TRIPLE Match Every Dollar That Exceeds The SBA List’s Fundraising Totals Until December 31, Up To $100,000.

From the Desk of Robert J. Kania Jr.
Pittsburgh, PA

Hi Pro-life Friend,

My name is Rob Kania. I am a husband, father, entrepreneur, and like you, a pro-life supporter of the Susan B. Anthony List.

It’s a pleasure to write to you today about a cause that is so dear to me and my family: protecting innocent unborn children and their mothers.

I wanted to make sure you have heard about the generosity of longtime pro-life philanthropists Lynn and Foster Friess. From now until December 31st at midnight, they are offering to TRIPLE match every dollar that exceeds the SBA List’s fundraising totals from last December, up to $100,000.

As a father of four kids, I know how crazy this time of year can be, Pro-life Friend. Between Christmas gifts and parties, sometimes it is difficult to make room in the family budget for charitable donations. But I simply couldn’t let this chance pass by. My wife Natalie and I are stretching ourselves to give $250 to support the SBA List this Christmas.

We consider ourselves very blessed to be able to contribute that much towards this incredible offer. Please know that whatever you can give – whether that’s $25, $250, or even $500 or more – Marjorie and her team will make each penny count.

Please take advantage of this generous Triple Match offer and make your Christmas gift to SBA List now. 

Please join Foster and Lynn Friess as well as me and my family in going all-in to save as many children and women as possible in the year ahead. Remember, Foster and Lynn have offered to triple match every dollar received before December 31st at midnight that exceeds the SBA List’s fundraising total for last December.

Let’s all chip in and give the SBA List the Christmas gift they need to WIN for LIFE in 2014!

I hope you have a very Merry Christmas. May God bless you.

— Rob and Natalie Kania

Rob and
Natalie and Family

PS: I read I that Foster and Lynn always consider Matthew 25: 35-40 when making donations to non-profits and charities. That verse says that “When you do it for the least of my brethren, you do it for Me.” That struck me and my family as we considered what to contribute. Who is in more need of our love and protection than the beautiful, innocent unborn child in the womb, made in God’s image and likeness? If you agree, join me in making the biggest Christmas gift you can right now. 

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