Adult Stem Cells Saved Her Life

I’m very pleased to share with you the latest video from the Charlotte Lozier Institute: Today, we present a video celebrating one account of a life-saving ethical adult stem cell treatment.

As you know, the Charlotte Lozier Institute (CLI) is the research arm of Susan B.  Anthony List. Our short video recounts the poignant story of Cindy Schroeder, a mother from Kansas who thought she was given a death sentence when diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a blood cancer with a median survival rate of just over five years that had migrated from her bone marrow to her vital organs.

However her doctor had unexpected good news. He told her: “We have a cure. It’s adult stem cells. You are a good candidate and the success rate is excellent if we can get good cells from your body.”

I hope you will take a moment now to watch our brand new video and hear from Cindy herself about how her own adult stem cells saved her life:

Cindy Schroeder's Remarkable Story of Healing

Many others like Cindy are currently being treated with non-controversial adult stem cell transplants, which do not require the destruction of a human life for the healing of another, while many more could benefit if only they knew of this hope.

We plan to continue creating and sharing more inspiring videos like this one to raise awareness about this life-saving, science-based, and ethical option of treatment.

I hope you will share this new video with your family and friends!

For Life,
Chuck Donovan
President, Charlotte Lozier Institute

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