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“As if he was telling us ‘I’m okay!!! Don’t give up on me!,’” the incredible story of a baby born at 25 weeks

November 22, 2013   Premature babies

“As if he was telling us ‘I’m okay!!! Don’t give up on me!,’” the incredible story of a baby born at 25 weeks who is doing fine

By Dave Andrusko

Ward Miles in his 10th day of life.

Ward Miles in his 10th day of life.

It was purely a coincidence. No sooner had I finished writing about the sad, sad story of Ariel Levy’s miscarriage at 19 weeks than I ran across “One Miraculous Year In The Life Of A Baby Born Too Soon,” the amazing story of how little Ward Miles, born at 25 weeks, survived incredible odds and is now a thriving 16-month-old toddler.

The setting for the story that appeared on Huffington Post was the surprise video Ben Miller made for his wife, Lyndsey Miller, on her 32nd birthday. “I had tricked her into thinking I was working on other projects late into the night,” her husband Ben told the Huffington Post. “I called her back to my office and as soon as she saw Ward on the screen she knew I had been working on something for her and she started crying.”

Making it more perfect is that her birthday coincided with the one-year-anniversary of the day Ward came home from the hospital.

And Ward had really been up against it. Lyndsey, only 25 weeks along, experienced cramps. Turns out she was in labor and four hours after her doctor sent her to the hospital, Ward was born.

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1,341 and counting: how a high-tech pro-life start-up is changing the way we save lives

1,341 and counting: how a high-tech pro-life start-up is changing the way we save lives


“If you were to ask me why 1.2 million children still being aborted in America, the answer is because we’re not talking to the people who are aborting their children. That’s the basic answer,” says Online for Life founder Brian Fisher.

Nov 28, 2013 ( – Brian Fisher has a lot of reasons to be thankful this Thanksgiving: 1,341 of them, to be exact. That’s the number of babies that he can be sure are alive today thanks in large measure to the work of his fledgling pro-life organization, Online for Life.

Like everything else the high-tech pro-life startup does, that number is exact and verifiable.  “We have a philosophy that if it we can’t measure it, we won’t do it,” Brian told in a recent interview. “The second part to that is that if we can measure it, we can improve it.”

Founded in 2009, Online for Life is one of the newest, fastest-growing and most innovative pro-life organizations in the United States. Located in Dallas, Texas, Online for Life is headed up by a team of business, marketing and technology experts with a dizzying array of experience in their respective fields.

Their mission is simple: to save babies from abortion. 

More specifically, Online for Life is striving to become the “missing link” between abortion-minded women and the pro-life crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) that are equipped to empower those women to choose life.

“If you were to ask me why 1.2 million children are still being aborted in America, the answer is because we’re not talking to the people who are aborting their children. That’s the basic answer,” says Brian.

That’s where Online for Life comes in. Using rigorously-tested Google and other online advertizing, search engine optimization, and physical ad campaigns, Online for Life reaches out to women who are often virtually on the doorsteps of an abortion clinic, and connects them with a life-saving CPC instead.

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Planned Parenthood fraud case in Iowa one more example of a disturbing trend


Planned Parenthood has become disturbingly familiar with fraud charges. Currently, Planned Parenthood is embattled in a new fraud cases in Iowa. In California alone the organization was accused by a former top Planned Parenthood official of stealing $180 million dollars in taxpayer funding. After being caught red-handed committing fraud against the state of Texas, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast was forced to hand over $4.3 million dollars that it had stolen. And Planned Parenthood isn’t only troubled by taxpayer fraud; just this week a former New York employee of Planned Parenthood went to prison for forging checks while in the organization’s employ.

Former Planned Parenthood employees, who had an inside view on illegal activities, are frequently the individuals who become whistle-blowers on the fraudulent activity they witnessed during their employment with the organization. This was the case in the most recent Planned Parenthood fraud debacle, when Sue Thayer, who ran a Planned Parenthood facility in Iowa before becoming pro-life, called out the clinic on fraudulent practices to the tune of $28 million dollars. Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life of America commented on the case, saying:

This is a trend that Planned Parenthood is having to face…  This is something that the Government Accountability Office here in Washington is taking a look at, and it may impact their future federal funding at Planned Parenthood if they’re convicted.

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Unilever’s blockbuster pro-life ad

Unilever’s blockbuster pro-life ad


  • Wed Nov 27, 2013 10:59 EST

When was the last time an industrial giant made a pro-lifer stand up and cheer? I did tonight when I saw Unilever’s new 4 1/2 minute film encouraging expectant parents to bring their children into the world, and introducing their new program for green production and sustainability. The film itself is the most hopeful secular production I’ve seen in decades.

The film, Why Bring A Child Into This World?, helps to roll out Project Sunlight. Give them a visit and see what it’s all about.

Upon quick examination I didn’t see anything objectionable. Closer examination may reveal areas where pro-lifers feel there could be improvement. If so, let’s not make the perfect the enemy of the good.

We have a film that is taking on many parents’ fears and saying that there is every reason to bring their children into the world.

Two thumbs up for Unilever!!

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Morning-After Pill “completely ineffective” for women over 176 pounds

Morning-After Pill “completely ineffective” for women over 176 pounds


  • Wed Nov 27, 2013 11:09 EST

On Monday the liberal magazine Mother Jones reported:

The European manufacturer of an emergency contraceptive pill identical to Plan B, also known as the morning-after pill, will warn women that the drug is completely ineffective for women who weigh more than 176 pounds and begins to lose effectiveness in women who weigh more than 165 pounds. [emphasis added]

The article also states:

Weight data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that, at 166 pounds, the average American woman is too heavy to use these pills effectively [emphasis added].

Add this to the ever-growing body of evidence that the increasing propagation of so-called “emergency contraception” (EC) has been an utterly failed strategy. (Indeed, this news comes just a few weeks after an article was published in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management which found that increased access to EC has had no significant effect on unintended pregnancy or abortion rates—but that it may have led to a decrease in reports of rape.)

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From one adoptee to another: Dear Elijah

From one adoptee to another: Dear Elijah


  • Wed Nov 27, 2013 17:06 EST

Recently, I received an email from a father who told me of his love for his adopted son, Elijah. He wanted me to share a little of my experience, as an adoptee, with his amazing 8 year old who was struggling with the same questions I had when I was a kid. So, I thought I’d write him a letter…

Dear Elijah,

I know I have not met you or your family yet, but I hope that one day we will have that chance. Your dad and I have become friends over email and he has shared with me how much he loves you and how special you are to your family.

I wanted to write to you because, like you, I am adopted. In fact I grew up in a family with 13 kids…ten of us were The Bombergersadopted! Talk about different…we were different! Our family was huge and all of the adopted kids were different ethnicities – black, white, mixed, Vietnamese, and Native American. Nobody in our whole town had a family that looked like ours. People would just stare at us.

You are not alone. I know it may seem like it sometimes. What you feel is what so many others felt at one time in their lives. When you’re adopted, you’re going to have questions. It’s as normal as breathing. There are a lot of questions of “why” and sometimes no answers.

You know what I have found though? After all of the wondering, there is one REALLY REALLY REALLY big question that matters the most. Am I loved?

And the answer, if I could blast some speakers with some crazy loud music, is a ridiculous unquestionable “YES! YES! YES! YOU ARE LOVED!” And I just don’t mean by your parents. (Cuz your parents love you. My parents loved the mess out of me too…even when I was a big pain in the butt.) I mean being loved by someone who loved you before anyone else had the chance! God. He created you. Special. Unique. One-of-a-kind. Complete with all of those little quirks that make you,you. Psalm 139 says He “knit you together in your mother’s womb”. Look. God wove together every thread that would become Elijah. And He knew that the mommy that would give you Life, loved you enough to know that she wanted a better life for you than she could give. She never even considered abortion, because she knew, deep in her heart, that God had great things in store for you.

So, she gave the most awesome gift to your parents. You! When you truly love someone, you always try to do what’s best for them. And your birthmom made a brave decision. Mine did, too. It was the best thing for us! (We even created a new website to show many others who are just like us at!)

And Elijah. So are you. From one adoptee to another, I created the video “ONE IN 7 BILLION” to tell you that there’s no one like you.

Greatness is in your future!

Your friend,


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Five Things Planned Parenthood Won’t Disclose in its Annual Report

Five Things Planned Parenthood Won’t Disclose in its Annual Report

The holiday season is upon us. Almost inevitably that means that as Americans turn their attention to family and friends, significant rules, regulations, and reports will be released in the hope that they will go largely unnoticed and generally uncommented upon. If recent history is any indicator, this year’s holiday “data dump” will include the annual report for the nation’s largest abortion chain, Planned Parenthood.

As we wait for Planned Parenthood to release its latest income and other figures, here are five things that happened between October 1, 2011, and September 30, 2012 (the “services” year it is expected to report for), that Planned Parenthood is unlikely to include in any report:

1. Tonya Reaves, a 24-year-old mother with a young son, bled to death after her uterus was lacerated during an abortion at a Planned Parenthood clinic on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue. Tonya’s autopsy report confirmed that her future was cut tragically short by an injury she sustained at the hands of a Planned Parenthood abortionist on July 20, 2012. Other reports suggest that the Planned Parenthood clinic’s delay in seeking emergency care directly contributed to Tonya’s death.

2. Nurses leave Planned Parenthood in Delaware because of the abortion clinic’s deplorable safety conditions including “meat-market-style, assembly-line abortions.” In her testimony before the Delaware senate, Jayne Mitchell-Werbrich, a registered nurse for over 26 years and a former employee at a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, described serious health hazards that she reported to Planned Parenthood officials, but which were never addressed. This failure ultimately led to her resignation on August 8, 2012. “I reported that most of the Planned Parenthood staff members did not wear protective gear or utilize universal blood and body fluid precautions; consents for sedation and procedures were sometimes obtained late as staff was rushed and hurried . . . lab work not being performed correctly thus the lab value results were incorrect; patients given sedation were found outside walking down Market Street dazed and confused; staff medical credentials were not verified; the emergency medications and equipment had expired; the narcotics were not being regulated; HIPPA privacy not being practiced; an intern who had been instructed by her instructor only to observe was pressured into providing abortion care; Planned Parenthood’s Dr. Timothy Liveright once left sedated patients in order to handle a mechanical issue with his private airplane; and more.”

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