Send this to your Pastor!

Send this to your Pastor!


I wrote this letter to a pastor I love very much and I am making it available to you in case you would like to also send something similar to your pastor(s).  Feel free to send this exact letter (with your personal modifications) or to use it as an example.  

Dear Pastor So and So,

There are women in your congregation who have had abortions. I know this statistically.

Some of these women live in condemnation, guilt, and denial.  Some do not even know that their abortion was wrong.  In fact, many of them do not even know that their baby was a human being with a heartbeat at the time of their abortion!

Research shows that a lot of these women would not have gotten an abortion if they had known the facts.

Several members of your congregation are proponents of legalized abortion. Many have never even encountered the conversation of abortion before. These women and men are in danger because when they do encounter it, it will most likely be from schools, media, and peers that do not subscribe to Biblical views.

We cannot leave the moral education of God’s people to the secular world!

I want to emphasize that I value you as a pastor. I am impressed and grateful for (say something sincere).

I am writing this to suggest that it would be empowering to address more frequently and more openly the dangers of abortion- not to condemn, but to bring freedomto the many women and men sitting in your pews who are bound by their past abortions. They need knowledge that leads to conviction, good news of healing, forgiveness, and love. This is why I find it necessary and urgent to talk about it from the pulpit on a regular Sunday service.

I appreciate that this is a difficult topic, and I understand the concerns of many pastors to cause no further damage to post-abortive or at-risk-for-abortion women and men; yet I feel like the worst thing for anyone is to be in darkness and ignorance.

Pastor So and Sowould you please commit to dedicating a Sunday to talk about abortion and about how God would use you to address this issue more?

I am writing out of a passion to see people liberated and well (a passion I know you share).

With Christly love,


Your Name

P.S. I enclosed this well-researched documentary that I thought you might appreciate.  I plead with you to watch it.

I also enclosed a sermon from Chip Ingram at Venture Christian Church talking about abortion from the pulpit.  

Did you find this letter helpful?

Will you please let me know if you ended up using it or if you sent it to a pastor or leader?

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