Campaign Will Help Teacher Fired After Kicking Planned Parenthood Out of His Class

Campaign Will Help Teacher Fired After Kicking Planned Parenthood Out of His Class
Bill Diss is the pro-life teacher who was fired this week after a local school board in the liberal bastion of Portland, Oregon was upset he dared to kick Planned Parenthood out of his classroom.

But the pro-life movement isn’t content to let Diss deal with the firing without support. Pro-life advocate Jimmy Nolan has created a campaign designed to raise funds for Diss to help him as he continues battling the school board.

Nolan, president of Crossroads Pro-Life, a national pro-life organization, says “All donations will go directly to Bill Diss.”

“Diss, an outstanding and highly qualified public school teacher from Portland, Oregon, has been fired by the Portland Public School District for being Pro-Life,” he said. “Diss raised Planned Parenthood’s ire when a “health education team” came into his computer science classroom uninvited and attempted to enroll his students in the Health and Human Services’ Teen Outreach Program (TOP). When the principal arrived at the classroom, she instructed the members of Planned Parenthood to ignore Mr. Diss and continue. Mr. Diss then asked the principal if he could leave the classroom because Planned Parenthood and their presentation violated his deeply held religious beliefs. The principal refused this request and forced him to stay.”

“Up until 2007, before his pro-life views became known to the school administration, Mr. Diss consistently got exemplary performance reviews for his teaching. Only after Mr. Diss’ public opposition to Planned Parenthood became public did the scrutiny and harassment begin,” Nolan added.

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