Abortion in the 2014 Elections: Revealing the pro-abortionists’ Extreme Positions

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Abortion in the 2014 Elections: revealing the pro-abortionists’ extreme positions

 By Karen Cross, National Right to Life Political Director

VotefuturereOn November 4, the American people will decide whether the House remains in pro-life hands and whether the Senate will continue to be dominated by—and led by–pro-abortion Democrats. In the weeks that remain it is vital that pro-abortion candidates’ extreme positions do not go unanswered.

In a recent election, I was perplexed when I heard the pro-life candidate, when asked about abortion, say, “Abortion is not going to be an issue in this campaign.”

Not an issue? Are you kidding me? The nation’s largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood, was and is making abortion an issue. The pro-abortion group, NARAL, was making abortion an issue. And his pro-abortion opponent was making abortion an issue. As a rule pro-abortionists make absurd charges against their pro-life challenger that most media outlets not only do not question but amplify.

This or any other pro-life candidate, of course, must not allow the charges made by their pro-abortion opponent to go unanswered. But they must also expose their opponent’s extreme out-of-touch views on abortion.

Because of the makeup of the two major national parties, in almost all head-to-head cases on the national level we have a pro-life Republican versus a pro-abortion Democrat. And it is the pro-life candidate whose views are in touch with mainstream America.

In a recent poll conducted by The Polling Company, only 8% of the public agreed that “Abortion should be legal for any reason at any time during a woman’s pregnancy,” and yet this is the outrageous position held by EMILY’s List, a prominent pro-abortion PAC that supports only female Democratic candidates who support its extremist position.

And, this is the out-of-touch position held by the vast majority of Democrats in Congress.

Need I remind you, it was the Democrats in Congress who gave us Obama’s massive pro-abortion, pro-rationing health care law in 2010?

Did you know that in 2012, during the 112th Congress, 161 Democrats in the U.S. House voted to allow sex-selection abortions to continue?? One of the four things the bill said that a person could not knowingly do is use “force or threat of force” for the purpose of coercing sex-selection abortions.

In 2013, during the current 113th Congress, 190 Democrats in the House voted against the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, a bill that would protect unborn children after 20 weeks, when they are capable of experiencing excruciating pain during their abortions.

And, not one Democrat in the U.S. Senate has even co-sponsored this lifesaving bill.

Currently, 128 Democratic House members are so extreme they are co-sponsors of H.R.3471, a bill so radical it has been referred to by NRLC as the “Abortion Without Limits Until Birth Act.” This bill, if enacted, would invalidate nearly all state limitations on abortion, including laws that protect individuals and private hospitals from being compelled to provide or participate in abortions. It would even invalidate the “Pain-Capable” laws enacted in ten states, laws that would protect the unborn child from abortion after 20 weeks.  By this point, if not before, the baby can experience great pain during an abortion. The Senate version, S.1696, has been co-sponsored by 35 Democrats in the U.S. Senate.

The vast majority of voters do NOT agree with their shameful pro-abortion positions!

A couple of years ago, we had the pleasure of watching pro-abortion House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hand over the gavel to pro-life Speaker John Boehner. Now, under Speaker Boehner’s leadership, the U.S. House of Representatives is passing pro-life legislation!

Unfortunately, when pro-life legislation passes the House, it is being blocked in the U.S. Senate by the current Democratic leadership.

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has challenged the Democratic leadership to place the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act on the Senate agenda. Yet, so far, the Democratic Senate majority leader has failed to do so.

Moreover, 47 Democrats, along with two independents who caucus with the Democrats in the U.S. Senate, are attempting to pass S.J.Res. 19, a proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution that would allow Congress or any state legislature to prohibit organizations such as National Right to Life from criticizing elected officials, publishing their voting records, or doing anything else that could “influence elections.” In the House, 118 lawmakers – all Democrats – have co-sponsored the companion resolution (H. J. Res. 119).

In 2014, we have a duty to expose the extreme positions of pro-abortion candidates and incumbent House members.

We must strengthen pro-life support in the U.S. House and Senate, so that we can effectively work against Obama’s pro-abortion agenda, and we can continue with the goal of protecting our most vulnerable citizens — unborn children and those who are medically dependent or disabled.

Look for more election updates in future National Right to Life News and National Right to Life News Today.

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