7 illogical things pro-choicers said

7 illogical things pro-choicers said


1) Even though the fetus is “alive,” it has yet to “live.”

antichoicescreencaps:An anti-choice graphic.The misinformation in this graphic concerns me deeply. The size representations of the models do appear to be fairly accurate, but it may interest those that desire to take away the freedom of choice to learn that at seven weeks, an embryo (as it is still classified as one at seven weeks) has something that resembles a tail and little blobs for limbs. It does not have tiny, fully-formed features that resemble a newborn baby, as all of these models do. Despite the choice to use the word “baby”, none of these models are of babies; they are all of embryos and fetuses. This graphic is clearly designed to appeal to vulnerable womens’ emotions in order to persuade them to make choices based on someone else’s morals, and that is truly deplorable on the part of the creator of this image. Additionally, it is not possible to ‘murder’ something that has yet to live. In a purely scientific sense, the fetus is ‘alive’, but it has not achieved personhood. It does not have any rights until it is born, and in the meantime, it is residing in someone else’s uterus. The owner of the uterus in question is entirely within her rights to terminate her pregnancy if she does not want to allow a fetus to use her body for nine months. Be responsible for the choices you make; be sure to fully explore all of your options in regards to reproductive healthcare and choose the one that is best for you, and before you decide to tell someone else what to choose, consider that you have no authority over their body. A culture of choice is a culture of love, where human beings can respect one another even if they do not personally agree with each others’ life choices. Instead of utilizing manipulation to force women into situations they do not want to be in, embrace your fellow living, sentient human beings and show your love by always putting them first.

In response to this pro-life graphic, a pro-choicer wrote:

[I]t is not possible to ‘murder’ something that has yet to live. In a purely scientific sense, the fetus is ‘alive’, but it has not achieved personhood. …

Ok, wait, wait, wait – is this person really arguing that, even if you’re alive, you’re not living (i.e., you’re not really alive)? Even though the definition of alive is: “living: living, especially still living, and not dead”?

I do realize that some pro-choicers believe that there are other reasons why abortion is not murder (I’ve never heard a valid one), but arguing that the baby has “yet to live” is the most illogical I’ve heard.  If you’d like to read why a supposed lack of “personhood” is also not a good reason to support abortion, please see this excellent article.

read more… http://liveactionnews.org/9-illogical-comebacks-pro-choicers

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