Online for Life celebrates ‘Women’s Rights Week’

Online for Life celebrates ‘Women’s Rights Week’



Online for Life, a pro-life organization that maximizes Internet search capabilities to lead abortion-minded men and women to life-affirming alternatives, announced Monday that it will be celebrating Women’s Rights Week from September 29 through October 5. The celebration is a social media undertaking. Supporters are invited to tweet using the hashtag #WomensRights and change their profile pictures on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to the below image:

Organizers at Online for Life described the event on Facebook, saying the following:

This week, we will share that we are not only pro-life, we are also pro-woman. And in a society that so narrowly ties child birth solely to women’s rights, it’s important that together we share that abortion affects more than just the child’s mother — while respectfully acknowledging that the mother, and every woman in society is impacted by abortion, whether they realize it or not.

We hope to leave this week with all women feeling empowered, and making it known that OFL stands strongly WITH women, before and after birth, in the fight for LIFE.

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