Final Weekend Before Voters Go To The Polls To Pick The Next Governor Of Virginia.

From the Desk of Marjorie Dannenfelser

I’ve been bugging you for months about this race.

And now, we’re headed into the final weekend before voters go to the polls to pick the next Governor of Virginia.

This race is more than just about Virginia… it will have national implications for the entire pro-life movement and set the tone for the 2014 mid-term elections.

That’s why I must bother you one last time to make a donation right now so we can raise $9,000 to fund our final “Get Out the Vote” effort between now and Tuesday. 

Your donation will go toward one goal:

*** Defeating former Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe, a pro-abortion “Catholic” and best friend of the Clintons who said he will be a “brick wall” in support of abortion on-demand if elected.

*** Electing Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, a pro-life rock star who has been relentlessly attacked for protecting babies and women from the violence of abortion.

Remember, this race will set the tone for the 2014 mid-term elections. If we lose, it will embolden Planned Parenthood to smear pro-life candidates across the country.

We must defeat the abortion industry in this race, please just give what you can right now.

So what are we doing to win during these final days?

It’s actually very simple: We have a target list of Virginians who do not vote in off-year elections, and we have a massive grassroots team that is calling them and knocking on their doors.

It is not as flashy as television ads, but it is far more cost-efficient and more personable – meaning you get a higher impact for less money.

Friend, please donate $25, $40, $75, or even $250 or more to help us reach our $9,000 goal to fund our final Get-Out-The-Vote effort as we make the final sprint to Election Day on Tuesday.

Politico is calling this race a “nail biter.” Every phone call and every knock is going to matter.

We have the volunteers – we just need the funds necessary to fill up the gas tanks and order pizza for phone banks.

I’ll be sure to keep you updated, and with your help, we’ll be celebrating a major victory for Life on Tuesday!



PS: We must raise $9,000 to fund our final Get-Out-The-Vote efforts in the most important race in the country for the pro-life movement. Election Day is Tuesday, and every voter contact matters. Your donation will help us educate and mobilize pro-life voters who do not normally vote in off-year elections. Thank you for pitching in!

Paid for by Women Speak Out – Virginia. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee

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