Live Action’s Summer Essentials “The Advocate”


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Live Action’s Summer Essentials “The Advocate”

Dear Friend,
Summer is here!  Schools are out, college students returning home or heading off to internships, and everyone is looking forward to sunshine and to summer trips.
When making plans for the summer, don’t forget to include Live Action’s campus and community publication, The Advocate.  Toss a few in your pool bag, in with your camping gear, in your picnic basket.  Find places to leave them, or better yet to start conversations.
Don’t underestimate the impact that you can have by

starting a simple conversation.  Many people – myself included – are pro-life because someone reached out to us.  A friend started a casual conversation with me, and it made the difference between my ignoring the issue and my stepping up to defend our pre-born brothers and sisters through prayer, through sidewalk ministry, and eventually here at Live Action.
Make it your summer goal to share the pro-life message to educate your family, friends, and community.  And to motivate others to do the same.  Together we are making a difference, and together we will end the legal slaughter of innocents in our nation.
Our Summer edition of The Advocate covers the central question:
When does personhood begin?


One of the most powerful ways to engage others in the discussion about abortion is through questions.  Is what grows in the womb a human life?  Is it a person – not, in fact, an it, but a him or a her?
In the summer edition of The Advocate, not only do we answer these questions, but we also teach you how to defend the personhood of the pre-born with apologetics tools and articles designed to help you start conversations.
This powerful issues is available at NO COST to you.  All you need to do to is order your free copies today.  We’ll send them to your door with suggestions for distributing them in your community.
And remember: the Live Action team is always here for you if you have questions or need support in your local pro-life work.
Yours in the fight for life,
Maggen Elizabeth Stone Youth Outreach Coordinator Live Action

PS: We make a point of shipping and delivering The Advocate completely free of charge.  We don’t want anyone’s financial circumstances to prevent him or her from fighting for the sanctity of human life.  But you can help us defray the unavoidable costs of printing this incredible pro-life resource with a generous donation.  We’re so grateful for your support.

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