Do You Know Who Your Neighbors Are?

Right to Life of

Northeast Ohio

August 16,  2014

Dear Friend:

I’m pretty sure we all want to live in safe neighborhoods where we don’t have to worry about our children coming in contact with criminals, sexual predators, gangs, drug dealers, or any other dangers. We are ever vigilant in order to protect ourselves and our families.   If you were informed that an undesirable element was in your neighborhood, you wouldn’t be too happy.

I’m sorry to say that we’ve discovered that it’s NOT a beautiful day in the neighborhood in Akron.   We just found out who owns the building at 692 East Market Street where the Akron Women’s Medical Group abortion facility is located, and it’s not pretty. For those of you who follow the news and stay informed about what is happening as we strive to rebuild a culture of life, the name of Martin Haskell will send shivers down your spine. For those of you who are not familiar with him, Martin Haskell is the self proclaimed inventor of partial birth abortion, a procedure that has now been banned in the United States. As if partial birth abortion wasn’t bad enough (if you really want to learn more about this gruesome procedure, CLICK HERE), the list of atrocities against human life accredited to Martin Haskell and his callous disregard for life is unending.

Haskell is notorious for flouting the law by operating with substandard health and safety practices, and he is getting away with it. His abortion clinic near Cincinnati has been operating without a license since it opened in its current location in 2010, and despite repeated efforts to close it down, he keeps getting a “stay of execution” every time an order is issued against him. He has survived several closure orders through lawsuits and more. As recently as yesterday, a judge ordered that his facility must close within 5 days, but he has yet another right to appeal.

I guess I know now why my attempts to contact the “692 Corporation” to try and get them to cancel the lease of the Akron Women’s Medical Group because of THEIR unsafe practices have failed. Finding out that Martin Haskell is the 692 Corporation and the landlord of another abortion practice is devastating, but it won’t make us stop. It will make us ever more vigilant and ever more determined to work harder to battle the atrocity of abortion.

So what DO we do now? We keep educating our children, families, friends and community about the value of human life from conception through natural death. We pray….and pray again. We contribute financially and through volunteer work to groups like us who stay on the front lines to safeguard innocent life. We vote for pro-life legislators—elections are coming up in November, so don’t forget that your vote counts. We pray some more….and we don’t stop.

Martin Haskell won’t stop us….WE will stop him.   Our work goes on.

For Life,

Denise Leipold

Executive Director

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