“Five Star” Baby Parts: Planned Parenthood Caught Lying Again


Dear Friend of Life,
Today, there can be no further denial that Planned Parenthood is selling the body parts of human beings for profit. A third investigative video released this morning by the Center for Medical Progress shows doctors callously sifting through pieces of an 11-week aborted baby, discussing an “intact” and “five star” kidney or spinal cord as if a price tag is attached to each.

From CEO Cecile Richards, down through the ranks, it is clear that Planned Parenthood is engaging in a system-wide enterprise of profiting from the calculated destruction of human life. First, Planned Parenthood sells an abortion for several hundred to thousands of dollars, then Planned Parenthood seeks to maximize its profit by selling the baby’s remains.

These practices are a direct attack on the most basic human rights, and Ms. Richards’ only response to the mountain of evidence is to continually lie and mislead the media, elected officials, and the American taxpayer.

Video: Fact-checking Cecile Richards on baby parts sales
Planned Parenthood received over $500 million in taxpayer money last year alone. It’s time to end the taxpayer funding of Planned Parenthood.
Please join me — and 120,000 fellow Americans — in signing the petition to defund Planned Parenthood today.
Yours in the fight for life,
Lila Rose President Live Action
Source: Live Action

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