New Undercover Video: teaches your kids, or your neighbors’ kids, about dangerous and violent sexual practices??


Dear Friend,   Did you know that Planned Parenthood casts itself as a leading sex educator of children?  Or that PP receives government funds – your tax dollars – to teach your kids, or your neighbors’ kids, about dangerous and violent sexual practices?

You need to watch this video.  It may be the most shocking thing you see today.
Viewer discretion is advised due to the disturbing nature of this content.

In Indiana, a Planned Parenthood counselor encouraged a girl who she thought was 15 years old to explore bondage, domination, and sadomasochism.  “You could be a dominatrix-type of person,” she says, “where you dress in all leather, with the whips and the handcuffs.”
She continued, “It just depends what type of pain you can take.”   With millions from ObamaCare going to “sex education” initiatives – and with Planned Parenthood at the front of the line for those funds – Live Action decided to find out what this abortion corporation is teaching our kids.

Watch the video HERE.

When you’re done, send it along to your friends and family.  Because we’re all paying for this.    ​As hard as this is to watch, we need to know the truth about Planned Parenthood’s dangerous sexual agenda for our nation’s children.  In addition to killing over 320,000 children a year, Planned Parenthood is planning a different kind of destruction for our born children.  Go to to learn more, and to receive up-to-date news on our breaking videos.​
Yours in the fight for life,

Lila Rose

President Live Action

 P. S. ​The violence Planned Parenthood is teaching our children to experiment with is unbelievable​…and we’re all paying for it.  Please visit and watch the video now.

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