Contract Killing: Pre-arranged Abortion

Contract killing: Pre-arranged abortion

Eric Metaxas Wed Sep 04 10:22 EST Opinion

The ultimate example of ‘BroChoice,’ a culture in which men want legalized abortion because they want sex without any strings attached, and especially without the risk of children.

September 4, 2013 (Breakpoint) – If you ever had any doubts that women got the short end of the stick when the sexual revolution came along, cast those doubts aside. News from the world of sports a few weeks ago revealed just how short that stick is.

Because on July 26, news leaked out that back in 2007, NBA player J. J. Redick had his former girlfriend, Vanessa Lopez, sign what the press is calling an “abortion contract.” In it, a pregnant Lopez agreed to undergo an abortion. In return, Redick agreed to “attempt” to “establish and maintain a social and/or dating relationship” with Lopez “for a period of one year.” If Redick decided things weren’t working out, he would simply pay Lopez $25,000 and send her on her way.

And it gets worse. If Lopez refused to have an abortion, she agreed that Redick would have no further obligations to her. She also agreed to provide both proof that she’d been pregnant, and proof that she’d aborted her child. And I should add that Redick denies that he got Lopez pregnant.


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