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“Life in the Womb (9 months in four minutes)”

NRL News Today

 August 26, 2014   Fetal Development

“Life in the Womb (9 months in four minutes)”

By Dave Andrusko

unbornlifeinwombI always love to watch well-done stories of fetal development, even more so now that our daughter-in-law has had two babies.

NRL News Today has written about many YouTube videos, here’s one more: “Life in the Womb (9 months in four minutes)

So what makes this compelling viewing?

For some of the same reasons other well-done videos grab your attention: pace, music, and most of all the clear demonstration that fetal development is a natural progression, starting at fertilization and ending with the first cry. But there’s more.

For example, the video double backs. You see that the baby has fully developed outer ears and then a little bit later the viewer sees a schematic (as it were) of the middle and inner ear. Message? Complexity.

You see examples of the behavior expectant parents can now see on 4-D ultrasounds: the smiles, the yawning, the swallowing of amniotic fluid, the nibbling on the toes, the movement to gain maneuvering room as the child grows larger.

I’m sure I’ve probably seen this before, but this video does a very nice job of conveying the last part of the baby’s journey: moving down through the birth canal.

One other thought: pro-lifers all know that the umbilical cord is the baby’s lifeline, connecting mom and baby, so that the little one can receive nutrients and oxygen. But “Life in the Womb (9 months in four minutes)” helps us appreciate what an endless source of fascination it must be to the baby.

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Cartoons, Cupcakes and Chalk: Six Pro-Life Ideas for Youth




NRL News Today

 August 25, 2014   Pro-Lifers

Cartoons, Cupcakes and Chalk: Six Pro-Life Ideas for Youth

 By Micaiah Bilger, Education Director, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation Lifeline

October is Respect Life Month. What better time to get your youth group, Sunday school class, or children/grandchildren involved in speaking out for the right to life?

Here are six pro-life activities for young people this fall:

chalk2National Pro-Life Chalk Day on Thursday, October 2 – Grab a bucket of chalk, gather a group of friends, and head to a sidewalk near you. Use big letters and bold colors to write pro-life messages such as “Choose Life!” or “Heartbeat begins at just 21 days.” Go to for ideas and tips.

Wear your support for babies in the womb — Organize a group of people to wear pro-life themed T-shirt on a specific day or week, and encourage them to start conversations with their friends about why there’s always a reason to choose life.

Cupcake-150x150Pro-Life Cupcake Day on Thursday, October 9 – Bake and decorate a big batch of cupcakes, and share them with people at work or school. The idea is to start conversations with people about how every baby deserves a right to life – and a birthday!

Use your voice for life – Encourage students to enter our Pro-Life Oratory Contest. We have exciting changes this year. We’ve started a Novice Division for 9th and 10th grade students in addition to the Oratory Contest for 11th and 12th graders. And now, all students will be asked to record their speeches and submit the videos to us for judging. Students have the chance to win cash or a trip to New Orleans.

Use the power of the pen – Share our Pro-Life Essay Contest with junior and senior high school students. Winners will receive cash prizes, and the top two essays will be published in our state-wide newspaper, LifeLines.

Get to know Umbert the Unborn – Introduce younger children to the pro-life comic strip, Umbert the Unborn. Umbert is a preborn baby boy who goes on adventures in the womb. Visit creator Gary Cangemi’s website [] to find games, coloring pages, and other activities.

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Go Inside an Abortion Clinic on Radio Maria

August 25, 2014

Much of the news this summer concerned what can legally take place outside an abortion clinic: How close can sidewalk counselors stand to a clinic entrance, can they approach abortion-vulnerable women with literature, how far police can go to prevent pro-lifers from offering real choices to women.

But what happens inside an abortion clinic goes unnoticed every day, and every day, thousands of babies lose their lives.

On Radio Maria’s “Gospel of Life” Tuesday at 6 p.m. ET, Janet Morana will take listeners inside one of these legal killing centers as she speaks to Catherine Adair, a former worker in the same Boston Planned Parenthood clinic that was at the center of a recent U.S. Supreme Court decision regarding clinic access.

Catherine was a young woman when she had an abortion. The experience was so traumatizing that she threw herself in the world of pro-choice feminism in order to justify what she had done. She went to work for Planned Parenthood, at the largest abortion clinic in New England. There she was part of every aspect of the abortion business, including counseling and medical assistance.

After witnessing the aftermath of a second-trimester abortion, she could no longer believe the lie that abortion was not killing. She is now a prolife activist and mother of five children.

Her testimony will convince anyone still on the fence that abortion has nothing to do with  health care, and is harmful to women and deadly for their children.

Also joining Janet will be Bryan Kemper, Priests for Life’s Youth Outreach Director. Bryan was in the courtroom last week when a decision that led to the closing of a late-term abortion clinic in Ohio was rendered.

Late-term abortionist Martin Haskell’s Lebanon Road Surgery Center in Sharonville, Ohio will no longer perform abortions after being unable to obtain a patient transfer agreement with a local hospital. Last week a judge upheld the enforcement of the state law.

An attorney for abortion clinic owner Martin Haskell has announced that Haskell will not appeal the judge’s decision and as of this week, abortions will no longer be performed in Sharonville. Unfortunately, women likely will be referred to another of Haskell’s clinics near Dayton.

“The man who made partial-birth abortion infamous is now down to one clinic,” said Bryan. “Priests for Life Youth Outreach has a presence at Haskell’s one remaining abortion mill in Kettering, Ohio, and will be ramping up our ministry there.  We have invited local priests and clergy to join us and will be there up to three times a week.”

For a list of Radio Maria stations or to tune in to “Gospel of Live” on the Internet, go to Tablet and smart phone users also can download a free Radio Maria app so they can listen to the show wherever they go.

The show will be rebroadcast at 2 a.m. ET Thursday and midnight ET on Sunday. All the shows are archived at

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LeBron James and the Palace Guards



August 25,  2014

LeBron James and the Palace Guards

Dear Friend:

If you’ve ever watched LeBron James play basketball, you will see that he is “smartly” aggressive. He doesn’t taunt opposing players, nor does he make the game all about him.   He is a team player, aware of his surroundings and constantly adjusting his moves for the sake of winning the game, all with the guidance of a coach. Yes, he is capable of making big moves, but he does so only when the risk is worth the reward.

The sentries guarding the royal palaces in England (the Queen’s Guard) are capable of big things, too. Many people don’t realize that these sentries are fully operational soldiers. Their duty is to eliminate nuisance or any suggestions of threat from the public or their surrounding, yet what most people focus on is their ability to seemingly stand for hours seemingly unaffected by their environment, like a statue, with little to no movement or facial expression despite the circumstances.

Both LeBron James and the Queen’s Guard are highly trained, and are witnesses to myriads of events and activities which to most of us would cause us to react to threatening situations in an unfavorable manner. While they perform as witnesses to the jobs to which they are dedicated, they commandeer our respect and challenge us to emulate their behavior as we witness their commitment and purpose.

It can be like this for us as we witness the life threatening atrocities of abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide and more.    It is especially hard for those who witness outside of abortion facilities and Planned Parenthood. These locations are the LAST place at which we should have to take a stand to fight abortion.  We should be doing such a good job at educating our youth and the public about life that there would be no need for anyone to even consider having an abortion.  In all honesty, we rarely affect the lives of those entering the facilities on the days we are there. We never know, though, just how many people that drive by and see prayer and peaceful protest are positively affected by our dedication to saving lives.

Like LeBron and the Queen’s Guard, we should remain stolid in our faith and convictions, unaffected by any “roadblocks” thrown our way by facility guards or escorts. No matter what anyone says, it is not an easy thing for a woman to go into an abortion facility. They’ve rationalized a wall of defense to protect what they are doing.   If we react with self righteousness and bring ourselves down to the level of the taunting and unruly behavior we see in a lot in clinic escorts, then we are no better than they are and we risk not showing the love of God to an abortion minded client.

An abortion facility security guard once taunted me and told me to trespass by putting just one foot on their property so that he could call and get me arrested. He said I wasn’t dedicated unless I was arrested at least once for my cause. Had I done so, I wouldn’t be arrested for protecting life….I would be arrested because I was stupid!

As long as abortion remains legal, we will encourage witnesses to stand vigil at abortion facilities and Planned Parenthood so that we can work to change the hearts and minds of the clients, the employees, the occupants of the cars driving buy, our communities and our world because it is the right thing to do. We encourage you to do so in a spirit of love and compassion, rather than self-righteousness and anger. Abortion is legal, but that doesn’t make it right.  Neither is un-Christianlike behavior.  Don’t let the behavior of abortion advocates pull you into their vortex.

“God is love, and he who abides in love, abides in God, and God in him.” (1 John 4:16) You can read our vigil guidelines on our website by clicking here. In the meantime, our work goes on….


For Life,

Denise Leipold

Executive Director



Martin Haskell Writes Editorial, ORTL Responds

       The Cincinnati Inquirer printed an editorial opinion from abortionist Martin Haskell last week after Judge Metz upheld the decision to close the facility because of multiple violation issued by the Ohio Department of Health.  Haskell will not appeal the decision, and has stopped performing surgical abortions.  His editorial opinion paints the governor and Ohio law for his predicament, and that he is a provider of vital services to women who is being unfairly targeted.

You can read his article by clicking here.

       Graciously, the Enquirer gave Ohio Right to Life 600 words to respond to Mr. Haskell’s editorial. The editorial was published online last Friday, and it ran in Saturday’s print edition.  ORTL Public Relations Manager Katie McCann wrote an excellent rebuttal to Haskell’s diatribe in which she states that Haskell is part if a fringe minority, and that  he believes abortion providers do not have to be held to the same high standards as actual health care providers.   You can read Katie McCann’s article by clicking here.   Good job, Katie!


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Six Ways Contraceptives Deny Women Control of Their Bodies


Six ways contraceptives deny women control of their bodies

Dustin Siggins Dustin Siggins Follow Dustin

By Dustin Siggins

The modern world proclaims contraceptives to be the savior of womankind. Abortion groups, President Obama and other politicians, and millions of tax dollars push the idea that without contraceptives, women will not be able to have control of their bodies.

However, scientific evidence abounds that “control” is a relative term — and, in fact, that contraception use may negatively impact the power women have over their bodies. Consider the following:

1. A recent study found that use of some forms of contraception are linked to greater odds of breast cancer. The study found that the use of moderate doses of estrogen in contraceptives increased the odds of breast cancer by “1.6-fold.” The less-popular high-estrogen dose contraceptives increased the odds of breast cancer by “2.7-fold.”

That study is not alone in its findings; likewise, higher risks of cervical cancer have been linked to oral contraceptives. (To be fair, the latter link says that these contraceptives also reduce the risk of ovarian and endometrial cancers.)

The World Health Organization also considers the pill a Group 1 carcinogen.

2. The president and his fellow contraception proponents regularly push the idea that more contraception equals a better sex life. However, a study in 2005 found that the pill may very well reduce sex drive and libido. and likewise report this to be the case, and the latter notes, “some European countries, including Germany, list decreased desire as a side effect on birth-control packages…”

3. A study released in July found that there may be increased risk of gestational diabetes when taking oral contraceptives.

4. While the maker of the intravaginal device NuVaRing says the risk is extremely small, blood clots and VTE are side effects of using NuVaRing. Famously, 2014 Olympic hopeful Megan Henry was forced to miss the Olympics because of the effect NuVaRing had on her lungs. Henry joined thousands of other people in a lawsuit against NuVaRing maker Merck.

5. The Food & Drug Administration (FDA) has approved what the Obama administration says are contraceptive drugs and devices. However, Health & Human Services — one of the many agencies the administration oversees — admits that at least one of the devices approved by the FDA ends the life of an unborn child. A further wealth of evidence shows that four of the 20 contraceptives approved by the FDA either are, or may be, abortifacients.

In other words, the word “contraceptive,” which means “to prevent pregnancy,” is being used by government officials, members of the media, and proponents of abortion to fool women into thinking they are merely preventing the fertilization of an egg and sperm.

In fact, many women may be unknowingly killing their already-conceived children.

6. The deaths of dozens of women around the world have been linked to the use of various contraceptives. Those deaths have led to lawsuits against major pharmaceutical companies, including many who Henry joined when she sued Merck.

Honorable Mention: Chemicals from contraceptives, detergents, and farming/industrial activities are causing gender changes in fish in Britain and Spain. While there has yet to be a link to changes in human beings, this is a disturbing find that appears to be spreading.

Long before modern contraceptives and abortifacients came into existence, the Catholic Church promoted Natural Family Planning after marriage and sexual abstinence until marriage. But it hardly requires belief in the Church’s teachings to see that artificial birth control and abortion drugs and devices aren’t the panacea proponents claim that they are.


EMILY’s List attacks babies, SBA List

Susan B. Anthony List, Inc.

EMILY’s List attacks babies, SBA List

Have you heard of EMILY’s List? They exist solely to elect pro-abortion candidates who attack the unborn and their mothers by destroying pro-life legislation and aggressively expanding abortion on demand. You could say EMILY’s List is the “opposite” of SBA List.

This election year EMILY’s List has dramatically outnumbered and outspent your SBA List, desperately pouring millions of dollars into campaigning against our strong pro-life candidates.

>> Donate Now! Every dollar helps your SBA List stop EMILY’s List’s extreme pro-abortion candidates and advance pro-life leaders who will protect unborn children and their mothers.

Electing women who advocate abortion – even brutal, late abortion after 5 months of pregnancy when the child can feel pain – is already extreme. But this week EMILY’s List showed just how extreme they are and why we must stop them.

Former communications director for EMILY’s List, Janet Harris, wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post entitled “Stop calling abortion a ‘difficult decision.’” EMILY’s List promptly tweeted the article.


You read that right. EMILY’s List, an organization that claims to stand for women, doesn’t think that a woman considering ending the life of her son or daughter is facing a difficult decision. They callously ignore the voices of thousands of women who have experienced the trauma of abortion and now say, “I was abused… I was forced… I didn’t want to have an abortion but felt like I had no other choice.” 

Why does EMILY’s List refuse to, at the very least, compassionately recognize that abortion is difficult for women? Because, Harris explains, “to say that deciding to have an abortion is a ‘hard choice’ implies a debate about whether the fetus should live, thereby endowing it with a status of being.”

And if EMILY’s List admits that a fetus is a human being, they have to admit abortion kills a baby and leaves behind a hurting, grieving mother. They would have to act, electing pro-life leaders and passing pro-life laws that protect women and babies from abortion. In other words, EMILY’s List would have to be Susan B. Anthony List.

Former New York City Mayor Bloomberg just gave EMILY’s List another $2 million to continue their attack on our pro-life candidates across America. Please make a generous donation right now to help your SBA List fight back, elect pro-life leaders to Congress, and pass compassionate legislation that protects women and unborn babies.

Yours in the fight for life,

Marjorie Dannenfelser
President, Susan B. Anthony List

Donations can also be mailed to SBA List, Suite 550, 1707 L St., NW, Washington, DC 20036

Contributions or gifts to Susan B. Anthony List, Inc., a 501(c)(4) organization, are not tax-deductible for Federal income tax purposes. Donations may be used for political purposes such as supporting or opposing candidates. All donations are made to the general treasury of the Susan B. Anthony List, Inc., and are not designated for any particular purpose. Donation will be used in the sole discretion of the Officers and/or Board of Directors in accordance with the mission and purposes of the SBA List.

Send Your Ice Bucket Challenge Donation to Ethical, Successful Adult Stem Cell Research

Send Your Ice Bucket Challenge Donation to Ethical, Successful Adult Stem Cell Research

by Dr. David Prentice | Washington, DC | | 8/21/14 5:20 PM

You’ve probably heard of it by now, the Ice Bucket Challenge.  Those challenged are supposed either to dump an ice bucket of cold water over their head, or donate to ALS research.  Most people do both, posting a video of their icy bath.

It’s a stunt, but has successfully raised awareness of ALS as well as donations for research.  But people should consider where their donations go and how the money is used.

ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, a.k.a. “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”) is a fatal, progressive neurological disease.  It attacks the nerves that control voluntary muscles, so it is sometimes termed “motor neuron disease”.  As the nerves die, muscles weaken and atrophy, including the muscles for breathing; most people suffering from ALS die of respiratory failure.  The cause is unknown and at this point there is no cure, and very little that can even slow disease progression.

icebucketchallenge3So, raising awareness about ALS and increasing support for ALS research is a good thing.  But whether you participate in a challenge or just donate to important research, where should your donation go?

So far, most of the attention and millions of dollars in donation have gone to the ALS Association.  However, the ALSA has admitted that it gives some of its money to embryonic stem cell research and has no qualms about doing so in the future.  (Note the ALSA page linked in the above has just recently been changed, and now notes that embryonic stem cell research “has raised ethical concerns.”)

As Rebecca Taylor has pointed out, ALSA also has given money to an affiliate, NEALS, that has given money to a trial that uses stem cells derived from the spinal cord of an aborted fetus.

That trial is being run by the University of Michigan and Emory University, and sponsored by a company called Neuralstem which uses aborted fetus cells for research (“from the donated spinal cord tissue of an 8-week-old aborted fetus.”)  All of the Neuralstem trials use cells derived from abortion.

Project ALS, another charity for ALS research, also funds embryonic stem cell research.

But there are alternatives for donations that use only ethical stem cell sources!

Here are a few of my favorites:

The Midwest Stem Cell Therapy Center (MSCTC) at the University of Kansas Medical Center is only a year old, but is starting an increasing number of clinical trials and educational efforts.

One potential future trial would be using adult stem cells for ALS.  Dr. Rick Barohn, an internationally recognized expert on ALS, recently joined the Advisory Board for the Center.

The MSCTC does not do any embryonic or aborted fetal stem cell research, ONLY ADULT and NON-EMBRYONIC STEM CELL RESEARCH and CLINICAL TRIALS.

HOW DO I DONATE?  click the “Make a Gift” link in the left column of their web page, it specifies donation for the MSCTC.

(Disclosure:  I am a member of the MSCTC advisory board)


Researchers at the Mayo Clinic are currently doing clinical trials for patients with ALS, using ADULT STEM CELLS.

Dr. Anthony Windebank and his team have one ongoing clinical trial for ALS patients and are ready to initiate a second clinical trial for ALS patients.

HOW DO I DONATE?  there is a “Give Now” link near the top of web page from Dr. Windebank’s link above; people can specify that their donation go to his ALS research team.

NOTE that the second trial is in association with an Israeli company, Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics, that is developing the adult stem cell treatment for ALS and other neural conditions.  While this is still an experimental trial, the early results using adult stem cells for ALS treatment have been positive.


The John Paul II Medical Research Institute in Iowa City is doing research in several areas including ALS, and does not support embryonic stem cell research.

HOW DO I DONATE?  use the button for “Donate Now” on their main web page


The Adult Stem Cell Technology Center, LLC is a for-profit company developing new methods for growth and application of adult stem cells, and does not support embryonic stem cell research.

Click “Contact Information” in the right column of their web page and e-mail the Director to learn more about the company’s adult stem cell technology development plans.

Donate to ethical adult stem cell research!  Adult stem cells are helping patients now!


The Loss of a Human Life is a Tragedy, not a Gimmick

NRL News Today

The loss of a human life is a tragedy, not a gimmick

Americans are known for their generosity. Sometimes they give simply because they’re asked. But if it takes a fun gimmick like an “Ice Bucket Challenge” to get people to give, that’s great, too!

But viral fundraising to kill – literally kill – unborn babies?

How low can we get?

The pro-abortion blog RH Reality Check is irreverently asking supporters to mimic the “Ice Bucket Challenge” by engaging in what they call the “Taco or Beer Challenge.” That calls on readers to enjoy a taco or a beer and then donate money to funds that help pay for others’ abortions.

With all the killings in the world lately, you’d think they’d be sensitive to the optics of asking others to “enjoy” a meal and then donate to the horrific slaughter of a living unborn baby via abortion.

But apparently not.

I’m not the only one shocked by this. Some thoughtful young people started a drive on Twitter to counteract the brutality of this pro-abortion “challenge” by inviting readers to donate to life-saving work instead, specifically to National Right to Life. I was moved by their gesture.

If you’d like to help send a signal to those who would use gimmicks to kill even more innocent unborn babies, please consider a donation today in support of our work. Please click here to make a statement by lending your support.

Because killing an unborn baby is not a gimmick, a fad that’s here today and gone tomorrow. It’s forever.

contributenowHelp us stop it.

Carol Tobias
National Right to Life President

P.S. See National Right to Life’s article on this subject here.

An Unborn Child is Counting on You


NRL News Today


An Unborn Child is Counting on You

 By Carol Tobias, President, National Right to Life

Editor’s note. This appeared on page 3 of the August edition of National Right to Life News. You can read the issue in its entirety at

National Right to Life President Carol Tobias

It’s amazing how fast this summer has gone. As you read this, many schools are already back in session and the often-hectic fall schedule will pick up. Add to that the fact that the general elections are less than 100 days away and some days may really get crazy.

If we want to protect unborn babies and their mothers by making abortion illegal, we need to change the laws; we do that by electing pro-life candidates. And as we come closer to that day of protecting unborn children, the battle is going to be fierce.

Think back to the fight in Texas last summer to see just how far abortionists will go to try to stop pro-life victories. If you think those supporting the abortion industry are rude and militant now, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

For those who have been active in the right-to-life movement, you know it won’t be easy. You know that some of our opponents can be downright mean. They don’t care that an innocent baby is being killed, so why would they care if they hurt someone’s feelings? They march, and they shout, and they lie. Many of them are bullies whose first instinct is to try to win by intimidation.

Pro-lifers, on the other hand, respect life, which, of course, includes the lives of those we disagree with. We’re nice and polite and, on occasion, timid. We take to heart the admonition from Colossians 3, “Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience.”

I know pro-lifers who are so kind and compassionate and gentle that they are afraid to speak up because they don’t want to offend anyone. Certainly, we don’t intentionally offend or hurt anyone. We don’t want to cause arguments or fights and we would not purposefully upset our friends or family or neighbors.

But we have the truth and an obligation to share it. We need to take to heart the encouraging words from Joshua 1, “Be strong and courageous.” We need to have the courage to stand up for those whose lives are being threatened. We need to be a voice for the voiceless.

Much of this will play out during the election season. Voters can expect to hear exaggerated claims, or even outright lies, about a pro-life candidate’s position. Right-to-Life people may be harassed for working for those candidates. There are some who would say they are pro-life but they don’t want you to mix pro-life issues and politics, or what they might call religion and politics.

Protecting unborn children from abortion is the greatest civil rights battle of our time and should impact every aspect of society, including the election of men and women who make the laws under which we live.

I recently heard Burke Balch, NRLC’s Director of Medical Ethics, give a speech in which he reminded us of the famous Thomas Paine quote, “These are the times that try men’s souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands by it now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman.”

These next few months are not for the summer soldier and sunshine patriot; the faint of heart who want to fight only the easy battles. We need to be strong and courageous so we can elect or re-elect pro-life candidates at every level of government.

I had the privilege of testifying on July 15 before the Senate Judiciary Committee n the so-called “Women’s Health Protection Act” (S. 1696). This bill would more properly be called the “Abortion Without Limits Until Birth Act.” It would invalidate nearly all state and federal laws that affect abortion in any way. For example, it would nullify limits on abortions after 20 weeks – past the point at which unborn children can experience pain, and laws limiting abortion even after viability, unless they allow each abortionist to abort based on his assertion that an abortion will preserve emotional “health.”

That is just the beginning. Other laws the bill would nullify include protecting individuals or private medical institutions from being forced to participate in abortion; prohibiting the aborting of an unborn child because of the child’s sex; requiring that information on alternatives to, and risks of, abortion be provided to women seeking abortions; and waiting periods after this information is provided so the woman has time to reflect on her decision.

During my oral testimony, I challenged the bill sponsor, Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), and the Democratic leadership, to bring this bill to the floor for a vote, as well as the NRLC-backed Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (S. 1670), so that we could see where each senator stands on both of these bills.

However, the Democratic leadership is unlikely to allow votes this year on these bills, even on the pro-abortion bill, because they know the bill is so sweeping that such a vote would hurt many pro-abortion candidates in the elections. So it is up to us to make sure that our fellow pro-lifers know where the senators stand on this legislation and on other Life issues, especially those who are on the ballot this fall.

What can you do? Distribute comparison pieces with information about where the candidates stand on Life issues. Senate races, and some competitive U.S. House races will be on the NRL PAC website at (Many pro-life people will gladly vote for pro-life candidates, but they may not have that information unless we get it to them.) Recruit other pro-lifers to help with your local election activities. If your U.S. Senate and House candidates have not taken positions yet on the so-called “Women’s Health Protection Act” (S. 1696/ H.R. 3471), find people in the state or district to publicly challenge each candidate to state a position. Contribute to the National Right to Life Victory Fund so we can mail flyers, make get-out-the-vote phone calls and place media ads.

In this all-important election season, be gentle and kind, but be strong and courageous. A voiceless, innocent unborn child is counting on you.

“The Giver” Opens Today and Why You Should See It

NRL News Today


“The Giver” opens today and why you should see it

 By Dave Andrusko

The_Giver_posterreOrdinarily it makes no matter to me whether I see a pre-screening of a movie. I know enough about film to know that the final product can be dramatically different.

But, having said that, I would very much have liked to have seen the prescreening for “The Giver,” Lois Lowry’s remarkably enduring 1993 book that all my kids read in high school and which has now been made into a Hollywood movie that opens today.

In normal circumstances, I would bring my entire family to the local AMC tonight or tomorrow, but the next week is so impossibly busy for my clan that I might not be able to attend for a bit. But I would like to take a few minutes of your time to do two things without spoiling your enjoyment of the film by too many spoilers.

First, with the exception of a dyspeptic review by a grumpy New York Times film critic, the response has been virtually uniformly encouraging, even laudatory. If you’ve read the book, or even skimmed a précis, you know The Giver explores ground rarely trod in Young Adolescent (yes, the term has initial capitals) fiction. Lowry wrote a book for adolescents that provokes conversation (and controversy) in readers of all ages. The film, we’re told, is faithful to the work.

Second, when describing, The Giver, it is almost universally described (in shorthand) as a “dystopian novel for youth.” The overtones are similar but not identical to the therapeutic tyrannies of Huxley’s “Brave New World,” Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451,” Nolan’s and Johnson’s “Logan’s Run,” and (naturally) Orwell’s “1984.”

Of course, control is the controlling motif, all for the “good” of the village. The price of “perfection” is the ostensible obliteration not only of all pain and suffering [seemingly] but of all differences and all the imperfect as well.

Lowry always insists she doesn’t write “message” novels, but it would difficult to miss the horror of what is called “release”–infanticide of infants (there is a scene where a baby is killed—at the “Nurturing Center”– but using camera angles that do not show the actual injection) and euthanasia of the elderly.

Naturally I thought of Europe which is racing head-long into an embrace of wide-open euthanasia where there are no criteria or age-limitations. All done for the betterment of an ever-growing number of “patients.”

But the leaders of the almost-hermetically sealed village of The Giver realize that while knowledge of the past is off-limits, “in order to make wise communal decisions, someone must be the lonely bearer of all the memories,” writes columnist Michael Gerson. “Jonas is chosen [to be the next Receiver of Memory] and discovers that the banishment of pain and difference has also involved the banishment of beauty, art, music and love.”

I don’t want to push this too far, but I honestly believe that as the Culture of Death extends its tentacles, fewer and fewer people will remember a day when we didn’t dispose of the powerless without qualm; when the Bioethical Establishment didn’t joyfully anticipate a time when we can “screen out” all babies with the “wrong” genetic makeup; when it wasn’t an exercise of “autonomy” to kill unborn (and born) babies simply because they are girls rather than boys.

You and I will ensure that our children are all Receivers of Memory. You and I will pass along the truth that we grow not by the lethal avoidance of difficulty but by what Jonas demonstrates in the book’s final scene: the willingness to sacrifice to save a baby sure to be killed.

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