The Most Powerful Pro-Life Ad you’ve ever seen…was Created by a Lingerie Company! (VIDEO)

The most powerful pro-life ad you’ve ever seen…was created by a lingerie company! (VIDEO)


  • Thu Feb 13, 2014 17:55 EST

There aren’t any of the scantily clad women you’d expect in this ad created by the Thai branch of Japanese lingerie company Wacoal. Instead, there’s one whoppingly powerful, and tear-jerking pro-life message.

What makes it even more amazing, is that Wacoal says the ad is based upon a true story.

I won’t spoil the story for you. Suffice it to say, it really doesn’t get much more pro-life than this:

The ad is part of a 3-part series by Wacoal, entitled “Beauty Inside,” that highlights secret sacrifices made by women that reveal their true inner beauty – the kind of beauty than inspires true, deep, abiding love from the men in their lives.

As Wendy Wright over at C-FAM writes: “What a welcome contrast to narcissistic Victoria Secrets, with airbrushed models (many with real-life broken lives). Their attractiveness, unattainable by most women, may grant fleeting lustful glances, but not enduring love, nor inspire others to kindness.”

“‘Beauty Inside’ elevates your soul. It inspires you to love others. To discover that joy comes when you put yourself second.”



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