Hearing Examiner Recommends Closure of Toledo’s Last Abortion Clinic

We have good news!! I received a call this morning from Ed Sitter with this exciting news about the state hearing judge’s decision. See below. We still need to continue to pray and ask God for the quick closure of Capital Care, and pray for the judge who will make the decision on whether they will be granted a stay, if Capital Care asks for one.  Thank you for all of your prayers and please keep them going!!

May God bless you all



Hearing Examiner Recommends Closure of Toledo’s Last Abortion Clinic

Clinic’s Transfer Agreement Deemed “Not Local”


Columbus, OH – June 16 – The state hearing judge issued his decision that CCN had failed to comply with Ohio law because it did not have a valid emergency transfer agreement with a local hospital.



The next step will be for Lance Himes, the acting Director of the Ohio Department of Health, to send CCN formal notice to cease its operations by a specified date (usually 10 business days from the date the director’s letter is issued).  We are uncertain as to when the acting Director will issue his directive, but we have every reason to believe it will be done expeditiously.  The former director, Dr. Ted Wymyslo, issued his initial license revocation on August 2nd, 2013.


The next move by CCN will be for their attorney, Jennifer Branch, to find a judge who would delay or postpone the ODOH order to close.  On the merits of the law, CCN’s request for stay (delay) should be summarily dismissed.  Given the fact that abortion is such a political issue, any judge considering this appeal will be under enormous pressure.


The pro-abortion advocates will scream loader, and the press will echo their cries and attempt to move public opinion.  Our most effective counter is to pray.  Pray that whatever judge receives this requests makes a righteous decision, a decision that complies with be the spirit and intent of the law.


My guess is that we will know by the middle of July whether CCN will be closed or will be granted a reprieve from the order to close its doors.


To read the hearing examiner’s decision, click here.

To read the story from the Columbus Dispatchclick here.

To read the story from the Toledo Bladeclick here.

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