The Answer to a Crisis Pregnancy is to Eliminate the Crisis


Right to Life of Northeast Ohio

The answer to a crisis pregnancy is to eliminate the crisis

Dear Friend:

     As technology and more have increased our productivity and knowledge, we tend to assume that we are all a lot smarter.   That may be true, but that doesn’t always mean we think or act smarter! Socrates said:   “When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the loser”.  That is entirely true, especially when it comes to those who promote abortion.

     A few days ago a letter to the editor was printed in the Akron Beacon Journal where the writer compared abortion to the prohibition. He said that if abortion were to be made illegal, then deaths would increase from “back alley abortions”, and hoped that “rationality will return to our wonderful country and the anti-abortionists will see the harm they are afflicting on fellow citizens.” I don’t know about you, but there can be no comparison between the death of a human being and the production of alcohol!

      This is scare tactic widely used by uninformed individuals who try and convince the public that if abortion was illegal, then deaths from illegal abortions would increase.  This “coat hanger” theory is based on false premises and is far from the truth.  In countries where abortion has been made illegal, like Chile, studies conclusively show that outlawing abortion is remarkably effective at reducing the number of abortions that take place in a country, including clandestine ones, and that there is absolutely no link between making abortion illegal and an increase in the number of deaths from clandestine abortions.

     What the letter writer failed to recognize, which is even more significant, is that LEGAL abortions have been responsible for taking the lives of more 56 million children since 1973.  It is a scientific fact that life begins at conception.  No amount of rationalization can change this fact, and no “coat hanger” theory of harming women can change the fact that lives of 56 million children and their descendants were deliberately terminated.

     The answer to a crisis pregnancy is to eliminate the crisis, and not the child.  We should be improving our morals and values regarding sex rather than letting a mother kill her child as birth control.

     I sent in a response to this letter, but who know whether or not it will be published. Unfortunately, our work goes on…

For Life,

Denise Leipold

Executive Director


Right to Life of Northeast Ohio

572 W. Market St.   Suite 2      Akron OH  44303     330-762-2785

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