EMILY’s List attacks babies, SBA List

Susan B. Anthony List, Inc.

EMILY’s List attacks babies, SBA List

Have you heard of EMILY’s List? They exist solely to elect pro-abortion candidates who attack the unborn and their mothers by destroying pro-life legislation and aggressively expanding abortion on demand. You could say EMILY’s List is the “opposite” of SBA List.

This election year EMILY’s List has dramatically outnumbered and outspent your SBA List, desperately pouring millions of dollars into campaigning against our strong pro-life candidates.

>> Donate Now! Every dollar helps your SBA List stop EMILY’s List’s extreme pro-abortion candidates and advance pro-life leaders who will protect unborn children and their mothers.

Electing women who advocate abortion – even brutal, late abortion after 5 months of pregnancy when the child can feel pain – is already extreme. But this week EMILY’s List showed just how extreme they are and why we must stop them.

Former communications director for EMILY’s List, Janet Harris, wrote an op-ed in the Washington Post entitled “Stop calling abortion a ‘difficult decision.’” EMILY’s List promptly tweeted the article.


You read that right. EMILY’s List, an organization that claims to stand for women, doesn’t think that a woman considering ending the life of her son or daughter is facing a difficult decision. They callously ignore the voices of thousands of women who have experienced the trauma of abortion and now say, “I was abused… I was forced… I didn’t want to have an abortion but felt like I had no other choice.” 

Why does EMILY’s List refuse to, at the very least, compassionately recognize that abortion is difficult for women? Because, Harris explains, “to say that deciding to have an abortion is a ‘hard choice’ implies a debate about whether the fetus should live, thereby endowing it with a status of being.”

And if EMILY’s List admits that a fetus is a human being, they have to admit abortion kills a baby and leaves behind a hurting, grieving mother. They would have to act, electing pro-life leaders and passing pro-life laws that protect women and babies from abortion. In other words, EMILY’s List would have to be Susan B. Anthony List.

Former New York City Mayor Bloomberg just gave EMILY’s List another $2 million to continue their attack on our pro-life candidates across America. Please make a generous donation right now to help your SBA List fight back, elect pro-life leaders to Congress, and pass compassionate legislation that protects women and unborn babies.

Yours in the fight for life,

Marjorie Dannenfelser
President, Susan B. Anthony List

Donations can also be mailed to SBA List, Suite 550, 1707 L St., NW, Washington, DC 20036

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