Free Diapers And Ultrasounds: The Nefarious Work Of Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Free diapers and ultrasounds: the nefarious work of crisis pregnancy centers


  • Mon Dec 09, 2013 13:41 EST

NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland’s executive director, Jodi Finkelstein

December 6, 2013 (NRLC) – Maryland is an overwhelmingly pro-choice state. With a pro-choice governor and a mostly pro-choice legislature, citizens have managed to keep abortion-regulating legislation outside its borders. Yet, one organization is worried that’s not enough.

NARAL Pro-Choice Maryland’s executive director, Jodi Finkelstein, and education and outreach coordinator Amber Banks, called into the Washington DC-based radio station WPFW today [Thursday], during a segment called “In Our Voices” with host Nkenge Toure, to discuss their efforts in not only ensuring women’s “right to choose,” but combating complacency as well in the securely pro-abortion Old Line State.

“Our biggest challenge is we are battling apathy in the state of Maryland.”

Their first priority? Inform citizens about crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), which the NARAL representatives describe as giving young women “false medical advice in order to convince them to stay pregnant” and offering their services for free “to lure people in.” Banks is also the coordinator of “Its Lies” – a campaign established to expose the dodgy pro-life practices of CPCs. She and Finkelstein listed more of these pregnancy centers’ offenses.

“All of them offer what they call counseling […] free pregnancy tests […] some of them offer ultrasounds […] free diapers, STI services.”

Free diapers? Why aren’t they calling the police!

At least 50 crisis pregnancy centers are present in Maryland alone, NARAL explains. Nationwide, there are thousands – outnumbering abortion clinics 4 to 1.

Despite what Finkelstein and Banks think, crisis pregnancy centers are life-saving organizations that provide young and scared mothers with the encouragement and support they need to not only give birth, but to excel as parents. Yet, Toure didn’t hide her suspicion, asking her guests, “Who’s paying for them? How are they funded?”

NARAL explained CPCs are funded by a lot of private donations, religious organizations and some taxpayer money, some of which is thanks to the state’s “Choose Life” license plates. Toure’s response? “Wow.”

Don’t even get me started.

If I had to start, it would be with these two words: Planned Parenthood. Not only is Planned Parenthood the largest abortion provider in the country, but it is taxpayer-funded – by many who disagree with their services.

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