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Tiny Premature Baby Was Born at Just 22 Weeks and Spent 4 Months in NICU, But Look at Her Now

Tiny Premature Baby Was Born at Just 22 Weeks and Spent 4 Months in NICU, But Look at Her Now


Micaiah Bilger   Mar 30, 2016   |   12:26PM    Dallas, TX

When Ruby was born at the Methodist Richardson Medical Center on March 22, 2015, doctors did not think she would live long. She was born four and a half months premature after just 22 weeks in her mother’s womb, according to the report.

Dr. Lilian St. John, a neonatologist at the hospital, said she gave Ruby a less than 5 percent chance of survival at birth.

“However, her parents still wanted everything to be done for her,” St. John said.


Soon St. John and the other medical staff saw how strongly Ruby was fighting to survive. The tiny little girl spent five months in the neonatal intensive care unit before finally going home, the report states.

Father David Silva said the family’s journey has been difficult, but they are hopeful. Ruby now weighs 16 pounds and is doing well, the family said.

“But at the end of the day, at the end of the road, there is a light and we’re seeing the light now,” Silva said.

“Every day I feel special because God did a lot on her, and she’s doing really good because God is holding her,” her mother, Mirna Contreras, added.

More very premature babies like Ruby are surviving outside the womb because of modern medical technology. In 2012, a little boy named Micah Pickering also was born after just 22 weeks in the womb. His parents, Danielle and Clayton Pickering, chose to pursue treatment for their baby even though his health appeared grim.

Danielle said, “We figured he was our baby, and he was what the Lord had given us, and we would just do everything we could.” Though Micah still has health problems today, his family said he is a spunky little boy.

A 2015 study in the New England Journal of Medicine looked at the survival and outcomes of almost 5,000 babies born before 27 weeks gestation at 24 hospitals from 2006 -2011. The researchers found that 23 percent of infants survived at just 22 weeks gestation, and their chances of survival increased rapidly each week. However, some babies are not given a chance to survive. The study also found that some hospitals were deliberately denying these very premature babies life-saving medical treatment.

Babies like Ruby and Micah are fortunate because their parents fought to give them the same life-saving medical treatment as any other baby. Their stories are examples of how even the youngest babies are valuable and worth fighting for.



Get Ready for Primary Elections; Get to Know the Candidates

Get Ready for Primary Elections; Get to Know the Candidates
It’s important to get to know the candidates now so you will be ready to vote in your State primary.  Find the date of your State primary election at
Friends, this is no time for weariness or cynicism, for fatigue or for “checking out” of the political process.
Rather, as the Church constantly reminds us, this is the time to engage fully in the task of being faithful citizens. A big part of that is to inform ourselves about who these candidates are and how they think.
As always, I do want to know your opinions, and you can give me your feedback on the debates using the hashtag #voteprolife or send your feedback to me on the form at the top of
Finally, please also pray the Prayer for our Nation as we Prepare to Elect our Leaders (  This non-partisan, non-denominational prayer can be prayed each day between now and the elections on November 8. Prayer cards are also available at the above link for your friends, family and parish.
God bless you!

Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

Priests for Life
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Stigma, Emotional Turmoil, and Pro-Life Pressure Keep Doctors From Performing Abortions

NRL News Today

 March 4, 2016   Abortion

Stigma, emotional turmoil, and pro-life pressure keep doctors from performing abortions

By Sarah Terzo

Abortion-Instruments2A New York Times article entitled “Under Pressures and Stigma, More Doctors Shun Abortion” sheds light on some of the reasons why there is such a major shortage of abortionists in the United States.

Although the article is old, the factors it discusses are still relevant. The article highlights 3 different reasons why most OBGYNs choose not to perform abortions – stigma, the emotional toll of the work, and pro-life activity.


Dr. Curtis E Harris, a pro-life obstetrician, says:

The term “abortionist” still has a very heavy stigma. Most gynecologists work to bring a child into the world in a healthy state. [Performing an abortion] is a real contradiction.

Harris believes that not only is there stigma about abortion, but that abortion is a basic contradiction to the ideal work of an obstetrician; that of delivering healthy babies.

Dr. Michael Policar, then medical director of Planned Parenthood of San Francisco and Alameda, California, explains how the fact that so few doctors perform abortions adds to the stigma:

[A shortage of abortion providers gives] the impression that abortion is a dirty business and that it is somehow not an appropriate or legitimate medical procedure.

His comments indicate that when fewer abortionists enter the field because of the stigma, the resulting drop in abortionists adds more stigma, leading to a vicious cycle that works in pro-lifers’ (and preborn babies’) favor.

Warren Hern, a late-term abortionist who practices in Boulder, Colorado, describes how one day he called a friend and fellow doctor while working at his clinic.

He is one of my best friends, a medical colleague who is strongly pro-choice and who has done abortions himself. I called him late Saturday afternoon and said I wanted to come over. He asked me where I was and I told him I was at my office. ‘Still killing babies this late in the afternoon?’ It was like a knife in my gut. It really upset me. What it conveys is that no matter how supportive people may be, there is still a horror at what I do.

Dr. Joseph Randall worked as an abortionist for 8 years and did about 32,000 abortions. He stopped performing them after converting to Christianity. He says that other doctors “treated us [abortionists] as second-class M.D.’s.”

Randall says that the negative opinions other doctors had towards abortion providers were discussed at meetings of the National Abortion Federation. The NAF is roughly equivalent to a union for abortion doctors and other providers. According to Randall:

The other doctors would mention the same kind of hypocrisy – that’s what we called it – of our peers.

Randall also says that since he stopped performing abortions, other doctors have been much more accepting of him and his practice.

Dr. Warren H Pearse, then executive director of the College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, gives his impression of doctors who perform abortions:

It’s not pleasant being an abortion doctor. By and large they are zealots who are strongly committed and who believe, in most instances correctly, that if they don’t provide the service, no one will.

Emotional trauma

So why is it so unpleasant being an abortion doctor? Stigma is definitely a factor, but there are other reasons. One possible reason is the emotional toll of the work. After all, abortionists have to look at the remains of aborted babies, who, as early as 7 to 8 weeks after conception, have developed arms, legs, fingers, and toes.

The New York Times article describes the emotional turmoil one former abortionist went through. This doctor once chose to do abortions because she felt they should be available, but:

[S]he had to prepare herself emotionally each time, and she often had a sleepless night before a scheduled abortion.

“It’s a very tough thing for a gynecologist to do.” The emotions it arouses are so strong, she said, that doctors “don’t talk to each other about it.”

The doctor said she lost control only once, when she was performing an abortion on a 30-year-old doctor after she herself had just had a miscarriage. She had been trying for 7 years to become pregnant. After the abortion, she said, “I just collapsed on the floor,” overcome by her emotions.

Pro-life activism

Pro-Life activities are another reason why many doctors won’t perform abortions. Abortionist Dennis Christiansen describes how once a doctor begins performing abortions, the rest of his practice often dries up:

In spite of the fact that some patients want the abortion service available, and will go for the abortion service, they will not wish to come back for other services. Patients may be willing to walk through a picket line for an abortion but they are not willing to walk through the same picket line for a Pap smear.

Picketers clearly have an impact on the rest of the doctor’s practice. They are a deterrent against new doctors entering the abortion field. …

Pro-lifers have a lot to be encouraged about.

Editor’s note. This is excerpted from a post a appeared at and is reprinted with permission.

Front-Page Photos of Pro-Lifers

NRL News Today

 March 4, 2016   Media Bias

How can it be? Washington Post and the NY Times both have front-page photos of pro-lifers?

By Dave Andrusko

WaPoNYT74I did not see Thursday’s New York Times until later in the day but I did see and read the Washington Post’s account of the oral arguments before the Supreme Court in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, the challenge to Texas’s pro-life law, HB 2, first thing.

I almost choked on my bowl of cereal when I saw a large front-page photo of joyful pro-lifers taken in front of the Supreme Court. Not exactly a common occurrence, I can assure you. But I literally did a double-take when I went to the jump page.

There was a photo of a pro-abortionist, but across from that small photo was a separate story accompanied by a much larger photo of pro-life Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wi.) addressing the pro-life contingent.

Later on Thursday, I learned, to my utter amazement, that a photo of pro-lifers also graced page one of the New York Times! (See “Pro-Abort Activists Freak Out Over Pro-Lifers on NY Times Front Page.”) Worse yet, one held a sign reading, “I am a pro-life feminist.”

To what do I attribute this double blessing (double whammy from the pro-abortion point of view)? I haven’t a clue. Here are a few entirely speculative possibilities.

Pangs of conscience for having given short-shrift to the many, many March for Life rallies in which anywhere from 60,000 to 200,000 pro-life champions assembled in our nation’s capital on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade? I think not. Why now? We’ve been invisible for 40+ years.

What about a new photo editor[s], with a secret determination to be fair enough to alert readers to the fact that there are such things as pro-lifers. That is even less of a possibility.

Could it be the contrast between the two assemblies? As we discussed yesterday, the much larger crowd of pro-abortionists menacingly surrounded the pro-lifers. Their mouths spewed venom, pro-lifers smiled and sang hymns. Hmmm.

Or it could be (and I am speculating, after all) that these Media Establishment titans understand that come what may with this particular Supreme Court case, our Movement is ascending, the anti-life movement is on the wane.

Whatever the reason, what a wonderful and pleasant surprise.

Editor’s note. If you want to peruse stories all day long, go directly to and/or follow me on Twitter at

Ohio Right To Life March Affiliate Newsletter

Ohio Right to Life

Friend —
March Madness: The Ohio primary season is here!

Undoubtedly, you’ve already marked your calendars for March 15, the date of Ohio’s primary election, and the day Presidential contenders are hoping to sweep up our delegates.

We’re hoping that you will join us over the next several days in working to get out the pro-life vote! If you are a 501c3 or 501c4 organization, we want your organization to feel comfortable telling friends to “Vote pro-life.” While c3 organizations cannot advocate for specific candidates, you can direct people to our PAC website at, and attribute the endorsements to the Ohio Right to Life PAC to ensure that your organization is in compliance with election regulations.

As you know, Ohio Right to Life and PAC members cannot endorse a Presidential candidate under the name of our PAC. We can only advocate on behalf of the candidate endorsed by National Right to Life, once they make their selection. Please find National Right to Life’s candidate comparison piece here.

Aside from political activity, there are a lot of things happening in the broader pro-life community as well. For the second year, Ohio Right to Life is co-sponsoring Students for Life’s Ohio Leadership Summit at The Ohio State University. It will take place on Saturday, April 2, with registration starting at 9:30 a.m. I highly encourage you to promote this among high school and college students! Stephanie and Katie attended last year, and they really enjoyed the opportunity to provide and participate in hands-on training with Ohio’s pro-life generation.

Finally, April 12 is Ohio Right to Life’s Pro-life Legislative Day! This year, we are advocating for the Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act. We invite you to join us in meetings with legislators to advocate against discriminatory abortions. If you know any family advocates who love someone with Down syndrome, please invite them to join us. We would love to meet these incredible families and have them share their stories. (To register, click here.)

As usual, there is much happening in the Ohio Right to Life community! With prayerful hearts, we look forward to the month’s life-affirming activities, political and educational alike.

With you for Life,

Kayla Atchison
Director of External Affairs

Affiliate Spotlight: Young Professionals for Life of Cleveland and Cuyahoga Right to Life

This week, we announced the launch of Young Professionals for Life of Cleveland, the second of our YPL affiliates. The organization, which has been in the works for the last couple of months, officially launched on Saturday with a service project at the Cleveland Pregnancy Center. The group, led by attorney Tom Haren, assisted the center with labeling its baby bottles, the center’s primary fundraising tool.

To help launch the affiliate, Cuyahoga Right to Life co-hosted the event. Both Rachel Mullen, executive director of Cuyahoga Right to Life, and Kayla Atchison, director of external affairs for Ohio Right to Life, volunteered on Saturday. Haren, an attorney at Seeley, Savidge, Ebert & Gourash Co., LPA, received his bachelor degree in philosophy from John Carroll University and his law degree from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. He now leads a diverse group from professions ranging from law to accounting to social work.

Events Around Ohio

Ohio Right to Life


5K Run/Bike/Walk fundraiser

Young Professionals for Life of Cleveland Launched By Ohio Right to Life

Ohio Right to Life

Ohio Right to Life Launches Young Professionals for Life of Cleveland
New Affiliate to Promote Life-Affirming Service Among Millennials

DATE: Thursday, March 3, 2016     PHONE: 614-547-0099 ext. 304

CLEVELAND, Ohio–Today, Ohio Right to Life announced the launch of a new affiliated organization, Young Professionals for Life of Cleveland. The group, led by attorney Tom Haren, launched on Saturday with a volunteer opportunity at the Cleveland Pregnancy Center. Cuyahoga Right to Life, another local affiliate of Ohio Right to Life, partnered with Young Professionals for Life of Cleveland to host the event. The core focus of the new group will be providing service to life-affirming organizations in Cleveland communities.2-27-16_Young_Professionals_for_Life_of_Cleveland_with_caption_2.jpg“Under Tom’s leadership, Young Professionals for Life of Cleveland is already proving to be a highly collaborative, action-driven organization,” said Stephanie Ranade Krider, executive director of Ohio Right to Life. “In a city with the largest share of abortions in the state, we are eager to introduce yet another group of passionately pro-life people who are ready to make a difference among their peers.”

Last year, Ohio Right to Life introduced the first millennial-focused group in Ohio, Young Professionals for Life of Central Ohio. Haren, an attorney at Seeley, Savidge, Ebert & Gourash Co., LPA, received his bachelor degree in philosophy from John Carroll University and his law degree from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. He now leads a diverse group from professions ranging from law to accounting to social work.

“Now more than ever it’s imperative to mobilize young professionals to not only advocate on behalf of pro-life issues, but to show our communities what it means to live by pro-life principles,” said Haren. “For that reason, our chapter of Young Professionals for Life will be sponsoring service activities and meet-ups throughout the Cleveland area over the coming months. We hope to spread the pro-life message and engage others through positive action.”

Tom invites those interested in working with his new group to contact him at or (440) 638-9443.

Click here to read story in web browser.

Founded in 1967, Ohio Right to Life, with more than 45 chapters and local affiliates, is Ohio’s oldest and largest grassroots pro-life organization. Recognized as the flagship of the pro-life movement in Ohio, ORTL works through legislation and education to promote and defend innocent human life from conception to natural death. 


Every Life Update – “Say Yes to Life” Radio Show Begins!

Friends for Life:

I’m so excited to announce to you that I’ll be launching my own radio show on Annunciation Radio called “SAY YES TO LIFE!” The show airs this Thursday March 10th at 4 p.m. We’ll be airing the first two episodes back to back so we’ll be on the whole hour until 5 p.m.

Following then, the show will air every Thursday at 4 p.m. and I’ll be going LIVE on Thursday March 31st! You can listen at: or on your FM radio dial 89.7 Toledo, 89.5 Mansfield, 88.1 Sandusky or 90.9 Williard.

The show is aimed at tackling pro-life issues and exploring the catholic faith, but I’m also starting it to help each and every one of us on a daily basis to: SAY YES TO LIFE! Please keep this new venture in your prayers as we try to spread the culture of life through this tremendous opportunity!

If you would like to have me address a question on air, or have comments about the show, you can email me at: or call in when we go live at: 1 (877) 275-8098. Let me know what you think! (Just keep your comments civil ; )


  1. 40 DAYS FOR LIFE: A BABY HAS BEEN SAVED! Just today one of our Side Walk Counselors was at Capital Care when a couple drove up to have an abortion. After talking with our Side Walk Counselor the couple chose life for their baby! This couldn’t have happened without the power of prayer so thank you so much for praying with us during this year’s 40 Days for Life Spring Campaign! We’ll gather for a closing vigil on Saturday March 19th at 11 am at 1160 W. Sylvania Ave., Toledo. Join us to celebrate this life saved!!! You can also still sign up to pray for an hour at:!


  1. VOTING IN OHIO: The first principle of Catholic Social Teaching is Human Dignity. The right to life then is fundamental and foundational in our voting choices. I encourage you to research all the candidates and to vote in Ohio’s March 15th primary! See the Faithful Citizenship guide “Catholics Care, Catholics Vote” from the USCCB attached.



  1. SWEET ENDINGS: On Thursday March 17th please join me at the Pregnancy Center of Greater Toledo’s Annual Fundraiser. This year’s speaker is Jim Daly, President of Focus on the Family. The event is at Westgate Chapel and the program begins at 7 p.m. Buy tickets online at


  1. PRAYER VIGIL FOR LIFE: Saturday March 19th at 11 a.m. we’ll gather at Capital Care, 1160 W. Sylvania Ave., Toledo Ohio to close the 40 Days for Life Spring Campaign. Please join us as we celebrate the over 270 children saved across the world including our baby here in Toledo!!


  1. STUDENTS FOR LIFE LEADERSHIP SUMMIT: On Saturday April 2nd at Ohio State University Catholic Charities Respect Life Office of the Diocese of Toledo is teaming up with Students for Life of America and Ohio Right to Life to bring you the 2016 “Students for Life Leadership Summit.” I am blessed to be a guest speaker along with Rebecca Kiessling from Save the One and Bryan Kemper from Stand True Ministries among others. Please share with all students that you know! The only way students can officially register is at this website: The cost is only $15 for each student!


  1. HEARTBEAT OF TOLEDO CELEBRATES 45 YEARS: On Wednesday April 6th and Thursday April 7th I have the distinct honor of hosting Heartbeat of Toledo’s Annual Fundraising Banquet this year featuring Matt Hammitt, former lead singer of Sanctus Real, who will share his own story of choosing life when doctors encouraged he and his wife Sarah to have an abortion. The event will be at the Hilton Garden Inn ballroom in Perrysburg and will begin at 6 p.m. each night. Visit for more information and to register.


  1. JAIL AND PRISON, MEN’S MENTORING PROGRAM: Men Needed to Mentor Inmates Please make plans to join us on Saturday, April 9, if you are interested in being a mentor to an inmate at Toledo Correctional, Richland Correctional and Allen Correction Institutions. We will meet at 10 a.m. in Findlay at the Bob Evans on the corner of Bright Road (St. Michael’s) and Tiffin Avenue. Our program will start at 1 p.m. at St. Michael’s. Please contact Deacon Terry Philpott, at 419-526-0265, if you will be able to make it on Saturday, April 9. Thank you, and may God continue to bless you as you serve Him by serving others.


  1. LEGISLATIVE AWARENESS DAY FOR DOWN SYNDROME: Tuesday April 12th At the Ohio Statehouse I’ll be bringing a group down to meet with our elected representatives to advocate for the Ohio’s Down Syndrome Non-Discrimination Act which protects babies with Down Syndrome from abortion. The day costs $15 dollars which covers resources and a very nice lunch while in Columbus. Contact me at: for more information.



To rebuild our society today to create a culture of life we must rebuild marriages. I want to invite you to learn more about why marriage is a unique gift by visiting the USCCB website: And while we affirm the goodness of marriage we recognize that many have been wounded by a divorce or separation. A weekend of workshops, reflection, and prayer for Catholics seeking healing from their own divorce or separation is available to you Friday, April 1st, 2016 6:30 p.m. through Sunday, April 3rd, 2016 1:30 p.m. lead by Monica & Vince Frese, authors and creators of For more information please email Director of Marriage and Family Life, Monica Martinez,, 419-244-6711 ext. 715.


In Christ, let us continue to reach out in mercy to every one we encounter!

Peter Range




Peter Range

Respect Life Program Coordinator

Catholic Charities Diocese of Toledo

1933 Spielbusch Ave.

Toledo, OH 43604

419-244-6711, ext. 220

440-821-1533 (cell)


Who Are We Voting For In The Ohio Primary Election?

Ohio Right to Life

Friend –Today, we are just under one week away from the Ohio Primary Election! The question at the top of everyone’s mind is which way Ohio will swing in our pick for President of the United States.

You might know that our affiliation with National Right to Life prohibits Ohio Right to Life from endorsing for President in the Primary Election. Our own president, Mike Gonidakis, will play a role in that process as he sits on the Board of National Right to Life. In the meantime, we do want to provide you with a comparison of the candidates’ pro-life credentials. (Click here to view and download Presidential Comparison.)

We strongly urge you to cast a vote for the candidate you believe will work to defend human life from conception until natural death; who will stand up to Planned Parenthood; who will appoint a Supreme Court Justice who will overturn Roe v. Wade; who will protect religious freedom; and who will oppose the life-threatening policies of Obamacare.

Pro-life Presidential candidates Senator Ted Cruz, Governor John Kasich, and Senator Marco Rubio (listed in alphabetical order) have modeled these values through their actions in office.

Additionally, we want to highlight some quintessential pro-life candidates who are running in Ohio and have received the endorsement the Ohio Right to Life PAC.

Running at the top of the ticket are pro-life U.S. Senator Rob Portman and pro-life Judge Pat Fischer. An original co-sponsor of the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act as well as the Partial Birth Abortion Ban, Senator Portman stands as a stark contrast to pro-abortion and pro-Planned Parenthood Sherrod Brown and Ted Strickland.

Judge Pat Fischer is a well-respected member of the legal community. He has a depth of experience in Ohio’s judicial system, a commitment to ethics and professionalism, and opposes judicial activism, preferring Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s example of judicial restraint.

3-27-16_PAC_Candidate_highlights_-_portman.jpg 3-27-16_PAC_Candidate_highlights_-_fischer.jpg

Other notable candidates include Congressman Dave Joyce (U.S. House District 14), Tim Derickson (U.S. House District 08), State Senator Larry Obhof (Senate District 22), and Matt Huffman (State Senate District 12). All of these pro-life leaders have 100% pro-life voting records in their respective offices. They are proud defenders of human life, have consistently stood up to Planned Parenthood, and are committed to putting an end to abortion.


Below you can find helpful links, including endorsements made by the Ohio Right to Life PAC and a link to create your own personalized ballot card on our new PAC website!

2-16-16_Voting_buttons_2.jpg 2-16-16_Voting_buttons_1.jpg 2-16-16_Voting_buttons_4.jpg

Friend, you know as well as we do that elections have consequences. Let’s make sure those consequences are life-affirming!

For life,


Stephanie Ranade Krider
Executive Director

Ohio Right to Life
Click here to read email in web browser.