Planned Parenthood in trouble:


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Planned Parenthood in trouble:

Dear Friend,   More state authorities are taking our shocking new investigative releases seriously.
Colorado Attorney General John Suthers has announced that his office will review our footage from Denver – footage of two Planned Parenthood facilities encouraging what they think are teenagers to engage in dangerous pseudo-sexual practices like breaking skin, whipping, and autoerotic asphyxiation.
Keep in mind that this same Planned Parenthood affiliate is being sued for sending a thirteen-year-old sexual abuse victim back to her abuser.  It’s also the same Planned Parenthood affiliate that gave one of its facilities an award for exceeding its abortion quotas.
But here’s the catch: “Suthers … lacks jurisdiction to do much about it in the event he suspects criminal activity on the part of Planned Parenthood.”  The issue needs to be handled by Arapahoe County District Attorney George Brauchler.
So this is where you come in.
We see the letters going through the system.  We know that concerned parents are contacting their legislators, their local papers, and their school superintendents.  Now it’s your turn.  Please send a letter (or a few) no matter where you live.  As nice as it would be for public figures to take action on this crucial issue on their own, sometimes they just need a push from us. Make your voice heard.
Are you a Colorado resident?  Take action and let your local officials know that you won’t stand for Planned Parenthood’s dangerous agenda in your schools.  (Brauchler’s contact info, for example, is here.)
Edmund Burke would agree that one of the biggest roadblocks against a society that protects our children from predators like Planned Parenthood is the apathy of the everyday citizen.  If we had even ten percent of Americans engaged on this issue, just think of how fast we’d see lasting changes!
We’re aiming for bigger than ten percent, though.  In fact, Live Action won’t rest until we’ve engaged every one of the growing pro-life majority in our nation.  Be the first in your community to make a difference, and set a fire in your neighbors’ hearts.   Yours in the fight for life,   Drew Belsky Communications Director Live Action

PS: Don’t waste another minute!  We’ve put together letters for you to send to your local legislators, local papers, and local superintendents.  Emphasis on local.  Take ten minutes and fight for the children of your community!

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