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Father’s Day and the Privilege of Faithfulness

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Father’s Day and the Privilege of FaithfulnessBy Dave Andrusko

DadDovereOver the last seven days, in anticipation of Father’s Day, we’ve run at least one post a day on “Men and Abortion.” Today’s contribution—the classic Phil McCombs’ column, “Remembering Thomas.”

Also in anticipation of Father’s Day, at the other end of the spectrum, you may have already heard about or even watched the Dove commercial celebrating fathers. It’s at and lasts only one minute, one second.

About half-way through, “For the times they answered out call” flashes on the screen. The snippets of rock-solid fathers enjoying the chance to be there for their kids represents the very antithesis of the times men fail to answer the call of a spouse or girlfriend who is facing an unplanned pregnancy and feeling utterly alone.

Everyone who’s been a dad remembers catching our son or daughter as they jumped into the pool, or soothing a crying baby, or helping (usually an impatient son) get his shirt over his head, or answering the muffled “daddy?” from our daughter who has awakened because of a bad dream.

Then the commercial seamlessly moves–as we move–to the coming of age stage where we kiss our adolescent son on the head (for perhaps the last time he will allow), or drive out on a rainy night to answer a call from a adolescent whose car won’t start, or consol a daughter whose heart has been broken.

Before you know it you are dancing with your daughter at her wedding and watching an ultrasound of your daughter’s or daughter-in-law’s baby. And it does seem as if 20 or 25 years of fatherhood has flown by in one minute and one second.

The Dove commercial is all the more powerful because there is absolutely nothing dramatic or out of the ordinary in the examples of “answered” calls. One happened at 4 this morning to me, in my duel role as dad and granddad. No big deal, it was my privilege to be able to help.

The Dove commercial ends, “Isn’t it time we celebrate dads?” Well, I suppose, although I believe that misses the larger and more significant point.

As a dad/granddad, the ad beautifully celebrates the privilege of faithfulness—of doing the little things (which is after all most of life) as well as being there for the high-highs and the low-lows.

Everyone likes to be flattered, of course, but dads don’t need to be celebrated for doing what we ought to doing in the first place.

Rather we should give thanks that God has placed these children in our lives. We should be grateful beyond words to be able to add to the typically far more important contribution of their mother to raise our kids to be good men and good women.

And should we have terribly failed their mothers—consenting to, if not actively encouraging them to abort—we can only contritely ask for forgiveness for having not answered the call.

Jahi McMath will Receive Honorary Diploma

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June 13, 2014   Brain Death

Jahi McMath will receive honorary diploma today

By Dave Andrusko

Jahi McMath and mom

A nice ending…

Earlier this week, NRL News Today posted about the request of the family of Jahi McMath, the 13-year-old Oakland girl declared brain-dead in December, that she receive a diploma.

The Oakland Tribune reported that following a meeting Wednesday between E.C. Reems Academy of Technology and Arts administrators and lawyers for Jahi’s family, the teenager will receive a honorary diploma at her school’s eighth grade graduation today.

David DeBolt and Jane Tyska wrote that E.C. Reems Principal Lisa Blair said the school “wanted to do something for Jahi because she’s a family member of ours.” Bair added, “We had planned to do something and just needed some clarification around it.”

“Sealey said a family member will accept the diploma from the East Oakland school on behalf of Jahi,” DeBolt and Tyska reported.

Omari Sealey, her uncle, had gone on social media to complain about the lack of recognition for his niece. Posting on Facebook Tuesday, the family said Jahi “should be graduating from the 8th grade this month but it may not be possible for her to make it to the ceremony, as she is fighting to recover.” The post then said Jahi “deserves to receive the graduation certificate as she has completed most of the 8th grade work.”

Jahi had attended the charter school ever since kindergarten.

But that all changed, following the Wednesday meeting.

Jahi has been on a ventilator since going into cardiac arrest following December 9 surgery to remove her tonsils and clear tissue from her nose and throat. She was diagnosed as brain-dead three days later and the legal battle began when Oakland Children’s Hospital sought to remove Jahi from a ventilator over the family’s vigorous objections.

A compromise was reached in early January during a hearing before Alameda Superior Court Judge Evelio Grillo. It allowed Nailah Winkfield to remove her daughter from the hospital as long as she assumed full responsibility. Hospital spokesman Sam Singer vigorously disagreed but Jahi was moved to a still unidentified facility.

In that late March story about Winfield, Fernandez began by quoting Winkfield who said of her daughter.

“She’s still asleep. I don’t use the word ‘brain dead’ for my daughter. I’m just waiting and faithful that she will have a recovery. She is blossoming into a teenager before my eyes.”

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The First Moments for Dads After a Baby’s Birth

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 June 11, 2014   Birth

The first moments for dads after a baby’s birth

By Tamara Rajakariar

Editor’s note. In anticipation of Father’s Day, for the last nine days we have used this space to post about Men and Abortion. But I’ve also tried to add portraits of men and fatherhood that show what a difference that newborn can make in their lives.

NewdadreIn many of life’s important moments – moments that are special for both men and women – it’s the women that tend to steal the limelight. A wedding is one (yes, I am one of those people that watch the groom as the bride walks down the aisle), and another would be the birth of a new child. That’s why I think that these photos, of men photographed minutes after the birth of their child, are so unique. They manage to capture a side of things that we might not usually notice.

Newdad2reThe focus is usually on the mother when a child is born. And fair enough, she did a lot of the work! But a man’s life changes too – he is now responsible for a whole new human being, and there’s no doubt that a whole heap of new, intense emotions would be streaming through his veins.

Newdad3reThese days you do see a bit of it on Facebook – I recall an acquaintance’s post when his wife gave birth on Valentine’s Day, those adorable shots of father and child. And a personal favourite of mine was a friend’s husband, whose status was about feeling the need to buy protective weaponry after setting eyes on his beautiful new baby girl.

Newdad4reWhen my dad talks about when I was born, he likes to recreate the crinkly-eyed look I apparently gave him, as well as the way he held me in those first moments. And I’ll always remember his joy at the birth of my other siblings – especially one time when he picked us up from school in the highest of spirits, stopped at the supermarket so we could celebrate with our pick of the confectionery aisle, and then rushed to the hospital to meet our new sibling. So much joy – what a beautiful thing!

Newdad5reThis first appeared at



New Undercover Video: teaches your kids, or your neighbors’ kids, about dangerous and violent sexual practices??


Dear Friend,   Did you know that Planned Parenthood casts itself as a leading sex educator of children?  Or that PP receives government funds – your tax dollars – to teach your kids, or your neighbors’ kids, about dangerous and violent sexual practices?

You need to watch this video.  It may be the most shocking thing you see today.
Viewer discretion is advised due to the disturbing nature of this content.

In Indiana, a Planned Parenthood counselor encouraged a girl who she thought was 15 years old to explore bondage, domination, and sadomasochism.  “You could be a dominatrix-type of person,” she says, “where you dress in all leather, with the whips and the handcuffs.”
She continued, “It just depends what type of pain you can take.”   With millions from ObamaCare going to “sex education” initiatives – and with Planned Parenthood at the front of the line for those funds – Live Action decided to find out what this abortion corporation is teaching our kids.

Watch the video HERE.

When you’re done, send it along to your friends and family.  Because we’re all paying for this.    ​As hard as this is to watch, we need to know the truth about Planned Parenthood’s dangerous sexual agenda for our nation’s children.  In addition to killing over 320,000 children a year, Planned Parenthood is planning a different kind of destruction for our born children.  Go to to learn more, and to receive up-to-date news on our breaking videos.​
Yours in the fight for life,

Lila Rose

President Live Action

 P. S. ​The violence Planned Parenthood is teaching our children to experiment with is unbelievable​…and we’re all paying for it.  Please visit and watch the video now.

ANNOUNCING: The John Cardinal O’Connor Institute for the Pro-life Training of the Clergy

The John Cardinal O’Connor Institute
for the Pro-life Training of the Clergy

“Nothing changes the objective reality: abortion kills babies in their mothers’ wombs.  Abortion is not merely the removal of some tissue from a woman’s body.  Abortion is not the removal of a living ‘thing’ that would become human if it were allowed to remain inside the woman’s body.  Abortion is the destruction of an unborn baby.  Pregnancy is the period for this new human life to mature, not to ‘become human’ — it already is.  This is why the Church considers abortion the killing of a human being, and why the Second Vatican Council called it an ‘unspeakable crime’.”

– John Cardinal O’Connor


June 10, 2014

Dear Mary,

The late Cardinal John O’Connor wrote those words in July 1990.

I’ve sent them to you because they capsulize the reason you are such a fierce pro-life warrior.  You recognize that abortion is an “unspeakable crime” against humanity.  You understand that the child who suffers such excruciating pain during an abortion is your brother or sister.

You further understand that, due to its diabolical nature, abortion is destroying the very soul of America and corrupting our entire culture.

That’s why you work so tirelessly and so faithfully in the Lord’s pro-life vineyard.  It’s why you are so dedicated to helping our work here at Priests for Life prosper.

And it’s why I sent you this most urgent of appeals for help.

In light of your longstanding partnership with Priests for Life and the fact that we work side by side to end America’s abortion holocaust:

I need you to CLICK HERE and make the largest contribution you can to Priests for Life!

Here’s why.

You and Priests for Life have a golden opportunity to deal a crushing blow to the abortion industry.

But we can’t take full advantage of the moment without an immediate infusion of money.

With the summer now fully upon us and the economy in a shambles funds here at Priests for Life are at an all-time low.  But I’ve never been one to hold back on a project when the Hand of God is so clearly involved in it, as is the case today.

That’s why I’m coming to you with so much urgency and why I’m asking you to consider making a contribution to Priests for Life.

To do so, simply CLICK HERE and follow the instructions.

The gift you make to Priests for Life today will allow us to launch a special project that goes to the heart of our mission and is the very reason for our existence.

It’s also one of the reasons you chose to join the Priests for Life family in the first place.  Namely:

To TRAIN priests and deacons on how to be dynamic preachers of the Gospel of Life, rouse our fellow Catholics from their slumber, prod them into joining us on the front lines of the fight, and help us end the injustice of legalized abortion-on-demand in America.

The name of the program that will do this specialized pro-life training is:

The John Cardinal O’Connor Institute for the Pro-Life Training of the Clergy

As you know, it was the late Cardinal O’Connor who ordained me to the priesthood in 1988.  Five years later, in 1993, he released me to work full-time to train and mobilize the clergy in the defense of life.  He told me that, in his opinion, there was no work in the pro-life movement that was more timely or more important.

Blessed Mother Teresa certainly seemed to agree with Cardinal O’Connor.  In a note she sent back in 1995 she wrote:

[Priests for Life] needs many members to educate and encourage all the priests and deacons who must all work together to stop the terrible war against unborn children.  Often priests and deacons do not know what to say or do to educate their people about the terrible evil of abortion.  I am praying that those who joined Priests for Life will be able to strengthen and support those priests and deacons who feel unable to lead their people in the struggle against abortion.

As you can tell, Mother Teresa was speaking directly to you when she sent me her note.

You are one of the “many members” Mother spoke about.  You give your all so that Priests for Life can do work you know is important, namely: “To educate and encourage all the priests and deacons.”

From the day you decided to work with Priests for Life to end the crime of abortion in America, you began to “strengthen and support those priests and deacons who feel unable to lead their people in the struggle against abortion.”

You’ve been a faithful member of the Priests for Life family ever since.

That’s why I’m writing to you as I am today.

And why I’m confident you will take ownership of The John Cardinal O’Connor Institute and help make it the hammer which the People of Life will use to crush the abortion industry and bring us closer to the day when we make abortion, not merely illegal, but unthinkable.

That is one of your primary objectives as a disciple of Christ.

It is also the reason Priests for Life exists.

And The John Cardinal O’Connor Institute is going to play a key role in helping both of us fulfill the mission God has called us to.  Two of the many things that the John Cardinal O’Connor Institute will do are:

1. Send out our priests and Pastoral Associates to dioceses all across the country where they will stay for an extended period to: (1) Help train priests and deacons on how to effectively preach the Gospel of Life.  And (2) Meet with local activists and help them carry out their pro-life work.

2. Bring priests and deacons here to our headquarters in Staten Island and train them on how to preach the Gospel of Life, energize the People of Life and get them actively involved in the fight to end abortion.

Based on the depth of your commitment to our work here at Priests for Life and the pro-life movement in general, I’m sure this is music to your ears.

Having a program like this has been a vision of mine for many years.

But it was only during meetings I had with Mary Ward-Donegan, the late Cardinal O’Connor’s sister, that the vision began to take shape in my mind.  Mary was very excited during our meetings and has written a note encouraging you to support this vital new Priests for Life program.  You can click here to read her note.

Well, after many months of hard work and countless hours of planning, The John Cardinal O’Connor Institute is ready to begin its work.

But in order to do so, I need your immediate financial help.

Please CLICK HERE and do as much as you can.

Your gift is urgently needed because the Most Reverend Michael Sheridan, the Bishop of Colorado Springs, has invited Priests for Life to his diocese after I described to him the kind of visits we would like our priests to make for multi-parish events.  Many other dioceses will follow as well as we continue to offer a plan for thorough pro-life immersion.  We’ve confirmed the following dates and parishes with Bishop Sheridan:

July 19/20: Corpus Christi Church

July 26/27:  St. Mark Church

Aug. 23/24: St. Gabriel the Archangel Church

Fr. Denis Wilde, OSA, will be our point man in Colorado Springs, and he will not only preach in those parishes but also visit many other parishes during the week and will meet with priests, deacons, pro-life leaders and activists.  But we need your help in order to get him there … and keep him there as long as the mission lasts.

Father’s work in Colorado Springs will be our “beta test” for this particular dimension of the Institute.  Looking to the future, the goal is to include other members of the Pastoral team so that every diocese in the country is immersed in pro-life training.  These Pastoral Team members include:

Fr. Victor Salomón – Born in Venezuela, Fr. Victor is part of the Hermandad de Sacerdotes Operarios Diocesanos (Diocesan Laborer Priests) and the Director of Priests for Life’s Hispanic Outreach mission.

Janet Morana – Janet is the Executive Director of Priests for Life, Co-Founder of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, Co-host of EWTN’s “Catholic View for Woman” and the author of “Recall Abortion.”

Dr. Alveda King – Alveda is the niece of the Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., a minister of the Gospel, civil rights activist and the fulltime Director of African American Outreach at Priests for Life.

Kevin Burke – Kevin is a co-founder of Rachel’s Vineyard, which is Priests for Life’s post-abortion healing ministry.

Bryan Kemper – Bryan is the fulltime Director of Priests for Life’s Youth Outreach ministry, called Stand True Ministries.  Bryan works year-round to bring the energy of America’s youth into the pro-life movement.

Beginning in Colorado Springs – and working in full cooperation and union with other bishops – we will go about the necessary work of making every Catholic diocese in the United States


We are doing this because of what Dr. Bernard Nathanson told me after he converted to the pro-life movement.  His words haunt me to this day.  He said that he and his pro-abortion colleagues in the 1960s and 70s …

“… would never have gotten away with what we did if you (the clergy) had been united, purposeful, and strong.”

That’s why the work of The John Cardinal O’Connor Institute is so vital to our fight to end legalized abortion in America.  Through it:

You and Priests for Life will help the clergy in the United States become UNITED, PURPOSEFUL and STRONG!

And it all begins today with you today.  That’s because the cost just to send Fr. Wilde to Colorado Springs will run into the thousands of dollars:

Round-trip coach airfare:   $600
2-week car rental:  $300
Gasoline:   $200
14 days lodging:  $560
Meals:     $420

Total travel budget:  $2,080

There are 195 dioceses in the country.  If we are to send Father Denis or one of our Pastoral Associates to each and every one, it will cost Priests for Life $405,990.

Now we don’t need all of that money right now.

But we do need a hefty portion of it, and that for three critical reasons:

1. We have a significant presence in the Philadelphia Archdiocese and, with Archbishop Chaput’s permission, Fr. Wilde is reaching out to the pastors to arrange for parish visits.

2. Once word gets out of what we are doing in Colorado Springs and Philadelphia, I know for a fact that we will receive dozens and dozens of invitations from other bishops to come into their dioceses and assist them in stirring the flames of love for the unborn.

3. We are finalizing the details to do pro-life training sessions with the Fraternity of Priests.  I’ll let you know once the actual date for this John Cardinal O’Connor Institute session is set.

Bottom line:

The potential for The John Cardinal O’Connor Institute to play a leading role in our mutual ambition to crush the abortion industry is boundless.

But in order for it to fulfill its mission, the Institute must be fully funded.

Which again is why I’ve sent you this urgent email and my request that you CLICK HERE and make as large a contribution as you can.

Priests for Life is underwriting the entire expense of The John Cardinal O’Connor Institute.  No diocese will be charged or asked to reimburse so much as a single penny for any of the costs we incur when we send anyone to their dioceses.

We’re making that pledge so as to make it as easy as possible for any bishop to invite us to conduct a John Cardinal O’Connor Institute training session in their diocese.

However, the only way I can fulfill that offer to the bishops is if you and your fellow Priests for Life family members:

a) Recognize the tremendous value of The John Cardinal O’Connor Institute.  And …

b) Take on the burden of providing Priests for Life with the funds needed to make The John Cardinal O’Connor Institute possible.

I’m absolutely certain of the first condition.

And based on the loyalty and generosity you have shown when it comes to supporting Priests for Life, I am confident of the second condition as well.

Which again is why I’m so confident you will CLICK HERE and help with as large a gift as you give Priests for Life today.

Cardinal O’Connor, Blessed Mother Teresa and Dr. Nathanson all knew that the end of abortion will only happen when the clergy in America is UNITED, PURPOSEFUL and STRONG

The sole mission and purpose of The John Cardinal O’Connor Institute is to make that happen.

And with your help today – and through the grace of God – we will use the Institute to make every diocese in America an ABORTION-FREE DIOCESE.  Once we accomplish that, we will crush the abortion industry and end the slaughter of the youngest members of our human family.

That said, please take a moment right now to:

CLICK HERE and take ownership of The John Cardinal O’Connor Institute.

I cannot recall being as excited about a Priests for Life program as I am about The John Cardinal O’Connor Institute.  I pray that you share my enthusiasm and will take ownership of this project so that we can end America’s abortion holocaust once and for all.

Thank you.

I look forward to hearing from you in the next few days.  In the meantime, know that I am praying for you and will remember you at each Mass I offer (as will Fr. Denis, Fr. Salomón and all the priests of Priests for Life).  May God bless you.

Sincerely yours in Christ,

Fr. Frank Pavone, National Director
Priests for Life and Gospel of Life Ministries

P.S. As you can tell by the tone of my email, I’m really counting on you to CLICK HERE and help make The John Cardinal O’Connor Institute a smashing success.  But I’m not the only one.  The late Cardinal O’Connor’s sister, Mary Ward-Donegan, is counting on you as well.  That’s why she wrote the note I told you about in this email.  She more than anyone knows just how desperately her brother wanted to win victory over abortion.  He was an outspoken champion for life.  And with your help today, we will mold and form more bishops and priests to be as passionate in their preaching of the Gospel of Life as was the late John Cardinal O’Conner.  If you haven’t already done so, you can click here to read Mary’s note.
NOTE: If you prefer to send a check, please make it out to Priests for Life and send it to us at PO Box 141172, Staten Island, NY 10314.  If you have any questions, call us toll-free at 888-735-3448.

Priests for Life
PO Box 141172
Staten Island, NY 10314
Phone: 888-PFL-3448
Fax: 718-980-6515

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Teenager Chooses Life for Her Baby: “I know that This what I am Supposed to be Doing and I Know He is in My Life Right Now Because He Needs to be and God Wanted Him to be on this Earth”

NRL News Today

Teenager chooses life for her baby: “I know that this what I am supposed to be doing and I know He is in my life right now because he needs to be and God wanted him to be on this earth”

By Dave Andrusko

DarbyreToday at National Right to Life News Today we’re running two posts inspired by wonderful videos. One is the real-life story of a Canadian teenager who chose life. The other, odd as it sounds, is a commercial from Thailand.

LifeCanada does some remarkable work. Today we’re going to talk about “Darby” and her story that you can watch on YouTube.

In less than 3 minutes, Darby tells about the shock of learning, at age 16, that she was pregnant; how she considered her “options”; how she chose life; and how she can’t imagine life without her son.

The video is the model of simplicity. Darby tells her story while holding her son, changing only her (and her baby’s) position and the tone of her voice (hint: she cries).

Darby tells us, she “I really didn’t believe it was real,” and went to the doctor for a confirmation. And, yes, she is pregnant. “That’s when the tears began flooding in.” Her options? Become a parent, abort, or put the baby up for adoption.

In the video Darby explains that the doctor tells her that she has talked with many women (sitting in the same chair Darby was) who “regret their abortions,” but “not once, have I ever met a single mother who has ever regretted having her baby.”

Understandably, so many things are “whirling through my head,” and after a month she asks/tells herself “maybe I’m not meant to have this baby.” After all, they tell you the baby is just a blob of cells, wouldn’t feel any pain, etc.

But then Darby suddenly walks us through the ABCs of fetal development. That by the time a woman knows she is pregnant, the baby has all these marvelous capacities. Somebody explained those realities to her and we can only speculate that they were pivotal.

The remainder of this 2:45 second video is one powerful testimony. As she rocks her baby, Darby says, “I know that is what I am supposed to be doing and I know He is in my life right now because he needs to be and God wanted him to be on this earth.”

As she looks at her son, Darby half-laughingly says, “It’s pretty amazing that you could just love someone so little so much.” Then…tears….followed by a riveting moment:

“I just can’t imagine not having him here with me today…and what I would doing if he wasn’t in my life right now. I think I’d be very lost and wondering, this November, ‘Where was my baby?’”

“Where’s was my baby?” Wow!

Darby ends by reflecting on two central truths: “Life is a beautiful gift,” she says. “I think that we can never take it for granted or put ourselves in a position where we can be controllers of life. Honestly, you know [looking deeply into her baby’s eyes], look at how precious that is. You are just too cute for words.”

Final words of advice?

“Choose life, you’re never going to regret it.”

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Rape Victims’ Rights & Their Unborn Baby


Yesterday, the Ohio Senate passed a bill that will protect rape victims who become pregnant from attackers who seek parental rights. Ohio Right to Life strongly supported this legislation and worked to ensure its passage.  At ORTL, we have a long tradition of protecting and promoting life regardless of how a child is conceived. We eagerly embrace rare moments such as these in which legislators from both sides recognize the rights of a child conceived by rape.

Unfortunately, a majority of Americans accept abortion in the case of rape, a fact demonstrated by all of the polling.  That does not deter ORTL’s efforts to save those children.  It is our responsibility to change hearts and minds in the best way possible.

We are grateful when legislation like this gives us the opportunity to plant the pro-life seed in the hearts and minds of Ohioans.  We truly believe that these opportunities, above all others, are what make the greatest impact.

Who could imagine—a vocally pro-abortion legislator such as Senator Nina Turner working to protect the rights of pre-born babies conceived by rape! Today’s Columbus Dispatch (below) quoted Sen. Turner, saying, “This ensures that survivors of rape are empowered and their children are protected.”

We are as much surprised by her words as we are gratified by them.

According to the Dispatch, “The issue was highlighted last year when Ariel Castro sought visitation rights to the 6-year-old daughter he fathered with one of the three women he raped and held captive for years in Cleveland. The judge denied the request, but some were disturbed that Castro had the right to file the request.”

We thank both Sen. Nina Turner and pro-life Sen. Tom Patton, a lead sponsor of the bill, for standing shoulder to shoulder for the sake of both mother and child.


For Life,

Katie McCann

Katherine McCann

Public Relations Manager

Ohio Right to Life

88 East Broad Street, Suite 620

Columbus, Ohio 43215

614/547-0099, ext. 304


Senate OKs bill to end rapists’ parental rights

By Jim SiegelThe Columbus Dispatch  •  Thursday June 5, 2014 5:37 AM


By the end of the year, Ohio may no longer be one of 31 states that offers little legal protection for rape victims who become pregnant from attackers who seek parental rights.

In what supporters called an overdue protection for rape victims in Ohio law, the Senate voted unanimously yesterday for a bill that would allow a victim to terminate the attacker’s parental rights if he is convicted of rape or sexual assault. The termination would occur when a conviction occurs rather than at an additional hearing.

In Ohio, a victim of rape can put the child up for adoption without the attacker’s consent, but Ohio is among the states that allow the attacker to attempt to obtain parental rights over that child.

The issue was highlighted last year when Ariel Castro sought visitation rights to the 6-year-old daughter he fathered with one of the three women he raped and held captive for years in Cleveland. The judge denied the request, but some were disturbed that Castro had the right to file the request.

Rape victims in Ohio who carry their babies to term “face the constant danger that the rapist can seek parental rights over that child,” said Sen. Tom Patton, R-Strongsville, a lead sponsor of the bill.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that about 32,000 pregnancies occur annually from rape or sexual assault.

“This ensures that survivors of rape are empowered and their children are protected,” said Sen. Nina Turner, D-Cleveland, who also pushed the bill.

Senate Bill 207 now goes to the House. The legislature is on break until the fall.


Crisis Pregnancy Centers Play a Huge Role in Saving Lives

 Crisis Pregnancy Centers Play a Huge Role in Saving Lives
Right to Life of Northeast Ohio 
June 6, 2014
 Crisis pregnancy centers play a huge role in saving lives
Dear Friend,

        I spent the afternoon yesterday at Akron Pregnancy Services, one of the many vital crisis pregnancy centers (CPC) in northeast Ohio. It was a great way to remind myself that what we do as pro-life advocates is really worth it. So often we hear pro-abortion advocates say that abortion is a reproductive right and that we care nothing about the mother and the child and only want to interfere in someone’s personal lives. If they could spend the day at a CPC they would learn how incredibly wrong they are.

         Most CPCs DO explain abortion procedures and costs to pregnant woman.   However, they go beyond that and really explain the risks, consequences and more. They talk about adoption as the healthy option if a woman is not in a position to raise a child.   They do much more than just convince a woman not to have an abortion. They are not medical facilities, and do not pretend to be, but many offer free pregnancy testing or access to free ultrasounds. They also help woman connect with free or low cost social services such as prenatal care, child care or legal aid. Most of them also provide parenting classes for  both men and women and reward attendance with infant items such as cribs, car seats, clothing and diapers. They provide for emotional support throughout a pregnancy and beyond. Many provide work training programs or refer to facilities or organizations that can do the same. CPCs use specially trained volunteers and want to help women no matter what their circumstance—not only the abortion-minded, but also women who choose adoption or parenting, women whose babies have already been born, and women who are post abortive. Many centers are faith based, but none of them refuse any women on the basis of her religion. CPCs are vital to providing services to pregnant women in crisis to aid them in the birth of their children….which is what pregnancy is supposed to end with, whether you have religious beliefs or not.   They do all of this for free, and receive very little, if any at all, in taxpayer funding.

       Compare that to organizations like Planned Parenthood.   Their website states that CPCs are fake clinics run by people who are anti-abortion. They have a history of giving women wrong, biased information to scare them into not having abortions.”   You can read the rest of the incredible lies and misconceptions they tell about CPC’s on their website by clicking here.   They claim to be an organization that cares deeply about women and children.   If that was the truth, then why is it that:

  • No PP location in Ohio provides prenatal care-what does that say about choice?

  • PP’s own 2012 national annual report shows that abortions make up 92% of their pregnancy services, while adoption is only 0.6%.

  • 45% of their 2012 revenue consisted of taxpayer funding (which cannot be used for abortion), their services are not free in most cases, and their financial model is to increase abortion services at every local affiliate. (Click here for information on PP’s increased abortion mandate.)

        Crisis pregnancy centers play a huge role in saving lives, and they don’t deserve the slander and lies that are being spread by abortion advocates like Planned Parenthood. What they do deserve is our help, more volunteers, and to LESSEN their burden by teaching our children about the miracle of life, self respect and more so that crisis pregnancies can be prevented. Proverbs 22:6 tells us to “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” We may not be perfect, but we can sure strive for it!

Our work goes on…

For Life,

Denise Leipold

Executive Director

Gallup Poll:  Abortion is morally unacceptable.

recent Gallup Poll demonstrates that Americans find abortion to be the least morally acceptable of major social issues. While well over half of Americans find other social issues to be morally acceptable, abortion remains morally acceptable by just 42% of Americans.

48% of Americans find abortion to be morally unacceptable.

This poll demonstrates that Americans simply don’t lump abortion into the same category of acceptability as they do with the other prominent social issues of the day–even when it comes to other issues of “reproductive health.” Our sense is that this is because many Americans associate the word “abortion” (unlike “birth control”) with the killing of a child, thus bringing it into the realm of moral nonacceptance.

Interestingly, 58% of Americans find having a baby outside of marriage to be morally acceptable. While there is certainly much to be said for the vital importance of the family unit (especially with regards to its role in deterring abortion), we are grateful that Americans find the birth of a child to be more acceptable than the abortion of a child.

On a final note, we are still concerned that embryonic stem cell research is “largely acceptable” and that over half of Americans accept doctor-assisted suicide. The pro-life movement must remain persistent in advancing a culture that rejects practices that harm our human dignity and that oppose the right to life.

Thank you Ohio Right to Life for providing this information

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Tuesday, June 10, 6:30 PM

Akron-Summit Main Library

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Guest speaker is

Stephanie Kight

President and CEO of

Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio 


If you don’t want to attend the meeting but want to join is in peaceful protest on the public sidewalks outside of the library, please join us on Tuesday evening! 





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 Food for Thought

Too many people are thinking more of security

instead of opportunity.

They seem more afraid of life than death.  

James F. Byrnes 


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Live Action’s Summer Essentials “The Advocate”


A new media movement for life


Live Action’s Summer Essentials “The Advocate”

Dear Friend,
Summer is here!  Schools are out, college students returning home or heading off to internships, and everyone is looking forward to sunshine and to summer trips.
When making plans for the summer, don’t forget to include Live Action’s campus and community publication, The Advocate.  Toss a few in your pool bag, in with your camping gear, in your picnic basket.  Find places to leave them, or better yet to start conversations.
Don’t underestimate the impact that you can have by

starting a simple conversation.  Many people – myself included – are pro-life because someone reached out to us.  A friend started a casual conversation with me, and it made the difference between my ignoring the issue and my stepping up to defend our pre-born brothers and sisters through prayer, through sidewalk ministry, and eventually here at Live Action.
Make it your summer goal to share the pro-life message to educate your family, friends, and community.  And to motivate others to do the same.  Together we are making a difference, and together we will end the legal slaughter of innocents in our nation.
Our Summer edition of The Advocate covers the central question:
When does personhood begin?


One of the most powerful ways to engage others in the discussion about abortion is through questions.  Is what grows in the womb a human life?  Is it a person – not, in fact, an it, but a him or a her?
In the summer edition of The Advocate, not only do we answer these questions, but we also teach you how to defend the personhood of the pre-born with apologetics tools and articles designed to help you start conversations.
This powerful issues is available at NO COST to you.  All you need to do to is order your free copies today.  We’ll send them to your door with suggestions for distributing them in your community.
And remember: the Live Action team is always here for you if you have questions or need support in your local pro-life work.
Yours in the fight for life,
Maggen Elizabeth Stone Youth Outreach Coordinator Live Action

PS: We make a point of shipping and delivering The Advocate completely free of charge.  We don’t want anyone’s financial circumstances to prevent him or her from fighting for the sanctity of human life.  But you can help us defray the unavoidable costs of printing this incredible pro-life resource with a generous donation.  We’re so grateful for your support.

New Poll on US Morality Shows Need for Clearer Preaching: Head of Human Life International

New poll on US morality shows need for clearer preaching: Head of Human Life International

by Kirsten Andersen

  • Tue Jun 03, 2014 13:31 EST

WASHINGTON, D.C., June 3, 2014 ( – A Gallup poll released May 30 showing large majorities of Americans now agree that homosexual relations, contraception, divorce, and fornication are “morally acceptable” highlights the need for strong preaching on moral issues, says the president of Human Life International.

“The acceptability of these evils is a direct result of people not being engaged in public debate against those trying to force us to accept these issues,” Father Shenan Boquet told LifeSiteNews. “That’s why it’s so important for faith leaders to speak out and find new ways to help the public understand moral teachings on controversial issues.”

Father Shenan Boquet, president of Human Life International

The Gallup poll reveals that abortion is currently the most divisive issue in America, with 42 percent of people saying it is morally acceptable and 48 percent saying it is morally wrong.  While this would seem to indicate that Americans lean pro-life, the number of people who say abortion is acceptable is actually at a nearly all-time high and has been rising, according to the pollsters.

Euthanasia is a similarly divisive issue, but it, too, now enjoys a record number of supporters – 53 percent of those surveyed say doctor-assisted suicide is morally permissible, compared to just 43 percent who oppose it.

Even support for polygamy is on the rise – the practice now considered morally acceptable by a surprising 14 percent of Americans.

Boquet told LifeSiteNews the poll reflects a growing cultural hostility toward traditional values in America, and indicates the need for clergy who are not afraid to speak clearly on moral issues, regardless of the social consequences.

“When the popular trend in society is to bully people who believe in God and persecute those who try to live out their faith, how can we not expect the morality of the public to suffer?” Boquet asked.

“This poll is an example of how the tyranny of moral relativism can impact our culture. Representatives of government, the mainstream media, academia and the entertainment industry have pushed Americans away from God for decades and towards acceptance of a secular ‘morality’ where individuals decide right and wrong based on how they feel,” he said.

“It’s highly probable that almost all of the people polled in this survey would admit that they belong to one of the major religions of the world,” Boquet added. “All of these faiths hold teachings against most of the issues on Gallup’s list. And yet these people are telling pollsters they’re okay with behavior that is absolutely immoral and sinful according to the teachings of the God they claim to worship.”

Boquet particularly called on Catholic leaders to be brave in their opposition to the secular onslaught, as their Church is one of the last remaining holdouts against the tide of public opinion supporting innovations like same-sex “marriage” and artificial contraception.

“Catholic priests and bishops, who are often the prime targets of public attacks because of the Church’s moral teachings, must be especially vocal and bold in proclaiming and teaching the faith on these issues,” Boquet said. “And they must delve deeper beyond the issues themselves to the root of the problem: the rejection of God’s truth.”