“My Abortion Was a Horrifying Experience, Women Were Treated Like Cattle”

Washington, DC | 8/26/13 11:31 AM

Carla Stream knows what it’s like to experience an abortion decision she would later come to regret.Her personal story is one she has shared before and she calls it a “horrifying” experience where women were subjected to being treated “like cattle.”

“I was 24 when I found out I was pregnant. I didn’t know what to do and wasn’t sure to whom I could turn,” Stream says. “I told my roommate who offered to drive me to an abortion clinic. The only other person I told didn’t say anything.”

“I didn’t want an abortion. I wanted help and hope and support. My fear and confusion quickly became desperation. I was so unsure of myself, and yet the only choice I could see was abortion. I took that ride from my roommate,” Carla continues.

Like so many other women who go to abortion clinics, Carla was given very little information ahead of time.

My abortion was the most horrifying experience of my life. The women were treated like human cattle. I was told over and over about “a bunch of cells,” even though I was 10 weeks along. I was only asked, “Will that be Visa or MasterCard today?” I believed all of the lies that I was told,” Stream explains.


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