One Hour for the Christ Child This Saturday 12/19!

Friends for Life:


What a wonderful time of year Advent is! For many of you I’m sure you may feel busy and maybe even a little stressed getting ready for all things Christmas, but for just one moment – close your eyes and reflect: God became man. God became a baby.

While we reflect on that awesome, amazing, life-changing, world-altering reality of God becoming a vulnerable child I pray that you might consider joining me as we stand to protect other vulnerable children this Advent Season.

This Saturday December 19 at 12:30 p.m. we’ll gather at 1160 W. Sylvania Ave., Toledo to pray for an hour in honor of the Christ Child at Capital Care, Toledo’s last remaining abortion facility. Nick De La Torre from OF THE TOWER will join us to lead us in song, and Fr. Jeff Walker from St. Rose in Perrysburg will also join us to lead us in prayer.

Please consider joining us to pray and honor the dignity of every human life there – from the abortion doctor, to the nurses, to the unborn children in danger of abortion. We especially pray for “D” who we encountered this week who is planning on having an abortion on Saturday. Pray that our pro-life, pro-peace, pro-joy witness may convince her to choose life!!! Join us to pray!

Let His Kingdom Come,



For more information contact Respect Life Program Coordinator Peter Range at:


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