What this Taxpayer-Funded Corporation is Teaching our Nation’s Children

Dear Friend,   Live Action has conducted a nationwide undercover investigation into Planned Parenthood, to find out what this taxpayer-funded corporation is teaching our nation’s children.  We sent an investigator posing as a fifteen-year-old girl into Planned Parenthood’s Midtown Health Center, located in Indianapolis, with questions about dangerous sex practices.
The results were shocking and disgusting.    The counselor portrays sexual behaviors such as role-play and BDSM as mainstream, encouraging the supposed 15-year-old girl to partake in them. The same counselor also advises the girl to seek out someone over 18 years old to procure items for her from a sex shop and recommends that she look up pornography on the internet for “ideas” about how to inflict or receive pain.   Not only is Planned Parenthood teaching this to a fifteen-year-old, but this so-called education is paid for by our tax dollars.  In addition to receiving almost half of its $1.2-billion budget from taxpayers, Planned Parenthood has gotten millions from the federal government to be a “navigator” for ObamaCare – in other words, to sell the program, which indisputably funds abortions, to the American populace.     Finally, an additional $75 million in public money has been allocated under ObamaCare, through the Department of Health and Human Services, for sex education, with Planned Parenthood at the front of the line to receive said funds.   In light of what we have discovered in Indianapolis, it is clear that not only is Planned Parenthood unqualified to teach sex education to children, but this abortion corporation is also an eminent threat to the well-being of those children. And this threat is funded by our tax dollars.   What we have revealed happening in Indiana is only the tip of the iceberg. Stay tuned for more videos to come.   Thank you for your constant support and prayers!
Yours in the fight for life,

Lila Rose President Live Action

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