connect with us on Facebook and tune in to regular Facebook Live videos with Fr. Frank Pavone and Fr. Stephen Imbarrato. Please watch and share them either as they are being recorded live, or afterwards at your convenience.


My team and I often write op-eds for various media outlets that are posted online. Below are just a few that have been written recently. A longer list can be seen at our Priests for Life online library. I invite you to read and comment on them. By doing so you can help to spread the pro-life message and counter any anti-life comments that others have submitted.

Father Frank Pavone: Pentecost Sunday: A Feast for Life (, June 4, 2017)

Fr. Frank Pavone: There is No Political Cause More Important Than Saving Unborn Babies From Abortion (, June 5, 2017)

Janet Morana writes about Sanya Richards-Ross and her abortion regret (Daily Caller, June 7, 2017)

Travel Schedule

Evangelist Alveda King will present at the BCS Leadership Initiative 2017 on Thursday, June 15th to Friday, June 16th, 2017.

Where: The Heritage Foundation

208 Massachusetts Ave NE

Washington, DC 20002

Cost:     Free. Need to register to ateend

Contact:  The Heritage Foundation,

Fr. Frank and Bryan Kemper will be at the National Right to Life Convention in Milwaukee, WI, Wednesday, June 28th to Sunday, July 2nd, 2017.

**need to register to attend

Fr. Frank will be presenting at the National right to Life Convention. Bryan Kemper will be at the exhibit area. Hyatt Regency, Milwaukee, 333 West Kilbourn Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53203.

The following are the two sessions that Fr. Frank will be presenting.

Friday, June 30th

Providing Support and Leadership in Churches – Rev. Frank Pavone, Ernest Ohlhoff, Marie Bowen

Saturday, July 1st

The Church, The Media, and The State – Reverend Frank Pavone, Ernest L. Ohlhoff, Steven Ertelt.

See for more info and the complete schedule.

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Annual Geranium Sale

red geranium

*ANNUAL RIGHT TO LIFE GERANIUM SALE (weekend before Mother’s Day weekend): Thanks to everyone who purchased geraniums in 2017! This is our major fundraiser for the year so it’s very important that we have a successful sale! Thanks for helping us promote the sanctity of human life from conception til natural death! We wish to Thank everyone who purchased the LIFE geraniums! The weather was terrible the sale dates so it took a while to find homes for all of the flowers but thanks to God’s help we can take our signs down!! LIFE is God-given!

On The Road With Priests For Life

Fr. Frank Reports

Priests for Life on the Road 

Volume 2; Issue 2; April 2017

In February, Alveda King was invited to join President Trump as he toured the National Museum of African American History in Washington, D.C. President Trump said to Ms. King: “I want to profoundly thank Alveda King. She is a tremendous fighter for justice. You are so incredible. And I want to thank you for all the nice things you say about me.”
May 5, 2017

Below is our April Fr. Frank Reports (Travelogue). This is a newer publication that is published on even months and provides a glimpse of what takes place as my team and I go out ‘on the road’ across America and around the world to defend the unborn and bring an end to abortion.

This is the first time we are sending this via email.

You can see past issues and also sign up to receive our Newsletter and Fr. Frank Reports via postal mail at


Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

Priests for Life Associate Alveda King Singled Out for Honor by National Religious Broadcasters

Alveda King was thrilled to accept the National Religious Broadcaster’s Chairman’s Award during Proclaim 17, the NRB convention in Orlando, Florida, at the end of February.

Read More…

Archdiocese of New York welcomes Priests for Life Youth Outreach

Any time I can speak at a youth event I am excited, I love being able to inspire this generation to be the generation to abolish abortion.

Read More…

An Ash Wednesday Encounter with Kellyanne Conway

As part of my full-time work with Priests for Life, I attend conservative meetings when I am in Washington, D.C. Recently, I got notice that White House Counselor Kelleyanne Conway.

Read More…

Priests for Life Participates in 55th session of the Commission for Social Development

Marie Smith, founder and director of Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues, an outreach of Priests for Life, represented Priests for Life at the United Nations from February 1-10.

Read More…

Boots on the ground for #ProtestPP and #PrayPP

While helping to organize and promote the protests nationally, Priests for Life Pastoral Team members protested Planned Parenthood in three states and the District of Columbia on February 11.

Read More…

Fr. Denis Wilde, OSA, Preaches Mission to Holy Trinity Parish, Peachtree City, GA

In early January, Fr. Denis Wilde, OSA, completed a four day parish mission at Holy Trinity Church, in Peachtree City, GA.

Read More…

Praise from those we serve

At Priests for Life we receive feedback every day thanking us for our work and telling us of its impact.

Read More…

See our entire April 2017 Fr. Frank Reports for more photos and complete text of articles.
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Trump Calls Out Media For Failing To Report on March for Life

Breaking News!

BREAKING VIDEO: President Trump calls out mainstream media for failing to cover March for Life

By Claire Chretien

Trump called out the media for ignoring the March for Life: ‘What they do say is that the press doesn’t cover them.’


Breaking News!

BREAKING: White House confirms: VP Pence to speak at March for Life

By John-Henry Westen

Pence’s presence highlights what is expected to be an unprecedented turnout from a presidential administration.


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Women’s March 129 times More Networks Coverage Than March for Life

NRL News Today

By Katie Yoder

Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post at Newsbusters.

It’s called adding insult to injury: pro-life women (and men) have not only been rejected by the Women’s March on Washington but also by the liberal media.

This month, two similar events are happening in Washington, D.C. Both pertain to women. One attracted an estimated 500,000 Americans this year, the other boasts tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands marchers every year. But one main difference – a difference the media care about – is agenda: one is pro-abortion, the other is pro-life.

During their morning and evening news shows, the three broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, NBC) covered the women’s march 129 times more than they did the 2016 March for Life last year. And it’s anyone’s guess as to whether or not they will cover the 2017 March for Life Friday.

Held the day after the inauguration, the women’s march brought hundreds of thousands together (millions worldwide) to tell the new administration that “women’s rights are human rights.” Except, according the march’s pro-abortion platform and its behavior towards pro-life organizations, “women” doesn’t include all women. That became even clearer when organizers removed pro-life group New Wave Feminists from its partner list.

As the largest annual march in Washington, D.C., the March for Life laments abortion and celebrates human life on or around the anniversary of the Supreme Court’s 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.

ABC, CBS and NBC spent at least one hour, 15 minutes and 18 seconds on the women’s march. But for the 2016 March for Life, they devoted an embarrassing 35 seconds (22 seconds following the march, 13 before).

Before the women’s march even happened, the network news shows had devoted nearly 23 minutes to the event.

The networks first advertised the women’s march this year beginning on Jan. 6. NBC Today host Matt Lauer commented on an “embarrassing mistake” by the Washington Post’s Express for placing the male symbol on its cover for the women’s march.

By Jan. 19, all three networks had covered the women’s march, with NBC correspondent Stephanie Gosk predicting a “sea of pink” (a reference to women marchers planning to wear pink hats to protest President Donald Trump) at the march during Nightly News.

Even up until Tuesday morning, CBS covered the march by playing clips of late-night hosts talking about the protest during This Morning’s “eye openers.”

On Jan. 23, following the march, CBS This Morning still touted the event, with co-anchor Norah O’Donnell commenting that “Organizers of the women’s marches are taking steps to transform the energy from the weekend protest into action.” Her colleague, Charlie Rose added, “Could it take – begin there and become something larger in terms of the empowerment of women in terms of the whole range of issues that are crucial for women and their place and their opportunity to participate in the world that we live in?”

That same day, during Evening News, CBS anchor Scott Pelley called the marches “extraordinary” and wanted to know, “So, what happens next?”

Echoing CBS, ABC anchor David Muir asked about the march during World News Tonight “Can they sustain the momentum turning those marches into a movement?”

Not once did a network news show mention the exclusion of pro-life women from the women’s march. And while ABC, CBS and NBC hyped the march, multiple news shows blurred words on the signs the marchers carried because of the vulgar language on them.

Of the broadcast networks, ABC was the only one to report on the 2016 March for Life. In a casual reference to last year’s January blizzard, Good Morning America reported on a “group of high schoolers trying to get back to Kentucky after visiting D.C. for the March for Life.” That mention amounted to 22 seconds.

For that same show, the morning of Jan. 22, co-anchor George Stephanopoulos on the March for Life “set to take place today, despite the storm warnings” with an expected “tens of thousands” to “protest abortion.” That amounted to 13 seconds, or 35 seconds total. …

NewsBusters analyst Curtis Houck contributed to this report.


So How Will The Media Cover This Year’s March for Life?

NRL News Today


By Dave Andrusko

In less than two days, a crowd of at least 100,000–and more likely several multiples of 100,000–will arrive in our nation’s capital for the annual March for Life. As a grassroots type, I put equal stock in the valiant work of all those brave souls, whether they travel to Washington, DC, or attend their state and local rallies.

A perennial question is will the media notice that we are even here? There is reason to believe that contrary to the pitiful network coverage of the 2016 March for Life, this year’s annual pilgrimage from the Mall to the Supreme Court will garner appreciably more attention. Here’s why.

Starting with the most obvious, the March is a not-so-silent protest of the 1973 Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton decisions that ignited a firestorm of resistance. Pro-life President Donald Trump, more than any of his pro-life predecessors, has flatly stated his nominees to the Supreme Court will be pro-life.

Roe and Doe were absurdly reasoned. They were grounded in non-sense, “penumbras” and “emanations” which Justice Harry Blackmun convinced himself were lurking unbeknownst somewhere in the interstices of Constitution.

But justices less wedded to results-oriented jurisprudence–finding what you want to find to justify the outcome you want to deliver all along–will look with less favor. On Tuesday, Mr. Trump said he would announce his nominee to replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia next week.

What else? No one over the age of 5 believes you can shame the “legacy media” (primarily the heavyweight newspapers and ABC/NBC/CBS) into fair coverage. But because they paid such massive (and uncritical) attention to last Saturday’s pro-abortion, anti-Trump “Women’s March,” perhaps lurking in the back of their minds is the thought they should do something more than the absolute minimum.

Moreover, because they paid some attention to pro-life feminists who were rejected by the organizers of the Women’s March, newspapers and networks might use that as a hook to write (as they always do, but more) about the handful of pro-abortionists who will greet the March for Life on the steps of the Supreme Court.

Also, there are more disparate groups than ever who are part of the March for Life. The coalition has always been broader than the media acknowledges, but that is truer than ever in 2017.

And nothing is more certain to interest reporters than (a) pro-lifers who tell them they did not vote for pro-life Donald Trump, which gives them an excuse to run still another story bashing the 45th President; and (b)the reemergence of the “seamless garment” argument that weaves the thread of opposition to abortion into a much, much larger fabric of issues.

Any other reasons? To return to what is on the national political agenda, the March for Life takes places just a few days after the House passed the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act” and President Trump issued a Memorandum restoring the Mexico City policy. Intended to turn off the federal spigot, these are key moves early in his administration to stop public funding of abortion.

I hope that many of you reading NRL News Today will be in Washington, DC this Friday. If not, I hope you’ve been able to attend your local commemorative activities.

It is a wonderful time to be a champion of unborn children.

Editor’s note. If you want to peruse stories all day long, go directly to and/or follow me on Twitter at Please send your comments to


What A Wild Ride We’re On!

January 25, 2017
Dear Friend,
      Donald Trump has been the President of the United States for less than one week, and it’s been a wild ride!  The past year has been filled with controversy, rhetoric and disharmony, and none of that has abated since the inauguration only 5 short days ago. Here’s my recap on a few things:

1.   Last October, a tape of crude and inappropriate comments made about women by Donald Trump was released.  It was disgusting and horrifying.  Women were outraged!  Yet what a double standard many of those women have!  This past Saturday, marches about women’s rights were held around the country in supposed protest about Donald Trump’s disregard for women, yet he hadn’t been in office 24 hours, and the behavior and signage of many of the march participants was much more crude and disgusting than what was revealed by the tape of Donald Trump.  How hypocritical! The speakers and the march participants did not show much regard for being women, and actually CELEBRATED the legality of killing an unborn child.   What did they think they accomplished by this march?  The women’s march certainly didn’t represent me!

2.  One of President Trump’s first actions this week was to reinstate the Mexico City Policy, which effectively stops U.S. funding of abortion to international locations.  Hallelujah!   The only negative here is that there is an exception to rape, incest and fetal anomalies in this policy, and that needs to be changed.

3.  HR7 was passed by Congress this week and now goes to the Senate. No Taxpayer Funding of Abortion Act (HR 7), introduced by Rep. Chris Smith, R-NJ, makes permanent the so-called Hyde Amendment. Thus far the amendment, which prohibits federal money from being used to fund abortions through Medicaid, has been subject to annual renewal. The bill also removes funding from Obamacare. The BAD thing about this bill is that it also has exceptions for rape, incest and fetal anomalies that need to be removed.  Contact your senator to support this bill, but REMOVE THE EXCEPTIONS!

I do have more hope for the future than ever before with the election of our new president, but I’m not taking it for granted.   Watch for updates here soon about what you can do to make a difference.
In the meantime, pray for all of us who will be going to Washington DC this Friday to march for women’s rights, born and unborn, at the March for Life.
Our work goes on.

For Life,
Denise Leipold

Executive Director

Thank you!


    A big thank you to Bishop Murry from the Diocese of Youngstown!

Since we serve Portage County (which is in the diocese of Youngstown), we were requested by the diocese to take part in a pro-life expo held last Saturday by the diocese in Canton.  At the mass celebrated by Bishop Murry, he bestowed a special blessing on all of us who will be attending the March for Life in Washington, DC.  We met many wonderful people at the expo, and will also be participating at the expo this coming Sunday in Youngstown, weather permitting and we don’t get stuck in Washington!

The REAL Truth…

American Life League’s video entitled
“Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger?”
will air on EWTN this week!
Thursday, January 26, at 10:00 a.m. EST

Saturday, January 28, at 6:00 p.m. EST.


Who Was the Real Margaret Sanger? unmasks the contraceptive mentality and Planned Parenthood’s racist and eugenic roots. This is an excellent video to watch in light of all the publicity that Planned Parenthood has received over the last week.
After watching the video, ALL would like your feedback. Please e-mail to let them know what you think.
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