Planned Parenthood fraud case in Iowa one more example of a disturbing trend


Planned Parenthood has become disturbingly familiar with fraud charges. Currently, Planned Parenthood is embattled in a new fraud cases in Iowa. In California alone the organization was accused by a former top Planned Parenthood official of stealing $180 million dollars in taxpayer funding. After being caught red-handed committing fraud against the state of Texas, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast was forced to hand over $4.3 million dollars that it had stolen. And Planned Parenthood isn’t only troubled by taxpayer fraud; just this week a former New York employee of Planned Parenthood went to prison for forging checks while in the organization’s employ.

Former Planned Parenthood employees, who had an inside view on illegal activities, are frequently the individuals who become whistle-blowers on the fraudulent activity they witnessed during their employment with the organization. This was the case in the most recent Planned Parenthood fraud debacle, when Sue Thayer, who ran a Planned Parenthood facility in Iowa before becoming pro-life, called out the clinic on fraudulent practices to the tune of $28 million dollars. Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life of America commented on the case, saying:

This is a trend that Planned Parenthood is having to face…  This is something that the Government Accountability Office here in Washington is taking a look at, and it may impact their future federal funding at Planned Parenthood if they’re convicted.

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