Democrat with Pro-Life Record Attacked

Is FitzGerald’s Inner Circle Attacking a Democrat for Voting Pro-Life?

100% Pro-Abortion FitzGerald Team Attempting Abortion Expansion in 2014


Last week, the Cleveland Plain Dealer reported that a top aide to Ed FitzGerald plans to challenge Democratic State Rep. Bill Patmon next year. This announcement identified “women’s issues” as a point FitzGerald’s aid will focus on during her campaign.

Considering Ed FitzGerald’s history of equating “women’s issues” with abortion on demand, we have to wonder whether this challenge is part of his extreme pro-abortion agenda designed to expand abortion in Ohio.

Quite simply, Rep. Patmon voted pro-life for Ohio Right to Life’s compassionate late-term abortion ban in 2011.


FitzGerald team attacks Rep. Bill Patmon who has a pro-life voting record.




And if Ed FitzGerald is 100% pro-abortion (meaning no exceptions, right?), Patmon could certainly pose a roadblock to any abortion-on-demand agenda that FitzGerald has in mind.


Ed FitzGerald might just be planting a pro-abortion pawn to help him revitalize Big Abortion in Ohio.


Undoubtedly, Patmon’s challenger is part of an aggressively pro-abortion team led by Ed FitzGerald, a man who stumbled into the governor’s race with a distorted vision of women’s issues.


Is FitzGerald so infatuated with his abortion-on-demand position that he would attack a member of his own party in order to satisfy the appetite of Planned Parenthood?


Why is FitzGerald so insistent on making Democrats the party of abortion?



How far will the FitzGerald team go to ensure that Ohio is all-abortion, all the time? 



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