Ohio Right to Life Protests Pro-Abortion Gag Order

Ohio Right to Life Protests Pro-Abortion Gag Order

Democrats Attempt to Repeal Major Pro-Life Legislation

Today, the pro-abortion Ohio House Democrats held a press conference regarding the faux hearing they held last week. They also announced a bill to repeal the five pro-life budget amendments signed into law this July by Governor Kasich.


Kayla Smith, Director of Legislative Affairs at Ohio Right to Life, and Laura Beth Kirsop, Director of Communications, attempted to testify at last week’s “hearing” on the pro-life legislation that Ohio Right to Life drafted and saw passed this summer. One pro-abortion Democrat (a man, might I add) confiscated their papers and banned them from testifying. (Who’s conducting the war on women, again?)


In response, the women of Ohio Right to Life arrived at today’s press conference, complying with their ban:




At the press conference, pro-abortion ringleaders (including Stephanie Kight, CEO of Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio) carried on about how outraged they are that they still have to fight for “women’s rights,” promising that they won’t be silent anymore.


Meanwhile, the young women of Ohio Right to Life, a voice for the voiceless, stood in the audience. Gagged. Duct tape on our mouths to symbolize the gag order given by the pro-abortion representatives.



Pro-abortion Democratic Representative John Carney said during today’s press conference that he didn’t understand why Governor Kasich and the legislature are attacking science with our pro-life legislation.


But the reality is that every abortion he promotes and every abortion Planned Parenthood performs is an attack on science. It is an attack on every woman’s body. It is an attack on every child’s body, which yes, according to science, is a unique human life with its own DNA from the moment of conception.


Democrat Rep. James Carney advocates for abortion, not Ohio’s women.

Another frightening argument that Rep. Carney made was that abortionists, who he says studied, paid, and worked hard for their degrees, should essentially not have their “services” regulated. What he seemed to be arguing for was a free abortion market.


What I can’t figure out is why anyone would want a free market in violence–why anyone would want competition among people who are, in the end, simply trying to kill babies more efficiently.


The House Democrats’ attempts to turn back our pro-life legislation will ultimately fail. They are not based in reason, truth, or morality, and therefore, their only fate is self-destruction.

For Ohio’s Women and Children,

Katie McCann

Public Relations Manager


Ohio Right to Life Logo

To learn more about Ohio Right to Life please visit our website at www.ohiolife.org.

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