Premature Baby Found in Dumpster With Tissues Stuffed Up Nose

Premature baby found in dumpster with tissues stuffed up nose doing well, doctors say

Alyssa Ki/The Jersey JournalBy Ben Johnson Editor’s note. This first appeared at JERSEY CITY, NJ, September 5, 2013 – A premature baby is in stable condition and gaining weight after being found wrapped inside a trash bag in a dumpster

Teenagers were milling around outside the Kensington Avenue apartment building around 3 p.m. when they heard some rustling and a noise they thought was made by an animal. But 15-year-old Keyshaun Williams and his friends soon realized its source was human.

They called the building supervisor’s wife, Rebecca Womers, to the scene.

“I opened the bag from the bottom, and it still had the umbilical cord attached,” she told

The baby’s mother had stuffed the child’s nose and mouth with tissues, sealed him in a trash bag, and thrown the child in the dumpster.

“The baby had garbage all over it,” Womers said.

As she began to open the bag, a hand emerged and gently curled its tiny finger around hers.


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