The Nation is Watching Ohio!

Dear Chapters and Friends,

Recently, Reuters published an article regarding the Ohio Right to Life legislative strategy for protecting mothers and helping to save babies.  Below is a link to the Chicago Tribune story entitled “Ohio Clinic Shows New Tactics in U.S. Abortion Clashes” :,0,2992894.story

The Reuters story was picked up by national Christian publications as well.  Specifically, Charisma News ran the story with the following headline: “Why Abortion Rights Groups Fear Ohio’s Pro-Life Strategy”:

The fact is that Ohio Right to Life and with the strong support of our affiliated chapters are leading the effort to save lives not just in Ohio, but nationally as other states are implementing our tactics and strategies.  I send this information to you by way of an update and inspiration to continue to stay focused on our responsibility to serve God in all that we do to save lives.

While we have much work still to do, we also have much to be thankful for including our great pro-life Governor John Kasich as well as our pro-life majorities in both the Ohio House and Senate.

All my personal best,


Michael Gonidakis


Ohio Right to Life

88 East Broad Street, Suite 620

Columbus, Ohio 43215

614/547-0099 ext. 301


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