Abortion Activists Upset Choose Life License Plates Fund Adoption Centers

Abortion Activists Upset Choose Life License Plates Fund Adoption Centers

by Cassy Fiano | Washington, DC | LifeNews.com | 11/24/13 8:49 PM

Want to infuriate a pro-abort? Make “choose life” license plates available for people to buy. Never mind that no one is required to purchase one. Never mind that having them available is merely giving someone a choice to publicly express their beliefs on a contentious subject.

The mere fact that these license plates are available infuriates abortion advocates. Pro-lifers evidently shouldn’t even be able to publicly proclaim themselves as pro-life.

nc choose life license plate

At RH Reality Check Andrea Grimes uncovered some absolutely horrifying, outrageous news this week: the sales of “choose life” license plates in Texas have raised — are you ready? — tens of thousands of dollars for crisis pregnancy centers and adoption agencies. Tens of thousands!

Tens of thousands of dollars raised from sales of newly authorized “Choose Life” license plates in Texas will go to 13 crisis pregnancy centers and adoption agencies, as part of an effort “to encourage adoption as an alternative to abortion.”

The state attorney general’s office will award a total of $46,100 to the recipients, including $10,000 to the Gladney Center for Adoption and $7,500 to the Houston Pregnancy Help Center, according to a press release sent Monday. The grants are awarded for purposes that include “[m]edia advertising to promote adoption,” “material assistance for pregnant mothers considering adoption,” “adoption training for staff,” and “educational and training materials on adoption.”

Truly, this is an outrage. Less than $50,000 will be donated to help pregnant women who, perhaps, don’t feel so great about killing their unborn children. And that money was freely given, raised by Texans who willingly chose to purchase the license plates. It wasn’t just taken out of taxpayers’ pockets without giving them any choice in the matter… like, say, federal funding for Planned Parenthood, which Grimes, of course, doesn’t mention. Planned Parenthood received over half a billion dollars from taxpayers last year. But under $50,000 in donations — donations — going towards abortion alternatives? How awful!

Read More: http://www.lifenews.com/2013/11/24/abortion-activists-upset-choose-life-license-plates-fund-adoption-centers/

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