Ohio Media Calls Out Planned Parenthood

Ohio Right to Life

Friend —

We’re at a turning point. Perhaps that sounds too optimistic, but take a moment to consider what has happened in the last 11 days: Planned Parenthood has been sent into a complete tailspin–damage control like we’ve never seen from them. Corporations are distancing themselves from the tarnished brand, and the media can hardly stomach the story.

Screen_Shot_2015-07-23_at_9.13.34_PM.pngLast week, the Columbus Dispatch ran the editorial cartoon on the right. It’s been picked up nationwide and the artist has Tweeted, “How can you not be disturbed by the Planned Parenthood news?”

The latest editorial calling out Planned Parenthood comes from Kevin O’Brien, the deputy editorial page editor at The Plain Dealer, who shared his piece via Twitter, saying: “Better definition for ‘sanctuary city’: a town with no Planned Parenthood.” Here’s an excerpt from his praiseworthy editorial:

Abortionists use a language rooted in a need to disguise brutal realities: Kevin O’Brien

It may not be time to write about this, because there may be more damning video to come from the Center for Medical Progress’ masterful ambushes of Planned Parenthood officials.

But it’s also the perfect time to write about this. I’m sitting in a hospital waiting room, waiting for my daughter to deliver my second grandchild, and babies are just kind of where my calvarium is at right now.

Calvarium? That’s abortion clinic lingo for “head.” As in the head of an unborn child. Or, to be more specific, a partially born child — who is being dismembered more carefully than usual, so once the deed is done, whatever “tissue” is in demand will be of the greatest utility to the “researcher.” That’s abortion clinic lingo for “buyer.”

“Tissue” is abortion clinic lingo for “parts of a human child” — as in, a person just like the rest of us, but defenseless, dehumanized, deprived of dignity and, ultimately, killed. But one thing “tissue” does not mean at Planned Parenthood is “profit center.” No, no. Never that. Tearing apart a child and parceling out his or her body is just a break-even deal, because making money from the sale of human parts is illegal….
(To read the full editorial, click here).

 Ohio Right Life has joined Greater Columbus Right to Life and Students for Life of America to ask you to stand up and be heard at the #WomenBetrayed Rally, Tuesday, July 28 at 11 A.M. at the Ohio Statehouse (West Lawn, High Street side).

This could not be more urgent–we need you there! It’s bad enough that unborn babies are being killed in these abortion mills–but Planned Parenthood is stripping their last bit of dignity away by haggling over their organs over lunch. If we don’t stand up to them, who will?


Ohio Right to Life

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