Let”s go sled riding!

Right to Life of Northeast Ohio

Dear Friend:

        No, I’m not nuts! I know it’s the middle of summer. It’s been a pretty hectic summer so far, too! In just the last two weeks alone, I met with a major Planned Parenthood supporter to try and change his mind, was the speaker at a meeting focusing on life and traditional family values, travelled to Washington DC to be part of a pro-life youth coalition summit meeting, was a guest on a national radio show while in DC, met with Ohio state legislators about support for current and future pro-life legislation, had a meeting with a local pregnancy help center to coordinate our efforts, worked with a group on plans to shore up our defense against euthanasia as it tries to slip into Ohio, and a whole lot more!!! There has been so much going on that sometimes you have to remind yourself that you need to get back to the basics, so it’s time to go for a sled ride!

        I’m still not nuts! The letters S, L, E, and D are an acronym which stands for a simple way to pick apart the characteristics that abortion advocates use to say that unborn babies should not be valued as human life. You can use this simple technique to help you teach others:


 All of the DNA that makes us a human being deserving of the right to life is present at the moment of conception at our tiniest of sizes. This is a scientific fact, not a “religious” opinion. SIZE SIMPLY DOESN’T AFFECT VALUE.

Level of Development

 A baby is less physically developed then a toddler, a toddler is less physically developed than an adult, someone with Down’s Syndrome is less developed mentally than those without it, someone with autism is less developed socially than those without it….you get the picture. Should a person’s rights exist only if they achieve a certain level of development?   If so, than many people could be legally killed AFTER birth!

E nvironment

Is the value of your human life different if you live in cold Siberia from those that live on a warm tropical island? What about if you are homeless? If you live in a mansion, is your life more valuable than if you live in a tiny apartment? Why should a mother’s womb be the only environment where human life has no value?

D ependence

 Civil societies take care of the less able. We protect those who are dependent on others for survival. We do not execute them because they are “inconvenient”, like abortion does for the dependent child in the womb. Should we kill those who are dependent on life saving drugs for diabetes, high blood pressure, organ rejection, or others?  Should we execute those who are dependent on social welfare or social security?

     Pro abortion advocates usually use ONE of the above situations to try and justify the killing of an unborn child, and usually always turn it away from being about the child into being about the rights of the mother to her “reproductive” health. Don’t let them do it! Go SLED riding!

     Our work goes on.

For Life,

Denise Leipold

Executive Director


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