The life saving reality of pro-life work —and the chilling reality of abortion…

The life saving reality of pro-life work —and the chilling reality of abortion…

Since April 1, Sidewalk Advocates for Life has seen 73 babies saved by God’s grace, and 33 hopefuls (those who left to think about it).

Although these advocates are doing so much to save lives and transform hearts at the abortion facility, every once in awhile you hear something that makes you realize the gravity and heart-breaking nature of abortion.

Here’s one I received today.

Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy. My heart hurts right now.

I just spoke with a Sidewalk Advocate in the Southeast. She got connected to an abortion worker who shared with her that the Planned Parenthood facility recently did a 13 week, 6 day abortion, and as the “products of conception” worker, she was asked to make sure the abortion was complete. Well, she said that the baby opened his eyes and looked up at her. Yes …that’s what I said.

She got out of the room and shared with her co-workers who proceeded to poke around and make fun of her.

How can we allow this evil to continue? How can we look at this child and say this is okay?

It’s days like this that I wish I had become a Prosecutor or gone into another field, just so I don’t have to hear about this awful stuff. But then, it makes me realize how what we do in the pro-life movement is all the more essential and important.

Please pray for this worker, the Sidewalk Advocate who is ministering to her, and for the hearts of our nation, that we will see abortion for what it really is.

After sharing this story with friends, I got on my knees and begged God to have mercy on us, our nation, and our whole world. And then I sobbed, asking the Lord how human beings could be involved in such an atrocity. How could this be legal in our great country?

I dried my tears and saw a text from another one of our Sidewalk Advocates for Life locations. This is what it said…

“Today was the clinic worker’s official last day! She gave everyone on our side big hugs. She said keep doing what we are doing because women are changing their minds! Praise the Lord!”

And I realized that no matter how difficult it is to face the reality of abortion each and every day, that peaceful outreach at the abortion center is saving lives and changing hearts …and we cannot stop!

We are called to be there, to stand in gap and save these children and their mothers.

We are called to be there for these abortion workers caught so deeply in sin that they cannot see what it is that they’re doing.

We are called to be the hands and feet of Christ, and recognize that God wants to end abortion through us.


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