Surgical facilities (also referred to as Ambulatory Surgical Facilities) Must Be Licensed!



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Most of us have had some kind of surgery over the course of our life. Many of those surgeries have been performed at outpatient surgical facilities (also referred to as Ambulatory Surgical Facilities). While most of these surgical facilities are not at hospitals, they must be licensed yearly by the state, hold special federal drug licenses and uphold strict standards of patient health and safety, just as if they were hospitals. Whether you go to an outpatient facility for eye surgery, knee arthroscopy, and yes, even abortion, you should expect the highest standard of care and that if an emergency of any sort were to occur, that the facility could properly take care of you.   It only makes sense.

It’s no secret that in Ohio, NOT ONE ambulatory surgical facility that does abortions currently holds a valid license….and there has been little, if any at all, repercussion from the Ohio Department of Health! However, all other ambulatory surgical facilities MUST HAVE their licenses or they would not be allowed to operate.   This doesn’t say much about the standard of care that a woman can expect if she has an abortion!   It gets even worse.

In Texas, the law states that doctors who work at ambulatory surgical facilities, including those that perform abortions, must have admitting privileges at the local hospital. This allows for continuity of care in case of an emergency and isn’t out of line if someone’s life is at stake. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that Texas can enforce the regulation that requires abortion facilities to meet Ambulatory Surgical Center standards and facilities that could not meet those safety standards were forced to close. However, pro-abortion advocates are declaring that these standards are anti-women’s health care, and that pro-life advocates are denying women their reproductive rights! Where do they come up with this logic?!!!

The abortion industry is extremely profitable. The actions and statements of abortion advocates to meeting basic medical standards prove that they put profit first and the safety of their customers last. Abortion already means the end of a life for the child. Their opposition to health and safety standards that ALL surgical facilities must comply with proves that they don’t care about the mother, either.

Our work goes on….

For Life,

 Denise Leipold

Executive Director

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