Created Equal Jumbo Tron TV



Abortion kills a preborn child.  This fact is undeniable when rendered visually, such as in Created Equal’s abortion video.  But videos are only effective if people watch them—and when they do, the bigger the screen, the better.

Created Equal has pioneered the use of cutting edge video technology to represent the victims of abortion to audiences across America.  Recently, our Jumbo TV screen reached massive numbers of Americans at the DC March for Life and West Coast Walk for Life.  Traditionally at these events, the politicians, activists, and post-abortive parents are given a voice.  Not until recently have the babies been represented in such a profound way.  Using this powerful technology allows us to continue to stand for the victims at these events.

See photos of the Created Equal DC outreach at the March for Life.

But we do not limit ourselves to these gatherings alone.  Cities, campuses and other large public gatherings are venues to which we display the video evidence of abortion on the big screen.

We need your help to reach more people with our JumboTron.  Support this project by clicking here.

Joe Scheidler, to whom we owe a debt of gratitude for showing the victims long before others began to do so regularly, said in response to our Jumto-tron TV at the March for Life:

Mark, boy do you have the guts to win this battle!  What surprised me were people marching in an effort to stop abortion and being shocked out of their wits when they see the victims they are marching for.  Admittedly the images are shocking as they can be, but absolutely necessary for all pro-lifers (and the pro-aborts standing around) to see.  I think it is the one vital ingredient that has been missing all these years in the March for Life.

Americans need to be educated about the violence of abortion.  Can you think of better way to reach them?


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