No Matter How The Judge Rules, This Is Only Round One ObamaCare Mandate


Judge expected to issue his decision this week!

No matter how he rules, this is only ROUND ONE!

December 12, 2013

You and Priests for Life are in a battle of Biblical proportions!

Round One in Priests for Life’s legal fight against the ObamaCare abortion mandate – technically called the HHS mandate – is about to end.  When it does, Round Two will begin in the form of the appeals to the judge’s ruling … either from Priests for Life or from the Obama administration.

That’s why I’m counting on you to CLICK HERE right now and make an emergency contribution to Priests for Life’s Legal Fund so that when Round Two and the appeals begin, Priests for Life will be able to sustain this important lawsuit … all the way to the Supreme Court if necessary!

Make no mistake, no matter what the judge hearing our lawsuit decides, there will be an appeal.

If we win, the Obama administration will likely appeal.

If we lose, we will definitely appeal.

In either case, the Priests for Life Legal Fund must be flush with cash in order to sustain this critically important lawsuit.

And make no mistake, our lawsuit is critically important.  Not just for Priests for Life, but for our nation.

That’s because the Obama Administration is determined to force employers – including non-profit religious organizations like Priests for Life – and insurers to provide coverage for contraceptive “services” that include abortion-causing drugs in all health insurance plans.

This stated goal of the Administration is completely contrary to the goal of the Church and of pro-life organizations like Priests for Life.

In fact, the HHS mandate is nothing less than an act of tyranny because it compels me – as well you and every other American – to violate the demands of conscience.  You and I, along with the entire Priests for Life family and all People of Life, are trying to build a culture in which every life is welcomed and protected.

The government seeks to force us to do exactly the opposite.

Which is why Priests for Life refuses to abide by this mandate.

Our religion, and the integrity of our conscience, require us not only to say we disagree with the government’s goal of expanding access to objectionable practices, but in fact to work against that goal and to avoid doing anything to advance it.

But come January 1, if Priests for Life offers health insurance to our priests, Pastoral Associates and staff,
the government is telling us that that insurance policy must cover “services” that violate our conscience.

In court yesterday, the government told us that our health insurance will cover those practices no matter what we do or don’t do.

But what galled me most is that the government is telling us that the only right we have in this very serious matter is to object to its abortion mandate.  That’s all.

We do not have the freedom to practice our religion as we are called to do.

We do not have the freedom to follow our sincerely held religious beliefs.

We do not have the freedom to live and act according to our properly formed consciences.

We do not have the freedom to offer Priests for Life staff health insurance that complies with our strongly held religious convictions.

But that’s not all.

The government argued in court that all we really need to do is sign a document that “professes” our convictions on paper and in words … but then go against those very convictions in actuality and provide the very types of health insurance coverage that we so strongly object to.

In other words, tell the world what we believe, but then act in direct opposition to our beliefs.

In addition to being hypocritical, the problem with that so-called “solution” is:

We still have to provide the objectionable coverage.

And by making coverage for those immoral practices a necessary part of the insurance plan, the government does in fact require a change in our behavior.

The change is not hard to understand.  It’s the difference between providing health insurance that covers immoral practices and providing health insurance that does not cover immoral practices.

Before the mandate, we were able to do the latter.  Now we can’t.

That’s a pretty big difference in behavior.

Like I said, the government wants to limit our freedom to the right to object.

But freedom of conscience does not mean and is not limited to just the right to object.

True freedom of conscience means the right to refuse to cooperate.  It means the right to say “No” to being part of a project, plan, and goal that we oppose.

And it is that right and that freedom that Priests for Life is fighting to defend!

For ourselves.

For you.

And for all Americans!

So please …

CLICK HERE and make as large a contribution as you can to Priests for Life’s Legal Fund so that,
come Round Two, we can sustain this important lawsuit … all the way to the Supreme Court if that’s what it takes!

This much is clear:

The government under this administration is trampling upon the rights of the Church and the rights of all Americans to practice our religion free from government coercion.

Further, it is trying to tell us what does and does not constitute a burden on our faith.

That is tyranny, pure and simple.

And Priests for Life is fighting against it with everything we’ve got.

This truly is a battle of Biblical proportions.

So please help us.

CLICK HERE and make as large a donation as you can.

And PRAY for the success of our lawsuit; and especially the judge who is considering his decision even as you read this email.

Thank you.  And may God bless you.

Sincerely yours in Christ,


Fr. Frank Pavone
National Director, Priests for Life

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