Misguided Love?

February 14, 2014
Dear Friend,

      On Valentine’s Day, we traditionally celebrate love. Ask anyone what love means, and you’ll probably get multiple explanations. It’s a common comedy routine to talk about men figuring out what women really want, or vice versa. The common thread about love, though, is that someone usually cares about someone else. When you love or care about someone…..whether it’s a friend, spouse, your child, or anyone else…. it usually means that you have the responsibility of protecting that person from harm of any kind. Because we’re not born with instruction books, we make sometimes make mistakes when it comes to love! Flowers and candy can help….but it doesn’t always fix the underlying problem. The biggest problem with love is that it’s often misguided.

The dictionary definition of misguided is 1) based or acting on error; misled; 2) foolish or unreasonable, especially in action or behavior; 3) misled; mistaken; 4) poorly conceived or thought out. Of course, everyone has their own idea of what is right, and some would say that anyone who disagrees with them is misguided! Being that it is Valentine’s Day when all thoughts turn to love, I thought I’d let you know what I think about love being misguided when it comes to protecting God’s love for us and His gift of life.


1. Based or acting on error; misled.   All life is precious. It is a scientific fact that human life begins at the moment of conception. Where many people are being misled be those who promote abortion is that the newly created human life has no value because it cannot survive on its own! Quantifying a life based on a stage of development is contrary to God, human nature and COMMON SENSE! Viewing life in that perspective means toddlers, teenagers, adults and senior citizens should all have different rights to life, and it bases the value of life on the production value of the individual. It uses the word “person” to mean someone that has been born….rather than an entity of human life. Human life begins at conception and ends at natural death, no matter how productive the individual is.


2. Foolish or unreasonable, especially in action or behavior. This is probably the most serious of the misguided, because it implies that the person is acting selfishly even though they know the truth. We can all have empathy, though.   Did you ever tell a little lie and rationalize it away because you didn’t want to get caught? You sometimes almost convince yourself that the lie is the truth! Put yourself in the shoes of an unmarried girl who becomes pregnant, and then foolishly rationalizes that the life she is carrying is a mistake or a problem that must be resolved. A mistake? In any species, the ultimate purpose of sex is procreation, but unfortunately, our society has failed in teaching our younger generations that sex belongs in a committed marital relationship. They know what sex can produce, but the pleasure is emphasized rather than the responsibility.

3. Misled; mistaken.   Being in the position that I am, I’m often the target of pro-abortion critics. I’m told that I am denying women their constitutional right to abortion, or that I don’t care about women’s health care. THEY ARE MISTAKEN. Nowhere in the constitution does it give anyone the right to kill an unborn child. When abortion was made legal, it was done as a “right to privacy”! That makes no sense, but it still happened.   I DO care very passionately about women’s health; after all, I’m a woman! Abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem cell research and more are NOT health care. Health care means the maintenance and improvement of physical and mental health, not the destruction of life. In addition, a recent study revealed a troubling statistic-half of women decide to abort prior to informing their male partner they were pregnant. This means some men never have the opportunity to voice their thoughts and feelings about their own children.


4. Poorly conceived or thought out  This one is tough, because it is sometimes hard to realize that we just don’t think!   I gave a presentation once to a group of parents and teenagers who considered themselves fairly conservative, but were worried that the kids weren’t absorbing the values that the parents though they were promoting. After much discussion, they realized: a) they left sex education up to the school and didn’t really talk about sex or responsibility at home, b)they didn’t hear about abortion or life issues in church, c)the television and movies that they watched…while not considered bad…had open cohabitation of the sexes, frequent pregnancies of unmarried girls and more; d)the video games that their kids thought were fun and challenging included games like “Grand Theft Auto” and more where violence, drugs and more were prevalent.   The violence that we saw with Wiley Coyote and the Roadrunner pales in comparison.


Enough lecturing…..I know I’m preaching to the choir, so make sure you pass this e-mail along to someone who may be misguided! I don’t have all the answers, but God and the Bible stand in for the instruction book that we need to learn how to live.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Our work goes on….


For Life,


Denise Leipold

Executive Director



A facility that promotes or performs abortions is the LAST place at which we should have to take a stand.   We SHOULD be doing such a good job at educating our youth and the public about life that their would be no need for anyone to even consider having an abortion.  Sadly, this is not the case.

Right to Life of Northeast Ohio is beefing up our Clouds of Witnesses program in order to get churches, schools, groups and individuals to adopt time slots to stand witness outside of all abortion facilities and Planned Parenthood so that there will be someone standing for life almost every day year round.  We pledge to work with new coordinators for 40 Days for Life so that the campaign won’t have to worry about witnesses….we will already be there!

Letters and forms are being sent out to churches right now.  Please, ask your pastor and church leaders to participate in this lifesaving program!   Check out more about the program and download forms, etc., by CLICKING HERE.

Beautiful Pro-Life Ad



 CLICK HERE to view the ad.


The ad is part of a 3-part series by Japanese lingerie company Wacoal, entitled “Beauty Inside,” that highlights secret sacrifices made by women that reveal their true inner beauty – the kind of beauty than inspires true, deep, abiding love from the men in their lives.

As Wendy Wright over at C-FAM writes: “What a welcome contrast to narcissistic Victoria Secrets, with airbrushed models (many with real-life broken lives). Their attractiveness, unattainable by most women, may grant fleeting lustful glances, but not enduring love, nor inspire others to kindness.”

“‘Beauty Inside’ elevates your soul. It inspires you to love others. To discover that joy comes when you put yourself second.”


The Ugly Side of Abortion

“America will never end abortion until America sees abortion.”

                                                                               Fr. Frank Pavone


Although abortion is the most common surgery in America, most people never see what it looks like. The hearts and minds of most people who see it are changed forever.

Some people will not care about the abortion issue until they see with their own eyes, the humanity of the unborn child. Only then does it sink in that what they are looking at is indeed a dead baby.


Graphic images of abortion on a

college campus display.

In our day to day mission, we do not promote the use of these graphic images because we don’t always know who our audience is.   I know that if I was driving by an abortion facility with my young grandchildren and saw a witness holding a sign with a picture of an aborted baby, I would be angry, and I’m pro life!  It would be difficult to tell an inquisitive 4 year old just what it is that they are looking at.


There are times, however, when we NEED to show the inhumanity of abortion to those who just do not understand.  We want you to know that we do have some graphic videos available on our website for you to share if you need them.   Just like viewing the pictures from the holocaust of the 1940’s, they are very difficult to watch.  If you think they will help you to change the hearts and minds of abortion minded individuals, please share them, but warn them that what they will be watching is not for the faint hearted.


 CLICK HERE to visit the page on our website with abortion videos.




Food For Thought



Love is the only thing in the world

that you have to give away to get.


Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, Authors


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