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Do such incredibly meaningful work for God

A Message from the Editor

Dear readers,

This is Last Call day for our summer campaign. At the moment, LifeSite readers have taken this campaign up to 80% of the necessary minimum goal (which is wonderful!). $47,810 is still needed to reach the overall $225,000 goal.

The begging notes and e-mails are over after today, which is always a relief for us (and no doubt for you as well) since we are not always comfortable about having to ask for donations during each 2-week campaign.

But, that is the only way that we can survive and continue to do all that we do for LSN readers around the world.

We are journalists and culture warriors first, but in the last several years have also had to learn to become fundraisers – a humbling and not easy task.

Still, we are very thankful that we even have the opportunity to do such incredibly meaningful work for God. Full emphasis now goes back to our reporting mission.

We hope and especially pray – and ask that you also pray – that there are still kind persons out there who value what LifeSite does for them enough to want to contribute at least that last 20%.

God bless all of you who have been able to contribute so far. You are our guardian angels!

The campaign thermometer will remain on the LifeSite home page so you can check the changes as more donations come in online and in the mail, from now up to a few days after the holiday weekend.

Again, there are crucial stories for you to read today. There has been no shortage of developments to write about, given the tidal wave of developments in the world on our issues.

God bless,

Steve Jalsevac
Co-Founder and Managing Director

A special gift to protect the unborn

As we’ve seen with recent tragedies, it is clear that Americans detest senseless acts that lead to death. And rightfully so.

In fact, most Americans greatly value life and want to protect it. This includes the unborn. The majority of America rejects legal on-demand abortion, up until the moment of birth.

I want you to know that SBA List is committed to protecting the unborn. We are working hard right now to elect more pro-life legislators, pass more life-saving laws, and protect the Supreme Court to ensure that these laws are upheld and are permitted to save lives. We want to put an end to abortion.

Great change can and must happen now.

I come to you urgently as there are only a few hours left for us to meet our $25,000 goal to fully fund our efforts.

Time Remaining:

If you value human life, will you consider giving a special gift to protect the unborn, ultimately put an end to abortion and help us meet this critical goal?

Here is a link where you can make your gift by midnight tonight

For Life,

Marjorie Dannenfelser,
President, Susan B. Anthony List

“Say Yes to Life” on Annunciation Radio!”

Friends for Life:

Today at 4 pm Bishop Daniel E. Thomas will be on live for an entire hour on my show, “Say Yes to Life” on Annunciation Radio! You can listen in on your FM dial: 89.7 Toledo, 89.5 Mansfield, 88.1 Sandusky, 90.9 Willard or 89.9 in Bryan. You can also stream it live at: We’re going to talk about his life, some pro-life issues, and hopefully share a few spiritual insights for you. We might have some time to take your phone calls as well if you’d like to ask a question or simply to say thank you to Bishop Thomas for his pro-life witness. You can call in toll free at: 1 (877) 275-8098.

Also, as we continue to pray for the victims from the Orlando shooting, please add those effected in Turkey yesterday to your list. May God have mercy on all the souls impacted and bring comfort to the families and friends of those victims. May it also be a reminder to us that every day is a gift from God so let us receive and celebrate this gift by living life to the full for the glory of God!

Finally, please consider in the next few weeks taking a ‘mission trip’ to your local abortion facility. In the summer months many of us take vacations, pilgrimages or even mission trips overseas, but you can literally save a life by taking an hour to go to Capital Care to simply pray. We need missionaries in our own backyard so I invite you to consider answering the call to come and pray for the dignity of human life.

In God’s Grace,





  1. Planning Meeting for 40 Days for Life (Wednesday July 13th at 6 pm; Pastoral Center, 1933 Spielbusch Ave., Toledo): We had a spirited first couple of meetings for the 40 Days for Life so far but we need all the help we can get! Please join us for our next meeting as we seek to spread the culture of life through creating a culture of love! Join us to make this next year’s effort through the 40 Days for Life our most successful campaign ever!


  1. Pornography Task Force Meeting (Thursday July 21st at 6:30 pm; Pastoral Center, 1933 Spielbusch Ave., Toledo): Pornography has been shown to be weakening an entire generation of men and a gateway to other social ills: human trafficking, premarital sex, the abuse of women. This is an epidemic that needs to be addressed. Join us as we discuss practical steps in providing help to others!


  1. Prayer Vigil for Life (Saturday July 23 at 11:30 am; Capital Care Network, 1160 W. Sylvania Ave., Toledo): Join us for a peaceful and prayerful hour of prayer at Capital Care Abortion Facility so we can witness to the dignity of every human life. We’ll pray for our city, state and nation to make abortion one day, unthinkable.


  1. Events Calendar 2016-2017: Attached you will find an events calendar for 2016-2017 for the Diocese of Toledo concerning Respect Life Activities. If you have any events that will be planned for your church or area please let me know and I’ll update the calendar! I know in particular that many of you plan marches and gatherings in October and January so please let me know!


  1. Fortnight for Freedom: (June 21st – July 4th): The Fortnight for Freedom, a call to fourteen days of prayer, education, and action for religious freedom in the United States and abroad, is underway! This time of prayer began June 21 and runs through this weekend and ends on July 4. This year’s theme for the Fortnight for Freedom is: Witnesses to Freedom, as we celebrate many great martyrs of the church who stood for their faith in the public square, in a time when our own religious freedom is being challenged on several fronts. Please see attached memorandum, bulletin insert and refer to the USCCB website for further information, materials, and to learn more about current threats to our religious liberty:

Peter Range

Respect Life Program Coordinator

Catholic Charities Diocese of Toledo

1933 Spielbusch Ave.

Toledo, OH 43604

419-244-6711, ext. 4933

440-821-1533 (cell)