Lawsuit Seeks Human Rights for Chimps, While Unborn Babies Have None


Lawsuit Seeks Human Rights for Chimps, While Unborn Babies Have None

by Wesley J. Smith | Washington, DC | | 10/10/14 12:31 PM<!–


The New York case that seeks to morph chimps from higher mammals into persons has reached the Court of Appeals. (Imagine the laughter if I’d written that sentence twenty years ago. Never say, “It can’t happen here”!)

The case involves Tommy the Chimp, which–not who–is being kept in allegedly neglectful and abusive conditions by Tommy’s owner who–not which–runs a roadside zoo. If the chimp is not being cared for properly, the proper response is to alert authorities to remedy the wrong.

chimpBut animal rights attorney Steven Wise isn’t that interested in the abuse or neglect angle. From the Yahoo News story:

One of the judges said the state has laws to protect animals from mistreatment and suggested they might be a more appropriate avenue to ensure Tommy’s welfare.

But Wise said the case is not about well-being, but unlawful imprisonment.

“What about the detention makes it unlawful?” asked Presiding Justice Karen Peters.

“Keeping a legal person in solitary confinement in a cage is unlawful,” Wise replied.

Wise is exploiting Tommy just as much as those against whom he brings litigation; to serve his ideological blitzkrieg against human exceptionalism.

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Out of his own mouth: Proper welfare standards and care have nothing to do with it. Note: Wesley J. Smith, J.D., is a special consultant to the Center for Bioethics and Culture and a bioethics attorney who blogs at Human Exeptionalism.


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