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Do such incredibly meaningful work for God

A Message from the Editor

Dear readers,

This is Last Call day for our summer campaign. At the moment, LifeSite readers have taken this campaign up to 80% of the necessary minimum goal (which is wonderful!). $47,810 is still needed to reach the overall $225,000 goal.

The begging notes and e-mails are over after today, which is always a relief for us (and no doubt for you as well) since we are not always comfortable about having to ask for donations during each 2-week campaign.

But, that is the only way that we can survive and continue to do all that we do for LSN readers around the world.

We are journalists and culture warriors first, but in the last several years have also had to learn to become fundraisers – a humbling and not easy task.

Still, we are very thankful that we even have the opportunity to do such incredibly meaningful work for God. Full emphasis now goes back to our reporting mission.

We hope and especially pray – and ask that you also pray – that there are still kind persons out there who value what LifeSite does for them enough to want to contribute at least that last 20%.

God bless all of you who have been able to contribute so far. You are our guardian angels!

The campaign thermometer will remain on the LifeSite home page so you can check the changes as more donations come in online and in the mail, from now up to a few days after the holiday weekend.

Again, there are crucial stories for you to read today. There has been no shortage of developments to write about, given the tidal wave of developments in the world on our issues.

God bless,

Steve Jalsevac
Co-Founder and Managing Director
LifeSite  lsn@lifesitenews.com;