Americans demand the truth about Obamacare!


Americans demand the truth about Obamacare!

Massive delays.  Millions unable to sign up for health insurance or even browse to see how much the plans will cost.  Millions of others losing their current health coverage, despite a president’s solemn promise that wouldn’t happen.   

Nothing about Obamacare seems to work.  

But watch.  One aspect of Obamacare will work exactly as planned, because it’s a priority:   

Coverage for abortion.  

If you pay federal taxes, your tax dollars will subsidize health insurance plans on the exchanges that cover abortion.  If you had the impression that abortion was excluded from the bill, or that the Hyde Amendment prevents your tax dollars from helping cover abortion, don’t feel bad.  President Obama even fooled some members of Congress when he promised that abortion wouldn’t be included in Obamacare.  

Exposing the truth about Obamacare is what we’ve done at National Right to Life from day one.  We’ve warned about how Obamacare forces Americans to subsidize abortion coverage, violates their conscience rights, and threatens to ration life-saving medical treatment they or their loved ones need to live.  

Now, with Obamacare back in the news, the need is even greater.  Your donation of $1,000 $500 or $100 can help us warn thousands more about this law that strikes at the very heart of what medicine is supposed to do: preserve and save lives.  If you can give $50 or $35, it will help us reach hundreds who need to hear the truth.   

Please help us work for the day when we can repeal Obamacare – a law that’s deadly to the unborn, deadly to the ill and elderly, and deadly to our tradition of compassion for human life.  

Carol Tobias,
National Right to Life President


National Right to Life, 512 10th St. NW, Washington, DC 20004
202.626.8800 –

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