Rap Song’s Amazing Message: “Mommy Am I in Your Womb or Swimming in My Grave?”

Rap Song’s Amazing Message: “Mommy Am I in Your Womb or Swimming in My Grave?”

by Christina Martin | Washington, DC | LifeNews.com | 9/27/13 3:45 PM

The last words of the rap are chilling:

“But if I’m inside of you why do I feel miles away, Am I really in your womb or just swimming in my grave?”

Brandon Kagel was born into a Jewish family as a triplet with two sisters and an older brother. This Phoenix, Arizona native is now a devoted husband and father of two. Brandon is also a rapper who goes by “The Rep.” Brandon’s first project titled “Street Prophecy” was released in 2001. He toured across the U.S drawing fans from the gospel industry as well as the secular.

I found Brandon online when I stumbled upon a rap video about abortion. The video titled, “13th floor” is a heart rending poem spoken from the perspective of an unborn baby.

“Mommy, I’m only five weeks old but I can feel my heart.  The doctor says I’ll see you in November but were still in March. By the way Mommy, what the doctor says is a lie; you don’t have to worry my body’s developing just fine. So please tell Daddy that he doesn’t have to cry no more. Jesus finished with my brain; he’s working on my spinal cord.

Brian got the inspiration for his poem through an experience with his wife. Years ago his wife came home weeping loudly after volunteering at Crisis Pregnancy Center. Brian feared she’d gotten in an accident or was hurt. To his surprise his wife was sobbing because she saw a video of an abortion procedure for the first time.

Check out videos and more: http://www.lifenews.com/2013/09/27/rap-songs-amazing-message-mommy-am-i-in-your-womb-or-swimming-in-my-grave/

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