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Our Purpose Is to Promote The Belief:

“Human LIFE is Sacred…Conception til Natural Death”


Wyandot County Right to Life is a non-profit, non-sectarian, educational organization of citizens of Wyandot County who promote respect and legal protection for each human life at every stage of biological development from fertilization until natural death.

The primary purpose of Wyandot County Right to Life is to present fully detailed and factual information upon which individuals and the general public may make an informed decision about the various topics of fetal development, abortion, alternatives to abortion, euthanasia, and infanticide.


“Man is made in the image of God. We are pro-choice before conception, we are pro-life after it takes place. At the moment of conception a soul and a body come into existence – new life. A complete and total baby who, at this point, needs protected by the laws of our land – the right to life.”  Lead Pastor Brad Davis, Living Word Church, New Port Richey, FL 


“You can show women fetal development and many of them it doesn’t phase.  Remember the fetus, the baby, the unborn child is an adversary to the woman, it’s going to cramp her life.  Abortion-minded women see adoption, on the other hand, as a “double negative.  Not only are you not qualified to be a mother and care for the child, but you have to give the child up.  They hate that choice, so for them the abortion becomes the best alternative, the least terrible of those options. You really have to focus on [the fact] that there is life after having a child, that there is a way out of your predicament.  Just meeting women where they are by being able to listen to their pain and their agony and their suffering, and then love them so much that we walk them through this.”

Dr. John Bruchalski said his experience working with abortion-minded women has shown him the need to focus on offering women hope for life with their child, rather than emphasizing adoption or images of fetal development.  A former abortionist in his ob/gyn residency, the 50-year-old Virginia native has now become a leading light in pro-life medicine.  Through his unique Tepeyac Family Center, one of the largest free-standing pro-life medical practices in the country, Dr. Bruchalski’s team offers a safe haven for women in crisis pregnancies, spreading hope through authentic health care that respects the natural processes of the woman’s body, the right to life of the unborn child, and the eternal end of the mother’s soul. http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/former-abortionist-spreads-gospel-of-life/


“Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.” Galatians 6:9.


Jérôme Lejeune.TIF“Each of us has a very precise starting moment which is the time at which the whole necessary and sufficient genetic information is gathered inside one cell, and this is the moment of fertilization.”     World Renowned geneticist, the late Dr Jerome Lejeune


Did you know: Every 3 minutes, Planned Parenthood will take in $3,093.60 in taxpayer money. Your money. Also, Planned Parenthood admitted performing performing 333,964 abortions in 2011. That means this “non-profit” is killing a child every 94 seconds.


braddavis1“It’s hard to imagine 54,000 aborted babies…but imagine in your mind…an abortion worker carrying an aborted baby…1 every second…in an endless line… walking, walking, day in day out, 24 hours a day…it would take well over a year and a half for all the aborted babies to be carried past you!!!” Lead Pastor Brad Davis, Living Word Church, New Port Richey, FL 


Baby & Scales


Woman Conceived in Rape Responds to Abortion Controversy 


Aug 20, 2012 – Rebecca Kiessling, a pro-life attorney from Michigan, fully understands the national debate going on concerning the controversial comments … Rape exceptions …Rebecca Kiessling gives a three-step process in terms of how candidates should answer the question:

1. The Supreme Court has said that the death penalty is cruel and unusual punishment for rapists and that rapists don’t deserve the death penalty. I don’t think the innocent child conceived in rape deserves the death penalty for the crimes of her father.  It seems to me that is cruel and unusual punishment.

2. Rape victims are four times more likely to die within the next year after the abortion, with a higher rate of suicide, murder, drug overdose, etc.. As someone who really cares about rape victims, I want to protect them from the rapist, and from the abortion, and not the baby. A baby is not the worst thing that could ever happen to a rape victim — an abortion is.  We need to educate the American public on the truth in this matter and not make public policy based on myth and misinformation.

3. Rape victims choose abortion at half the rate of the average unplanned pregnancy, which is over 50%. Only 15-25% of rape victims choose abortion, depending on the study. The majority of rape victims choose to raise her child — not “the rapist’s baby” — HER child.

Of course, I also think it helps to share a personal story and there are lots available, of women who became pregnant by rape and either regret aborting, are raising their children or are birth-moms, as well as stories of those of us conceived in rape and/or incest.  You can find those stories on my website:  http://www.rebeccakiessling.com/Othersconceivedinrape.html and http://www.rebeccakiessling.com/PregnantByRape.html


“We must never grow accustomed to evil!
Never give way to discouragement!” Pope Francis I


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