Three men tell their abortion stories intended to create support for abortion; impact is exactly the opposite

November 25, 2013   Abortion

Three men tell their abortion stories intended to create support for abortion; impact is exactly the opposite

By Dave Andrusko

sadman4The impact of the 26 abortion stories collected by Meaghan Winter for a cover story in New York Magazine continues to resonate. ( and

Pro-abortionists insist it is the latest and perhaps most visible example of women “telling my story.” This, they maintain, will contribute to the “destigmatization” of abortion.

Pro-lifers look not just at these accounts, but so many like them, and conclude that could not possibly be further from the truth. At one or many levels, most of the women suffered egregiously. The ugly face of abortion—which included many stories of subtle and overt pressure to abort—was everywhere.

For me the most telling observation was

“When I had the ultrasound, I asked for the picture and a nurse said, ‘Seriously?’ A month later, he [the boyfriend] said he regretted it too. When I cry about it, I cry alone. He thinks it would make me sad to talk about, but I don’t want our baby to think we forgot. I’ve never heard of anybody else having an abortion here.”

But our opponents keep trying to salvage something. Today there is “Men Recall the Pain and Turmoil of Abortion,” which appeared at The Root whose stories are written by and for African-Americans.

The writer, Jozen Cummings, was the father of a baby aborted between Cummings’ sophomore and junior years in college. Before he’s telling us that his accounts of three men whose girlfriends aborted are not to be confused with “the many men who are the enemy to abortion rights,” Cummings mentions almost casually, “while I don’t think about it everyday, like I once did, I have never forgotten it.”

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