2 Northeast Ohio Abortion Facilities Close

July 12, 2017
Dear Friend:

    We are thrilled to announce that two abortion facilities in northeast Ohio have CLOSED!  We are still awaiting final details, but what we know is that both the Akron Women’s Medical Group at 692 E. Market St. in Akron, and it’s parent company the Cleveland Women’s Medical Group at 3461 Warrensville Center Rd. in Cleveland have CLOSED!
     The Akron facility has a long and lurid history.
  • It has failed regular Ohio Department of Health inspections several times, but was allowed to continue operating;
  • Raymond Robinson, one of it’s abortionists, had a case pending against him in Indiana for professional incompetence and failing to report child sex abuse;
  • Mohammed Rezzae, another of its abortionists, has a documented history of botched medical abortions, and he is also affiliated with Preterm abortion facility in Cleveland, where 22 year old Lakisha Wilson died after an abortion in 2014.
  • During multiple investigations, ODH reports illegible medical records in cases that resulted in emergency hospitalizations;
  • In 2015, a client suffered a perforated uterus.  Emergency treatment was delayed because the clinic called a private ambulance for transport.  When the company arrived, they quickly realized that this was a life threatening emergency and had to personally call 911.
  • In 2013, the clinic was sued when a women delivered a full term baby after having undergone an abortion.
  • Ohio Department of Health lists their license as active, but it expired in April, 2013.
     The Cleveland Women’s Medical Group formerly operated as Cleveland Surgicenter.   Their lease was not renewed and in 2014, they were forced to move to their new location.  They never applied for an ambulatory surgical facility license when they opened, and in the beginning, referred their surgical cases to the Akron location.  However, shortly after opening, they began advertising surgical abortions despite not having a license.  Multiple complaints have been filed regarding this.  I even testified about this before an Ohio house committee, yet nothing had been done.  However, I filed an updated complaint a few months ago and was notified last month that ODH was investigating.  We don’t know at this point if the closures were connected to this.
     In other news, Ohio abortionist David Burkons finally received his hearing before the Ohio Medical Board after having been cited (and admitting to!) more than two years ago for basically running a pill mill.  In my estimation, he received a slap on the wrist.  He was given 180 days suspension from practicing, and then 3 years of probationary monitoring.
  • Burkons is the owner of the Northeast Ohio Women’s Center which was formerly known as Cuyahoga Falls Capital Care Network.  It was closed down by theODH and the USDEA in 2013 for multiple health, safety and drug violations.  Burkons was an employee there at that time, and then re-opened the facility as the owner in 2014 under a new name without having to address the violations.  He subsequently failed his first inspection.
  • Burkons also worked at Planned Parenthood in Bedford Heights, Ohio at the time the facility was fined $25,000 for running a filthy, unsanitary abortion clinic that puts the lives and health of women at risk.
  • Burkons is the medical director at Preterm in Cleveland where 22 year old Lakisha Wilson died in 2014 after an alleged illegal late term abortion, and where none of the defects that contributed to her death have been addressed.
  • Burkons runs the embattled Toledo Women’s Center (Capital Care Network) which has been ordered to close and is fighting it in court.  This facility has a long history of failed health inspections and more.
  • Burkons holds a record of the most botched medical abortions in the state in 2012.

      You can view official documents from licensing organizations and more at www.abortiondocs.org.   These documents are compiled both under the name of the individual facility or the name of the abortionist.

     We are thrilled that these abortion locations have closed, and that David Burkons has at least been thrown a roadblock toward practicing medicine (even though we know that abortion is not healthcare).  However, the facilities at which he owns or practices have NOT closed.  He has other abortionists ready to stand in and continue where he left off and where he continues to profit.

     These locations may have closed, but that doesn’t mean we can rest!  I’m sure that our battle is far from over!  Our main job is not to close abortion clinics….it is to change hearts and minds so that everyone will realize the sanctity of life, and that an unborn child is just as much a human being from the moment of conception as the rest of us are.
    Two down, but a lifetime of hearts and minds to change as our work goes on! 


For Life,
Denise Leipold
Executive Director

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