Crisis Pregnancy Centers Play a Huge Role in Saving Lives

 Crisis Pregnancy Centers Play a Huge Role in Saving Lives
Right to Life of Northeast Ohio 
June 6, 2014
 Crisis pregnancy centers play a huge role in saving lives
Dear Friend,

        I spent the afternoon yesterday at Akron Pregnancy Services, one of the many vital crisis pregnancy centers (CPC) in northeast Ohio. It was a great way to remind myself that what we do as pro-life advocates is really worth it. So often we hear pro-abortion advocates say that abortion is a reproductive right and that we care nothing about the mother and the child and only want to interfere in someone’s personal lives. If they could spend the day at a CPC they would learn how incredibly wrong they are.

         Most CPCs DO explain abortion procedures and costs to pregnant woman.   However, they go beyond that and really explain the risks, consequences and more. They talk about adoption as the healthy option if a woman is not in a position to raise a child.   They do much more than just convince a woman not to have an abortion. They are not medical facilities, and do not pretend to be, but many offer free pregnancy testing or access to free ultrasounds. They also help woman connect with free or low cost social services such as prenatal care, child care or legal aid. Most of them also provide parenting classes for  both men and women and reward attendance with infant items such as cribs, car seats, clothing and diapers. They provide for emotional support throughout a pregnancy and beyond. Many provide work training programs or refer to facilities or organizations that can do the same. CPCs use specially trained volunteers and want to help women no matter what their circumstance—not only the abortion-minded, but also women who choose adoption or parenting, women whose babies have already been born, and women who are post abortive. Many centers are faith based, but none of them refuse any women on the basis of her religion. CPCs are vital to providing services to pregnant women in crisis to aid them in the birth of their children….which is what pregnancy is supposed to end with, whether you have religious beliefs or not.   They do all of this for free, and receive very little, if any at all, in taxpayer funding.

       Compare that to organizations like Planned Parenthood.   Their website states that CPCs are fake clinics run by people who are anti-abortion. They have a history of giving women wrong, biased information to scare them into not having abortions.”   You can read the rest of the incredible lies and misconceptions they tell about CPC’s on their website by clicking here.   They claim to be an organization that cares deeply about women and children.   If that was the truth, then why is it that:

  • No PP location in Ohio provides prenatal care-what does that say about choice?

  • PP’s own 2012 national annual report shows that abortions make up 92% of their pregnancy services, while adoption is only 0.6%.

  • 45% of their 2012 revenue consisted of taxpayer funding (which cannot be used for abortion), their services are not free in most cases, and their financial model is to increase abortion services at every local affiliate. (Click here for information on PP’s increased abortion mandate.)

        Crisis pregnancy centers play a huge role in saving lives, and they don’t deserve the slander and lies that are being spread by abortion advocates like Planned Parenthood. What they do deserve is our help, more volunteers, and to LESSEN their burden by teaching our children about the miracle of life, self respect and more so that crisis pregnancies can be prevented. Proverbs 22:6 tells us to “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” We may not be perfect, but we can sure strive for it!

Our work goes on…

For Life,

Denise Leipold

Executive Director

Gallup Poll:  Abortion is morally unacceptable.

recent Gallup Poll demonstrates that Americans find abortion to be the least morally acceptable of major social issues. While well over half of Americans find other social issues to be morally acceptable, abortion remains morally acceptable by just 42% of Americans.

48% of Americans find abortion to be morally unacceptable.

This poll demonstrates that Americans simply don’t lump abortion into the same category of acceptability as they do with the other prominent social issues of the day–even when it comes to other issues of “reproductive health.” Our sense is that this is because many Americans associate the word “abortion” (unlike “birth control”) with the killing of a child, thus bringing it into the realm of moral nonacceptance.

Interestingly, 58% of Americans find having a baby outside of marriage to be morally acceptable. While there is certainly much to be said for the vital importance of the family unit (especially with regards to its role in deterring abortion), we are grateful that Americans find the birth of a child to be more acceptable than the abortion of a child.

On a final note, we are still concerned that embryonic stem cell research is “largely acceptable” and that over half of Americans accept doctor-assisted suicide. The pro-life movement must remain persistent in advancing a culture that rejects practices that harm our human dignity and that oppose the right to life.

Thank you Ohio Right to Life for providing this information

Other Upcoming Events


Do you have questions or comments for  

Planned Parenthood?

Now is your chance to present them!


The Summit County Progressive Democrats PAC is holding a monthly meeting  

open to the public


Tuesday, June 10, 6:30 PM

Akron-Summit Main Library

60 S. High St., Akron


Guest speaker is

Stephanie Kight

President and CEO of

Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio 


If you don’t want to attend the meeting but want to join is in peaceful protest on the public sidewalks outside of the library, please join us on Tuesday evening! 





  Saturday, July 19, 2014

Sign up now to ride 8, 30, 48, or 75 miles.
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 Food for Thought

Too many people are thinking more of security

instead of opportunity.

They seem more afraid of life than death.  

James F. Byrnes 


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