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Man Jailed for Tying Up His Girlfriend, Forcing Abortion Drugs Into Her Vagina

Man Jailed for Tying Up His Girlfriend, Forcing Abortion Drugs Into Her Vagina
The pro-abortion group NARAL recently promoted #MenforChoice event to rally men behind its crusade for abortion on demand funded with taxpayer dollars.

Ahmed Raofi could become a spokesperson for the “Men for Abortion” event. He so desperately wanted his girlfriend to have an abortion that, when she said no, he tied her up with duct tape and shoved abortion pills inside her vagina.


Pro-Life Music Video “This Time” goes viral

Pro-Life Music Video “This Time” goes viral

john-elefante_this-time-300x294By Dave Andrusko It was only a week or so ago that we wrote about the music video, “This Time.” NRL News Today received some nice feedback but I didn’t realize until yesterday that John Elefante’s moving pro-life/pro-adoption tribute   to his adopted daughter, Sami, and her birthmother had gone viral. Posted to YouTube September 16th, “This Time” received more than 100,000 views in just the first five days.

Sami’s birthmother was only 13 at the time and the lyrics are based on the true story of what she might have experienced as “She sat cold in a waiting room/ frightened and all alone/Watched the clock tick down/ knowing that her baby would soon be gone.”

“Although I am overwhelmed at our success in such a short period of time, I am not that surprised,” Elefante told Christian Newswire. The former lead singer of the group “Kansas” added, “This is a subject that folks are extremely passionate about and I feel this video delivers this powerful message in a way that hasn’t been done before. Some have called it the new pro-life anthem.” (See]



Send this to your Pastor!

Send this to your Pastor!


I wrote this letter to a pastor I love very much and I am making it available to you in case you would like to also send something similar to your pastor(s).  Feel free to send this exact letter (with your personal modifications) or to use it as an example.  

Dear Pastor So and So,

There are women in your congregation who have had abortions. I know this statistically.

Some of these women live in condemnation, guilt, and denial.  Some do not even know that their abortion was wrong.  In fact, many of them do not even know that their baby was a human being with a heartbeat at the time of their abortion!

Research shows that a lot of these women would not have gotten an abortion if they had known the facts.

Several members of your congregation are proponents of legalized abortion. Many have never even encountered the conversation of abortion before. These women and men are in danger because when they do encounter it, it will most likely be from schools, media, and peers that do not subscribe to Biblical views.

We cannot leave the moral education of God’s people to the secular world!

I want to emphasize that I value you as a pastor. I am impressed and grateful for (say something sincere).

I am writing this to suggest that it would be empowering to address more frequently and more openly the dangers of abortion- not to condemn, but to bring freedomto the many women and men sitting in your pews who are bound by their past abortions. They need knowledge that leads to conviction, good news of healing, forgiveness, and love. This is why I find it necessary and urgent to talk about it from the pulpit on a regular Sunday service.

I appreciate that this is a difficult topic, and I understand the concerns of many pastors to cause no further damage to post-abortive or at-risk-for-abortion women and men; yet I feel like the worst thing for anyone is to be in darkness and ignorance.

Pastor So and Sowould you please commit to dedicating a Sunday to talk about abortion and about how God would use you to address this issue more?

I am writing out of a passion to see people liberated and well (a passion I know you share).

With Christly love,


Your Name

P.S. I enclosed this well-researched documentary that I thought you might appreciate.  I plead with you to watch it.

I also enclosed a sermon from Chip Ingram at Venture Christian Church talking about abortion from the pulpit.  

Did you find this letter helpful?

Will you please let me know if you ended up using it or if you sent it to a pastor or leader?

You can let me know here or at

Or Facebook me!

Finding life in death: Nathan’s story

Published: September 22, 2013 9:11 pm

Finding life in death: Nathan’s story

According to Texas law, he wasn’t old enough or heavy enough to need a death certificate, but he got a proper burial anyway.

Allison’s son was 13 weeks and 4 days when she lost him. Her husband Daniel and two-and-a-half-year-old son Matthew, along with their family, laid Nathan Isaiah to rest on September 12.

Nathan’s story is one of life and death – and ultimately life. Allison and Daniel, both 28, rejoiced in the news of their pregnancy and looked forward to February 28, 2014, their due date. After suffering a miscarriage about a year after Matthew’s first birthday, they knew they wanted more children, despite the pain of losing Matthew’s younger brother a day after discovering their pregnancy. “I did not have time to even get used to the fact that I was pregnant before blood and pain flooded our happy reality with loss,” Allison said.


Then in June, joy returned as they learned that Nathan was on his way. Excitedly they shared the news with their toddler. “We asked my son, Matthew, which he wanted, a little brother or a little sister, to which he quickly replied, ‘I want a pickle.’ (He had been on a pickle kick.) So the nickname stuck, and Nathan became known as ‘our little pickle.’”

For two months, Allison endured an exceptional case of morning sickness that often left her in bed, but she was delighted when the small baby bump formed in her belly. The whole family rejoiced at seeing this life develop.


Seeing a certified nurse midwife at about 12 weeks, Allison and Daniel were thankful for the views of this pro-life provider:

She was almost just as excited to see his little life on the ultrasound for the first time as we were, and was so passionate about what she was doing. She affirmed to us privately, during our first ultrasound, how she could not understand how others did not see babies this young in the womb as a life. Little did we know that her view on this would become so important to us. She rejoiced with us when we saw him squirming around and kicking his legs and saw his heart beating so quickly—and grieved with us when we lost him.

Allison recalls how she fell in love so early with the precious life inside her:

Pictures and more:

Dear pro-abortion politicians: when you say ‘abortion,’ is this what you mean?

Dear pro-abortion politicians: when you say ‘abortion,’ is this what you mean?


  • Fri Sep 21, 2012 09:10 EST
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September 21, 2012 ( – At the Democratic convention, many prominent supporters of abortion spoke in favor of its legality. But you will look in vain for a single sentence in which any of them dared to describe the procedure.

I am calling upon all of us to challenge candidates and voters of every party to bring the tragedy of abortion to the center of their election decisions. The teachings of the Holy Father and of the bishops constantly point out that not all moral and life issues are equal. “Abortion necessarily plays a central role,” the bishops state (A Campaign In Support of Life, 2001).

Yet it is not because the bishops teach it that we declare the centrality of abortion. It’s simply because of what it is. It is not looking at a Church document that convinces us of the urgency of ending abortion. It’s simply looking at abortion.

Yet that is exactly what so many of its supporters do not want to do.

How many of them will admit what abortion is? None!

How many will quote from abortionist Warren Hern’s medical textbook Abortion Practice which describes the procedure as “dismemberment” and “decapitation”? None!

How many will dare read from the testimonies of abortionists in court, in which they describe how the arms and legs of the baby are ripped off and the head removed in pieces? None!


Tell your Senators to stand strong in defunding pro-abortion Obamacare.

Susan B. Anthony List
Dear Pro-life Friend –

Thanks to your activism, the House passed a Continuing Resolution (CR) that funds the government without funding pro-abortion Obamacare.

Now, it’s on to the Senate.

Take Action: Tell your Senators to stand strong in defunding pro-abortion Obamacare.

You see, the health insurance exchanges created by Obamacare will begin implementation on October 1st. The exchanges are subsidized with our tax dollars and will include plans that cover elective abortions. For plans that cover abortion, the regulations require an “abortion surcharge” on each enrollee’s plan. It gets worse: a “secrecy clause” conceals which plans covers on demand abortions until enrollment.

That’s why it’s critical that the Senate stands strong and defunds Obamacare before the taxpayer funding of abortion flows through the exchanges.

Click here to tell your Senators to stand strong for Life by defunding Obamacare.

As you know, your SBA List has been fighting taxpayer funding of abortion in Obamcare from the very beginning.

As long as we have your continued help and support, we will not stop until we get the job done.

For Life,

Marjorie Dannenfelser
President, Susan B. Anthony List

P.S. It’s now up to the Senate to prevent taxpayer funding of abortion by defunding Obamacare. The health insurance exchanges created by Obamacare – subsidized with our tax dollars – begin implementation on October 1st and will include plans that cover elective abortions. Click here to tell your Senators to defund pro-abortion Obamacare now.

Contributions or gifts to Susan B. Anthony List, Inc., a 501(c)(4) organization, are not tax-deductible for Federal income tax purposes. Donations may be used for political purposes such as supporting or opposing candidates. All donations are made to the general treasury of the Susan B. Anthony List, Inc., and are not designated for any particular purpose. Donation will be used in the sole discretion of the Officers and/or Board of Directors in accordance with the mission and purposes of the SBA List.

“Letter to the Editor” that was published in today’s Columbus Dispatch written by our own PR Manager Katie McCann

Dear Friends,

I  wanted to provide to you a “Letter to the Editor” that was published in today’s Columbus Dispatch written by our own PR Manager Katie McCann.  Below is her writing and a link to it on the Dispatch Website.  She authored this column in response to Nationally Syndicated Columnist Froma Haropp’s column last week entitled “US a perfect environment for fostering a deadly culture.”   I also am providing Ms. Haropp’s column below for your review where she focuses on gun violence, mental illness and violent video games YET never once mentions abortion as an element for fostering such deadly culture.  Katie does a terrific job in setting the record straight.  See below.

 Violent culture has justified abortion

Froma Harrop’s Thursday op-ed column “Something about our culture may promote violence” is spot on. Though Harrop veers into talking about how video games promote a violent culture where mass shootings are a norm, I’d like to talk about how U.S. law sustains a violent culture where violence is celebrated not only as a norm, but as a right.

When it comes to abortion, the powerful abortion lobby has promoted a culture where violence is normalized and carried out before a child can even leave the womb. It’s one thing to want reproductive rights to be able to choose when and if you’re going to have children. It’s another thing to demand a right to destroy an innocent child.

To re-use Harrop’s words, “That reflects a cracked worship of killing power…” As Harrop highlights the number of violent video games that the public now shrugs at, I’d like to highlight another that was not included in her commentary: Choice: Texas, a developing video game in which players hunt for abortion access. No, Grand Theft Auto V isn’t the only game that will inject confusion into already confused minds.

Indeed, there is something about our culture that promotes violence. There is something about our culture that treats life as expendable.

Recently, a Dayton man shot at the pregnant mom of his unborn child, allegedly because she refused to have an abortion. Undoubtedly, a large segment of our culture believes it’s entitled to commit violence against others — and the blame lies squarely on the shoulders of Big Abortion.


Ohio Right to Life


U.S. a perfect environment for fostering a deadly culture

By Froma Harrop

Syndicated columnist

To the rising pile of shooting rampages, Americans can now add the rapid-fire murder of 12 people at the Washington Navy Yard. It is a sign of our remarkable times that this horrid deed seems to pale next to the massacre of 20 schoolchildren in suburban Connecticut last December.

Behind virtually every one of these slaughters is a loner who had shown signs of being mentally ill. The Navy Yard suspect, Aaron Alexis, had complained to police in Rhode Island of enemies passing vibrations through hotel walls. He was questioned in Fort Worth, Texas, for firing a bullet into an apartment ceiling and in Seattle for shooting out a car’s tires.

Though every incident pointed to a sick mind, none was serious enough to raise a flashing red flag. Worrisome how many unbalanced people fly below the official radar.

It’s hard to believe there are more mentally unwell people in America than elsewhere. But there are more of other troubling things in this country: isolation, a mesmerizing parade of violent images and easy access to weaponry.

I’m not going to dwell here on the gun-control issue except to say this: It’s one thing to want firearms for hunting or self-defense. It’s another to demand a right to own weapons that can murder large numbers in seconds. That reflects a cracked worship of killing power, especially attractive to the unstable.

Many argue that mental illness, not the flow of guns, drives these crimes. They are not entirely wrong. But how do you keep killing machines out of crazy hands? Laws requiring a sanity check for gun buyers sound sensible, but the guns used by the slayer of the schoolchildren in Newtown, Conn., were bought by his supposedly rational mother. Adam Lanza’s mother went to bars to brag about her guns, while leaving them unlocked at the home she shared with her clearly troubled son.

We learn that Alexis, like Lanza, like the Columbine High School shooters, spent long hours hypnotized by violent video games. So pervasive have these games become that the public now shrugs at the likes of “Grand Theft Auto,” once considered shocking for its anti-social violence.

The casual bloodletting in “Grand Theft Auto V” is said to be oiled by humor and satire, injecting more confusion into already-confused minds.

There is debate on whether these games promote violent behavior. The case that they do seems strong enough to have compelled one video-game maker to hire a crack lobbying firm to stop a Senate bill that would sponsor research into the possible connection.

Much research suggests ordinary people playing violent video games do experience heightened feelings of belligerence, along with higher heart rates and blood pressure. In his own study, Brad Bushman, a professor of communications and psychology at Ohio State University, found that typical college students playing violent games for only 20 minutes a day for three days became more aggressive.

Most players don’t act on their anger, because they come to the game in fairly good mental health, Bushman wrote in response to the Navy Yard massacre. “But what about players who already are predisposed to violence?” He added, “Violent video games are just one more factor that may be pushing them toward violence.”

America’s mass shootings seem to be about several things. They’re about a culture that bombards people with images of casual homicide, that likes to wave guns, that doesn’t pay enough attention to mental illness. Though mass killings occur in other developed countries, our deadly mix of factors may explain why they happen here with grotesque predictability. It’s something toxic in the air.

© , The Providence Journal Co.

Providence Journal columnist Froma Harrop’s column appears regularly on editorial pages of The Times. Her email address is


Michael Gonidakis


Ohio Right to Life

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Columbus, Ohio 43215

614/547-0099 ext. 301

Ohio Right to Life Protests Pro-Abortion Gag Order

Ohio Right to Life Protests Pro-Abortion Gag Order

Democrats Attempt to Repeal Major Pro-Life Legislation

Today, the pro-abortion Ohio House Democrats held a press conference regarding the faux hearing they held last week. They also announced a bill to repeal the five pro-life budget amendments signed into law this July by Governor Kasich.


Kayla Smith, Director of Legislative Affairs at Ohio Right to Life, and Laura Beth Kirsop, Director of Communications, attempted to testify at last week’s “hearing” on the pro-life legislation that Ohio Right to Life drafted and saw passed this summer. One pro-abortion Democrat (a man, might I add) confiscated their papers and banned them from testifying. (Who’s conducting the war on women, again?)


In response, the women of Ohio Right to Life arrived at today’s press conference, complying with their ban:




At the press conference, pro-abortion ringleaders (including Stephanie Kight, CEO of Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio) carried on about how outraged they are that they still have to fight for “women’s rights,” promising that they won’t be silent anymore.


Meanwhile, the young women of Ohio Right to Life, a voice for the voiceless, stood in the audience. Gagged. Duct tape on our mouths to symbolize the gag order given by the pro-abortion representatives.



Pro-abortion Democratic Representative John Carney said during today’s press conference that he didn’t understand why Governor Kasich and the legislature are attacking science with our pro-life legislation.


But the reality is that every abortion he promotes and every abortion Planned Parenthood performs is an attack on science. It is an attack on every woman’s body. It is an attack on every child’s body, which yes, according to science, is a unique human life with its own DNA from the moment of conception.


Democrat Rep. James Carney advocates for abortion, not Ohio’s women.

Another frightening argument that Rep. Carney made was that abortionists, who he says studied, paid, and worked hard for their degrees, should essentially not have their “services” regulated. What he seemed to be arguing for was a free abortion market.


What I can’t figure out is why anyone would want a free market in violence–why anyone would want competition among people who are, in the end, simply trying to kill babies more efficiently.


The House Democrats’ attempts to turn back our pro-life legislation will ultimately fail. They are not based in reason, truth, or morality, and therefore, their only fate is self-destruction.

For Ohio’s Women and Children,

Katie McCann

Public Relations Manager


Ohio Right to Life Logo

To learn more about Ohio Right to Life please visit our website at

Another amazing stem cell advance that you won’t hear about from the BBC

September 23, 2013   Adult Stem Cells

Another amazing stem cell advance that you won’t hear about from the BBC

By Dr. Peter Saunders

Editor’s note. Dr. Saunders is a former general surgeon and is CEO of Christian Medical Fellowship, a UK-based organization with 4,500 UK doctors and 1,000 medical students as members.

Cells can now be made pluripotent on a tight schedule and with high efficiency. Hanna Lab

Cells can now be made pluripotent on a tight schedule and with high efficiency.
Hanna Lab

Here is another amazing breakthrough in ethical stem cell research that you won’t learn about from the BBC.

Researchers have for the first time converted cultured skin cells into stem cells with near-perfect efficiency. The discovery could clear the way for scientists to produce large volumes of stem cells on demand, hastening the development of new treatments for conditions like Parkinson’s disease, spinal injury and diabetes.

Some ten years ago scientists thought that the only way of producing programmable therapeutic stem cells was to cannibalize human embryos.

The problem was that these stem cells could not be transplanted into other individuals without inducing immunological reactions or tumors and their harvesting involved the destruction of human embryos.

But then in 2006, scientists first showed that mature body cells could be reprogrammed to act like embryonic stem cells — capable of growing indefinitely and of becoming any type of cell in the body, a property known as pluripotency (see diagram below right). Shinya Yamanaka of Kyoto University won the Nobel Prize in medicine last year for his pioneering work in producing induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS) from adult skin cells in mice.

Yamanaka’s techniques have been since refined but the production of these induced pluripotent stem cells remained mysteriously inefficient.

Now, by removing a single protein, called Mbd3, a team at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, has been able to increase the conversion rate to almost 100% — ten times that normally achieved. Moreover, the researchers show that the cells all transition to pluripotency on a synchronized schedule.

The new work, described this week in Nature, has huge potential for therapeutic advance and does not involve the destruction of early human life in the process. It is amazing that manipulating a single molecule is sufficient to make this switch, and make essentially every single cell pluripotent within a week.


‘Secular Pro-Life’ launches incentive to raise awareness of non-religious pro-lifers

‘Secular Pro-Life’ launches incentive to raise awareness of non-religious pro-lifers



Undoubtedly, conservative Christians largely constitute the pro-life movement in America. But too frequently the tendency is to assign this identity of “pro-life” solely to conservative Christians, when this is not at all the case. The perception that only conservative Christians are pro-life is a boon to the pro-abortion movement, which has developed the self-serving stereotype that the pro-life movement is not inclusive or diverse.

One group – Secular Pro-Life – is working to change that notion by drawing attention to the fact that there are over six million pro-life adults in the United States who, as non-religious individuals, do not fit the stereotype. In a recent blog post, Secular Pro-Life described the initiative – the Six Million Project – to raise awareness about pro-life adults who are non-religious:

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